Rock Vs Hip Hop: Comparative Analysis

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Although rock music and Hip Hop music are very different from each other, they are also very similar (Ian, 2018). Aside from both genres of music, there are many similarities that can be found within one another. (Ian, 2018).

Rock music tends to be performed by a full band, which consists of a singer, a lead guitarist, a rhythm guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer (Grierson, Grierson, 2018). Stylistically, rock music generally has a more distorted sound due to using amplifiers within the music (Grierson, Grierson, 2018). As far as the recording process goes, each band member has to record parts at a separate time, or the band would record live (Grierson, Grierson 2018). Rock music tends to have a majority of complex rhythms from each member, consisting of solos and several different instrumental sections (Firth, Simon)

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Hip Hop music, on the other hand, is usually made on computer software or any form of music technology, vinyl even (Tate, Greg, and Light, Alan). A major style in Hip Hop is something called sampling (Tate, Greg, and Light, Alan). This is when an artist will take a specific instrumental of vinyl or even just a song online and forms that snippet into what one would call a beat (Tate, Greg, and Light, Alan). This has been done countless times, one big example would be vanilla ice when he sampled under pressure from Queen. The Hip Hop recording section is mainly between a Hip Hop artist and a musical engineer (Tate, Greg, and Light, Alan). The artist will usually go into a booth and rap over the previously made beat (Tate, Greg, and Light, Alan). Hip Hop is full of poetry, in fact, one could say Hip Hop is another form of poetry in itself (Tate, Greg, and Light, Alan).

Hip-hop and rock music are both two great forms of expression (Heiser, Ryan 2017). They are both similar in the idea of being aggressive in music (Heiser, Ryan, 2017). Not necessarily with the preconception that both of these genres contain aggressive lyrics or promote violence, but with the idea that the two genres are very expressive and can get emotional (Heiser, Ryan, 2017). Live performances for these two genres are very similar, both able to get a crowd moving on their feet and jumping (Heiser, Ryan, 2017). Both with a lot of power and music that really touches the crowd (Ian, 2018) The two genres both give very raw performances, performances that are very heartfelt.

Although at first listen, the two genres seem completely different. (Heiser, Ryan 2017). When one sits down and really focuses on the similarities there are many. (Ian, 2018) Rock music and hip hop have different styles but are both genres that attract the masses, one uses beats and one uses live instruments, but they both require a substantial amount of talent. ( Ian, 2018)

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