Eminem: The Journey of the King of Hip Hop

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Let’s be honest, we all love celebrities. As fans, we can’t enough of their activities, likes, and everything else. Some people are actually really crazy about their favorite celebrities and follow them everywhere. But there’s much more to a celebrity’s life than getting all dressed up and flaunting their luxury accessories or giving some nice interview and hitting the stage in one of their massive concerts. A celebrity is essentially a normal human being. So, it must make them happy when they make the crowds go wild and screaming their lungs out. All celebrities come from all different types of classes and backgrounds. Some of them are already rich, while the others come from a humble background and make massive money with their stardom and fame. Some artists and celebrities have truly an amazing inspirational journey, for example, Michael Jackson who is the ‘King of Pop’. In this paper I will share the most inspirational and moving journey of Eminem, who is also known as the ‘God of Rap’, or even the ‘King of Hip Hop’. Now aged 45, this American artist is a music producer, actor, but primarily a rapper, and best known for it.

Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1972. Eminem’s birth name was Marshall Bruce Mathers III. His mother, Deborah Mathers, almost died while giving birth to him. His father, Marshall Mathers Jr., abandoned his family while he was still a baby. He was raised only by his mother. Eminem’s father further dishonored him whenever he tried to contact him while he was a kid. He had to move back and forth between Michigan and Missouri, as his mother was unable to keep her job for a very long time period. As a result, for moving back and forth frequently he said, “I would change school two, three times a year”, and those days were the roughest and the toughest days for him. Also, Eminem is disapproval about how his mom raised him, and his lyrics showed that. He even accused his mother publicly through his song lyrics for being addicted to prescription drugs and abusing him physically and emotionally.

The travelling lifestyle had a huge impact on his personality. He wasn’t able to make any close friends and he was considered an outcast in every new school he went to. He remembered: “Beat up in the bathroom, beat up in the hallways, shoved into lockers”. He was even in a coma for a week after he was beaten up terribly by a bully in school. He failed 9th grade three times and dropped out of school while he was 17. Although he was a poor at studies. “I found that no matter how bad I was at school, like no matter how low my grades might have been at times, I was always good at English. I just felt like I want to be able to have all of these words at my disposal, in my vocabulary at all the times whenever I need to pull them out. You know, somewhere, they'll be stored like, locked away”. He liked reading comic books and the dictionary. No wonder, he writes absolutely creative and catchy lyrics for his songs.

As a teenager, he had the biggest passion for language and hip hop. He was totally related to the rage of rap music in the 1990’s. Rap music was mainly black music, so someone who had pale white skin and blue eyes seemed a total misfit in the industry. But nothing could discourage him, and he went into the Detroit rap music scene and frequently competed in rap battles, where two competitors would rap with improvised lyrics to basically insult each other.

With all the respect, Marshall soon started to think of stage name for himself. Originally, it was said to be M&M, after the marks of his name. He later started writing it as ‘Eminem’ and now is styled as EMINƎM. He is also known as ‘Slim Shady’.

During this time, Eminem did all sorts of odd jobs such as dishwashing, while participating in those rap battles. At some point, he was even working 60 hours a week in order support his family. ‘8 Mile’ was his semi-autobiographical movie that showed his life and he was the main lead actor in the movie.

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As we all know, nowadays anyone can get better a job through online job portals. That wasn’t the case for him during those days. He had to survive and grow and get through the resources that were available.

He and Kimberly Ann Scott started dating, and eventually had a daughter in 1995, named Hailie Jade Scott, who is now all grown-up. Inspired by his daughter, he released his first ever album, ‘Infinite’ in 1996. The album established his improvisation with lyrics, and his art of storytelling, but it failed and could not make any profit and wasn’t able attract much of the local’s attention. After a year past, he battled in Los Angeles and was one the runner-up in the Rap Olympics Battle in 1997, that was where he met the one and only Dr. Dre, famous, legendary rapper. He was very influenced and impressed with his work that he signed Eminem for his records label, Interscope. In 1999, ‘The Slim Shady LP’ was released by Eminem and was a massive success with an enormous 3 million copies of the LP sold worldwide. He was not planning on stopping nowhere then.

Eminem and Kim got married on the same year. However, 2006 the marriage ended. He was depressed, disappointed and miserable to such an extent that he even attempted to commit suicide by overdosing himself with Tylenol. It was then when he realized that there was no one to take care of his daughter, and he continued with his rap music, and attempted to keep up with Kimberly.

Today, he is recognized as one of the greatest rappers of all time and the biggest influential rapper on young teenagers. He has released a lot of albums already. The most successful album from all the ones he released are ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ in 2000 and ‘The Eminem Show’ in 2002.

He remains controversial for the kinds of lyrics he produces, known to be explicit and guilty of sending aggressive vibes. He is sometimes criticized for glorifying drugs, excessive curse, violence, and homophobia in his lyrics. Yet the rap artist has managed to win the audience and the critics and has won 15 Grammys for all his songs.

From a troubled and traumatizing childhood and an aggressive teenage fighting drug addiction. However, he has still managed to inspire many people with his success and determination towards his songs. He has never been afraid of voicing out his ideas and criticize about what he thinks is wrong. He has already gained the status of a legend with his talent. His net worth right now is about $190 million. His success story needs to be shared and he will always be hailed and known as the King of Hip Hop.

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