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Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known as Eminem, was born in October 17, 1972. Eminem was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, where a legend was born. Eminem is a critical part of history, where Eminem revolutionized hip-hop into an inspiration for other people. Eminem lived a very rough childhood that only made him even stronger. Regardless, he kept his head up and did his thing.

Eminem’s mom, Deborah Mathers, was the one that took care of Eminem over the year, while Eminem's dad, Marshall Mathers Jr., was never found. Eminem's mom had to be the dad as well, there were many attempts to contact Eminem's father, but was never found. Meanwhile Eminem's mom was trying to raise Eminem, she physically abused Eminem. Eminem was never stable in one city because Deborah would get fired from her job. Eminem had to move from Detroit, Missouri, and Michigan. While he moved, Deborah put Eminem in school, but Eminem usually had to move schools 3 to 4 times a year. The sad part is that Eminem never made true close friends, he was always by himself, where Eminem would get bullied and pushed into the lockers, and then Eminem had to go home where Deborah would abuse him. One of the schools Eminem went was Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan, where he unfortunately failed the 9th grade for low grades. Eminem failed the 9th grade at least 3 times until he had enough and Eminem dropped out at the age of 17 and started studying the dictionary. Eminem had a passion to read comics and technically studied English, Eminem felt like he could express himself with the form of writing. The reason why Eminem studied the dictionary is because he could use an endless amount of words in what he expressed, he managed to understand that no matter how low his grades were, his passion for English was always there.

As you can see Eminem never had an easy life, sometimes you have to fight in order to have a better life. At age of 15 Eminem met Kim Ann Scott, who was 13 at the moment, and she came to live with Eminem at Deborah's house. Eventually, Eminem started dating Kim, when Eminem dropped out Deborah kicked Eminem out of the house with Kim and lived together. Eminem and Kim had a very toxic relationship, but had 3 daughters. Eminem and Kim married and divorced twice and then they never got back together. Eminem went on tour and was unable to see Hailie, his daughter. Eminem really loved his daughter that wrote a song about her called ‘Mockingbird’; this song talks about how he would revert time into being with his daughter and saying sorry he was never there for her. Eminem tried to give Hailie the life he never had so he went on tour in order to give everything to Hailie.

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Eminem's career began at age 14. He started rapping in clubs in Detroit, Michigan, and, when unexcused nonappearances kept him in the ninth grade for the third year, he quit school, resolved to make it in hip-jump music. As Eminem, he became well-known in the hip-bounce underground, both as an independent craftsman and as an individual from the Detroit-based rap sextet D12, otherwise called the Dirty Dozen. Eminem started getting serious at the age of 17 when he started to make a name for himself. Eminem at the beginning was M&M, but people started to know him by Eminem. Eminem was rejected by many rappers who only rejected him because of his race. Eminem grew in anger, in his songs, you can hear his anger. Eminem's first album was ‘Infinite’, where he didn't sell as many copies. When Eminem participated and many rap battles famous people came to one of the rap battles called 1997 Rap Olympics. Eminem became famous by Dr.Dre. DrDre saw potential in Eminem, so he started working with Eminem. The first 4 songs Dr.Dre and Eminem made they were already number 1. Eminem started to earn lots of money because of this, so Eminem started helping his daughter with money and tried to regain his family. Unfortunately, Kim and Eminem remarried and divorced 6 months after till today Eminem was no one. This past year Eminem has been rumored to be with Nicki Minaj, but it's now something to worry about. Eminem's career made a big jump once his music was introduced by Dr.Dre because the expression and feeling he put into Eminem's music. The uniqueness of the rap style that Eminem did, changed the whole rap style into better evolution of rap. The tempo that Eminem uses in each song is either under 100 beats per minute or something. What stands out from his style is the beat and feeling he creates most known as the atmosphere he crates in his rap music.

Everyone missed Eminem after he took a break because his best friend died. Eminem came back to see that no one had forgotten about him. Even though he took a long break, Eminem managed to impact the hip-hop genre into becoming an inspiration to everyone. Most of the songs Eminem sang and rapped had a meaning, even if it was to his daughter. Most of the songs he rapped were about the struggle in his life, but also how he struggled to become what he is now. When Eminem dropped his first album called ‘Slim Shady’, he brutally conquered the whole pop organization because of the fact that everyone wanted something new. People were looking for something fresh that would change the whole style of rap, hip-hop, and even pop. In the mid-to-late 80s, Rakim altered rapping. His streams shunned the unbending nature of MCs before him and rather wound between beats, his liquid rhymes showing up inside the words themselves, instead of exactly toward the finish of bars. Eminem took that and pushed things into overdrive, rapping with a hyper speed and inconsistent mood. His different personas predominantly Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers and Eminem enabled him to play with pitch and speed, in the process producing a matchless conveyance style. Kendrick Lamar, who flips among voices and personas regularly inside sections, is a main model. Technically, Eminem inspired other famous artists that we know of today to be more out there with what they perform. Most importantly he wanted to encourage other people to be themselves in order to perform their nature. Eminem inspired not only any artist, but white artist into gaining confidence to perform their music. Eminem's entry to hip-hop genre was really controversial because no one expected for a white person to conquer rap. For the same reason Eminem didn't become famous sooner was because of race which races were really apart at that time. That time of era everyone had their own group of people they hang out especially their own color. Eminem's profession has permitted other white rappers and performers who are not as skilled and not also regarded by the youthful minority network to thrive under the appearance of hip-bounce culture. Craftsmen like Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock are the best instances of specialists who achieved some degree of regard in the stone world before Eminem; however, his vocation has attempted to validate theirs and thus they have arrived at stunning degrees of accomplishment since his appearance.

In spite of the fact that we still can't seem to perceive what the last effect of Eminem's profession will be upon hip-bounce music, and thus the consistently advancing youth culture of America, we would now be able to see that it undoubtedly will make them last effect. However, even as Eminem keeps on climbing both on the graphs and with his reputation, other white hip-bounce backbones have not come in numbers. What's more, The Source's ongoing assaults on Eminem's history and socio-political effect on hip-bounce music were met with lack of interest by quite a bit of predominant press and numerous craftsmen themselves. It appears as though hip-bounce has really arrived at a point where capital has become the main impetus behind the music.

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