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Informative Essay on Tupac's 7 Day Theory

Tupac Shakur, a prolific rapper and cultural icon, left an indelible mark on the world with his music and enigmatic persona. Among his impactful works, "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory," commonly referred to as the "7 Day Theory," stands out as a testament to his artistic genius and complex character. This informative essay delves into the background, themes, and legacy of Tupac's 7 Day Theory, shedding light on its significance within the rap industry and its enduring impact...
1 Page 621 Words

Essay on Louis Armstrong and Civil Rights

Most people nowadays do not listen to old Jazz, but back in the 1920’s it was incredibly popular it was the bee’s knees. After World War 1 it was hard for many people, but jazz was a bright light for many. Today there are so many different music genres, but in the Roaring Twenties, there was only one mainstream genre; Jazz. Jazz helped fuel the Civil Rights Movement and end segregation. It helped the world change for the better. Jazz...
1 Page 379 Words

Essay on John Lennon and Vietnam War

Author Study John Winston Lennon came into existence on October 9, 1940, in Liverpool, United Kingdom. John's father departed from him when he was just 5 years old, leaving Julia annihilated. John wasn’t raised with two parents; his mother was all he had. Julia was a part of the start of Lennon's musical ability by teaching him how to play the piano and banjo and she purchased Lennon's first guitar. On July 15, 1958, “Julia was fatally struck by a...
4 Pages 1769 Words

The Beatles' Profile Essay

The Biographical Outline of The Beatles The Beatles was a British rock ‘n’ roll quartet band of the 1960s that comprised John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, all of whom were vocalists besides the different instruments they played for the band. The band, initially called The Quarrymen until 1960, was formed in 1957 by guitarists and songwriters Lennon (1940-1980) and McCartney (1942-present). A while later, they inducted Harrison (1943-2001), a bass guitarist. Starr (1940-present), the band’s drummer,...
2 Pages 839 Words

Informative Essay on Tupac Shakur

The proximate factors that lead Shakur to join a gang and commit crimes include his association with a delinquent peer at the age of fifteen and being influenced by his older peers that were involved in more violent crimes. A distal factor that led to his participation in gang membership and crime would be the vicious attack by the three gang members. The second distal factor that impacted him was his resentment towards authority due to the ‘harsh whippings’ he...
3 Pages 1216 Words

Bob Marley and His Famous Album 'Uprising': Critical Essay

The primary themes in ‘Uprising’ are not that far from the album’s title. The album focuses on black unity and Rastafarian spirituality. Given the fact that all the songs were written by Bob Marley himself, it is not surprising that these two themes are prominent in the album, as they often featured in his songs. However, in ‘Uprising’, Marley explores them to the fullest. Listening to some of the songs in the album, particularly ‘Redemption Song’, one feels that Marley...
1 Page 653 Words

Bob Marley’s Main Messages in His Song ‘Redemption Song’: Critical Essay

Bob Marly was a famous Rastafarian from Jamaica who used his music to convey political messages to the world. ‘Redemption Song’ was the last poem he wrote in 1980 before he passed on. I will discuss how the history of slavery is relevant to understand this poem and how Marcus Garvey’s ideas are the central message in the poem and how deeply religious Bob Marley was. In this essay I will show how Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ is a political...
3 Pages 1181 Words

My Hero Is Bob Marley: Narrative Essay

As a child, I remember being engulfed in the many diverse and colorful sounds of jazz, rock & roll, country, Afro-Cuban/Latin, Afrobeat, and reggae. However, out of the superabundance of music that I was being fed, the positive vibrations of one genre infused itself with my being: reggae. I was probably born with the hunger for music, but after I listened to Bob Marley’s album ‘Legend’, I grew a thirst for rhetoric. Yes, my mother holds my entire house down,...
3 Pages 1453 Words

A True Legend, Bob Marley: Biography Essay

Robert Nesta Marley, popularly known for his stage name Bob Marley, was a famous Jamaican musician. He was born on February 6th, 1945. At the age of 14, he left his hometown, Saint Ann, and moved to Kingston to pursue his music career. While living in Kingston, Jamaica, he joined a religion called Rastafarianism. Rastafarianism is an Africa-centered religion which developed in Jamaica in the 1930s. In 1963, Bob Marley created a group called ‘The Wailers’. The group was influenced...
1 Page 547 Words

Bob Marley's Life Story by Roger Steffens: Biography Essay

For this biography assignment I chose the book ‘So Much Things to Say: The Oral History of Bob Marley’ by Roger Steffens. Roger Steffens goes on a unique approach to the book by interviewing 75 people Bob Marley knew. These such people included lovers, friends, and relatives. Born on February 6th, 1945, Marley was the child of Norval Marley and Cedella Marley. Abandoned by his father, a white government overseer who raped a young girl, Marley was often called white...
2 Pages 1098 Words

