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Essay on Psychology in a Marching Band

The shrill call of the drum major’s whistle pierced the air, and the band stepped off as ordered. Every year, my former high school band inaugurated its new marching season with the Los Angeles County Fair. With our eyes focused above the horizon and our heels hitting the pavement synchronously, we marched forward, the way we had practiced hundreds of times prior to this day. Every roll-step was polished, every musical note tuned. As an eighth-grader marching next to experienced...
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Reasons Why the Marching Band Is Considered a Cult

A cult is a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc. A cult can also be a group with the same beliefs. Based on this definition marching band would be considered to be a cult. Even though cults are usually considered to be a bad and illegal thing marching band is fully legal. I believe the reason it is very legal is because marching band does not come out and say that it...
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Big Band Jazz and Its History

Jazz has been a genre of music that stretches past racial boundaries, generational separation and societal norms. The barriers of race were broken down with the newfound expression of jazz in the early 1900s. Jazz has a breadth of emotional meaning that resonated with multiple ethnic groups aside from African Americans. In Europe, jazz was seen as a form of musical liberation. Jazz reflected that African Americans had created a music which was a profound, timely, reflection of the nation...
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Essay about The Beatles

The Beatles were one of the most influential and popular rock n’ roll bands of all time and contributed to the history of music. They are forever remembered as one of the best bands ever! In the book ‘A Night Divided,’ the main characters, Gerta and Fritz listen to the Beatles in secret while in their apartment. They were trapped with a dictatorship as their government and they aren’t allowed to listen to any music, wear clothes of their choice,...
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Informative Essay about the Roots of Heavy Metal

Throughout the 1960’s and into the 1970’s, rock had been the number one money producer in the music industry. By the mid 1970’s, people wanted more out of traditional rock music. Artists started exploring different sounds and themes in their music which in turn caused new sub-genres of rock to develop. Some bands developed a more pop-like style which was called ‘new wave’. Although new wave bands were becoming popular on the radio; people still wanted something louder, stronger, and...
3 Pages 1273 Words

Essay on Grunge, Post-Grunge and Women's Empowerment

“Measure 9 goes against American traditions of mutual respect and freedom, and Nirvana wants to do their part to end bigotry and narrow-mindedness everywhere”. “Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, 1992, regarding a piece of Oregon legislation that would have eliminated protections from discrimination based on sexual orientation”. Nirvana and Progressivism Seattle sound or grunge is a style of music born out of the late 1980s and especially the early-mid 1990s that was born out of Washington State. Grunge is...
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Essay about Red Hot Chili Peppers: Pioneers, as Well as Survivors

Red Hot Chili Peppers were an iconic Californian band who were viewed as ‘pioneers’. Although the band was created in 1984, the band did not emerge until the early 90s with their first top hit, ‘Give It Away’. Following Nirvana to the top of the charts. The band consisted of lead singer Anthony Kiedis, bassist Michael Balzary also known as ‘flea’, drummer Chad Smith, and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. These four men were known to have brought a new type of...
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Essay about Kurt Cobain: Nirvana's Heart and Soul

Kurt Cobain was known as the lead singer and founder of Nirvana, a band formed in Aberdeen, Washington (Kurt’s home town) in 1987. Nirvana would come to be known as the staple of alternative music, especially in regards to the grunge genre. This band along with many others would propel this kind of music to new heights and bring the idea of the ‘Seattle Music Scene’ into the mainstream. Their debut album ‘Nevermind’ beating out Michael Jackson on the billboard...
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The Beatles as One of the Most Famous Bands of the 20th Century

Introduction One of the greatest notorious groups during the 20th century were the Beatles because they revolutionized rock and rock as to how we know it today. Not only were they known to be talented musicians, but they also wrote and composed their own music. The Beatles proved to many out there that they were well liked and excited large mass of people at each of their public performances. It all began in the city of Liverpool, England, with four...
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