Tupac Shakur, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and the Key Messages of Their Songs

For the last 30 years, rap music has become a medium for artists to use powerful lyrics to send secure messages through self-expression. The rap genre has become a means of expressing themes of solidarity, freedom of speech, tolerance, and outrage against social injustices. Rap music is a source of self-expression that artists use to deliver meaningful messages through tone, artistic style, experience, and powerful lyrics. Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright’ shows that although he has become a well-known and highly respected...
4 Pages 1657 Words

Life Story of Eminem

This is the life of the greatest rapper. This is the story of Eminem and his challenges. The story of his obstacles, style, and how he is one of the greatest. What were the key factors that made Eminem successful? They were that he had many obstacles to overcome, developed a unique style, and the struggles that made him great. This made him one of the best. Eminem had to face many obstacles when he started his career. One of...
4 Pages 1789 Words

Influence of Tupac Shakur and Drake on Modern Rap Music

Rap music is a popular type of genre that is listened to in today’s society. Rap music emerged from other kinds of music to become what it is today. Most people still enjoy listening to rap music. Some prefer new school rap over old school rap. The new school rap is known to have way greater quality. It’s listened to many different races. Although rap is seen to be more of a black culture, it’s sung by many different people....
2 Pages 1026 Words

The Darkness within Eminem

Music allows artists to convey their trauma, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions through not just words, but through rhyme, symbolism, rhythm and beat. The result is two songs instead of one: the explicit and the implicit. An example of this is seen in Marshall Bruce Mathers III, professionally known as Eminem, with a history of being completely transparent and raw in his music. He exposes issues in his tempestuous upbringing, characterized by abuse and poverty. A trait that distinguishes Eminem...
2 Pages 785 Words

Concept of Aging Artists and Interest/Disinterest of Their Work on the Example of Tupac Shakur, Eminem and Britney Spears

Popular culture is everywhere, from adolescents to adulthood. Popular culture impacts us and lives on through different forms of media, memory and nostalgia. However, it is important to note that culture making is a social process: all meanings of self, of social relations, all the discourses and texts that play such important cultural roles can circulate only in relationship to the social system, in our case that of white, patriarchal capitalism. In this essay I will focus on 3 popular...
4 Pages 1996 Words

Key Messages of Billie Holiday's 'Strange Fruit' and Childish Gambino's 'This Is America'

Billie Holiday was a powerful vocalist, a jazz singer, and an African American woman with a short tragic life for a voice that transcended time. She became a cultural icon known for her soulful voice and for her iconic 1939 protest song ‘Strange Fruit’, a controversial performance that shook all of America as she made a political stance against the violent lynching against black Americans. Protest songs are written to criticize society, and ‘Strange Fruit’ points out the pseudo-integration and...
4 Pages 2022 Words

Essay on Hip-Hop Legend: Eminem

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known as Eminem, was born in October 17, 1972. Eminem was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, where a legend was born. Eminem is a critical part of history, where Eminem revolutionized hip-hop into an inspiration for other people. Eminem lived a very rough childhood that only made him even stronger. Regardless, he kept his head up and did his thing. Eminem’s mom, Deborah Mathers, was the one that took care of Eminem over the year,...
3 Pages 1345 Words

Eminem: The Journey of the King of Hip Hop

Let’s be honest, we all love celebrities. As fans, we can’t enough of their activities, likes, and everything else. Some people are actually really crazy about their favorite celebrities and follow them everywhere. But there’s much more to a celebrity’s life than getting all dressed up and flaunting their luxury accessories or giving some nice interview and hitting the stage in one of their massive concerts. A celebrity is essentially a normal human being. So, it must make them happy...
3 Pages 1163 Words

Eminem and His Moral Responsibility as a Famous Singer

“Look. If you had… One shot, or one opportunity. Would you capture it? Or just let it slip?”. Does it familiar to you? Does it remind you anyone? This was a part of Eminem’s famous song, ‘Lose Yourself’. His stage name ‘Eminem’ was formed from the sound ‘M and M’, which referring the initials of his true name ‘Marshall Mathers III’. The album featuring the song ‘Lose Yourself’ ranked the first on the US Billboard 200 Albums Chart that year...
4 Pages 1624 Words

Billie Holiday’s Song 'Strange Fruit'

Art works as a vehicle as a means of bringing awareness, change, and self-expression. Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ shed light on the maltreatment of the African American community which revolutionized the way the public perceived the issue. From cruel backlash to public appraisal, ‘Strange Fruit’ made a lasting impression. Jewish communist, Abel Meeropol, wrote ‘Strange Fruit’ under the pseudonym Lewis Allan. Meeropol was a high school teacher in the Bronx and often wrote songs, poems, and plays. He first published...
3 Pages 1411 Words

Billie Holiday's Song ‘Strange Fruit’ and Its Impact on Society

Music has influenced people for centuries and keeps on doing so today. Musicians have an excellent way of expressing their feelings, thoughts and opinions in their music. Because of this wonderful talent, musicians can impact their listener’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions. A great example of opinions being expressed through music is the song ‘Strange Fruit’ (1939) by Billie Holiday. The song was produced at a time that was dangerous for black people in America and sheds light on a significant...
2 Pages 753 Words

Billie Holiday: The Queen of Jazz

Considered by many to be the greatest jazz vocalist of all time, Billie Holiday lived a difficult and hard life. Her singing expressed an incredible depth of emotion that spoke of hard times and injustice. Although her career was short, she left behind a body of work that is still touching people today. Holiday rose to fame in the 1930’s with her unique style that would change modern singing and performance. More than 80 years after her first recording her...
4 Pages 1938 Words

Billie Holiday and Her Difficult Journey through Life

Eleanora Fagan, also commonly known as Billie Holiday and Lady Day, was an African American jazz singer. Born April 7, 1915, she was a major singer and influencer in the jazz community from 1933 to 1959, when she met an unfortunate early death. Holiday grew to be a rather big blues singer in the 1930s, despite having a rather rough childhood that included rape, truancy, and even a court case at the age of nine. Holiday began performing in small...
1 Page 639 Words

Analysis of Tupac Shakur's Song ‘Dear Mama’

Being a single mother is doubling the work, the stress, the tears, but most importantly doubling love and care. In 1970, Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mother, was pregnant with Tupac, while she was on bail after being charged with conspiring to set off a race war. The following year, she was acquitted after defending herself in court. Tupac Shakur, an Africa American hip hop artist, was born on June 16, 1971, in Harlem, New York. Afeni Shakur played both roles as...
3 Pages 1239 Words

Analysis of Tupac Shakur's Poem ‘The Rose That Grew from Concrete’

For my poem analysis task, the poem I selected to analyze was ‘The Rose That Grew from Concrete’ by Tupac Shakur. Born as Lesane Parish Crooks, Tupac Shakur was one of the most notable rappers of all time. Not only was he a phenomenal rapper, but an outspoken artist whose words impressed the lives of countless people. During his years, the poem was written between 1989-1991 and officially issued on November 1st, 1999. This remarkable poem captivated my attention because...
2 Pages 940 Words

Essay on an Inspirational Person: Taylor Swift

For many people, she is an idol, the best, most inspiring person ever. She went from being a farm girl and collecting insect eggs from her family's farm to performing her own songs worldwide in front of big audiences, inspiring many people, including me. Taylor Swift is the queen of pop and a big role model to people around the world. Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 19, 1989 in West Reading, Pennsylvania. Her parents are Andrea Swift and...
1 Page 444 Words

The Beatles and The Vietnam War: Critical Essay

The song Revolution by the Beatles is a protest song protesting the Vietnam War (1955-1975). The intention of protesting this is to convince more people to join the movement and to peacefully end the Vietnam War. This song is constructed in a way to be memorable. It does this successfully by using various English techniques such as repetition, allusion, and rhyming. The use of these techniques makes the song catchy and consequently unforgettable, which is fit for its purpose. I...
1 Page 523 Words

Why Is Armstrong Considered Influential in the History of Jazz: Essay

The research conducted focuses on the compositional aspects of Dixieland Jazz as well as the structure of its music. The music itself gained popularity in the early 20th century due to some iconic musicians that not only performed them but created the fundamental composition of Dixieland Jazz. This research also includes the origins of how this came to be and additional information from books, scholarly articles, and audio recordings that help support this argument. Introduction The purpose of this research...
4 Pages 1968 Words

What Were the Contributions of Jazz Musician Louis Armstrong

At Armstrong’s first rehearsal with Henderson, the other musicians first looked down upon the newcomer because of his out-of-date clothes and rural manners. But their opinions changed as soon as he played his first notes. It was largely due to his powerful playing that jazz changed into a kind of music that put the focus on brilliant and adventurous soloists. During his year with Henderson, Armstrong became a major influence not only on other brass players but on musicians of...
1 Page 577 Words

What Did Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington Have in Common: Essay

The music industry had a major impact on some of the people in the music of World War I and World War II. Music allowed people to forget about wars and troubled times, even for a short time. The types of genres that appeared between world war I and World war II were Jazz, Swing, and Blues mainly, and the artists that came up on top were people like: Bill Murray, Irving Berlin, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Bing...
3 Pages 1326 Words
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