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The Piano Lesson Essay

In the depth of my childhood memories, a particular lesson resonates with me—the lesson of the piano. As I reminisce about the echoes of each note, the struggles, and the moments of triumph, I am transported back to a time when music was more than a skill; it was a gateway to understanding heritage, family, and the power of legacy. This memoir delves into the profound significance of "The Piano Lesson" that shaped my appreciation for art, culture, and the...
2 Pages 698 Words

Why Rap Music Should Be Banned Essay

Introduction Rap music has long been a topic of controversy and debate, with critics arguing that its explicit lyrics, glorification of violence, and derogatory language warrant a ban. However, it is important to recognize that rap music is a form of artistic expression that reflects the realities and experiences of marginalized communities. This essay aims to present arguments and evidence to support the view that rap music should not be banned, as it serves as a platform for self-expression, social...
1 Page 578 Words

Why I Want to Be a Singer Essay

Ever since I can remember, music has been an integral part of my life. The desire to become a singer is a fleeting dream and a deep-seated passion that has grown within me over the years. Singing, for me, is more than just producing melodious sounds; it's a way to express emotions, connect with others, and leave a lasting impact on the world. In this essay, I will explore my journey and aspirations to become a singer, discussing the various...
2 Pages 698 Words

Choir Concert Review Essay

The concert that I attended this semester was my cousin Hailey’s middle school choir concert on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 at 7:00 PM at North Laurel Middle School. The performance took place in the gym. The concert being in the gym made it so easy to hear the choir member’s voices and the audience could take in the lyrics. My cousin is in the 7th grade, therefore she only performed 3 songs total. The first song she performed was, “America...
1 Page 482 Words

Instrumental Music Concert Review Essay

I attended a music concert held at the Manhattan School of Music at 8:00 pm Friday, November 08. The concert was directed with various types of music using many instruments. The environment was penetrating as the concert hall was about the dimensions of an average home living room with about 45 people in the spectators. The concert was separated into two main parts with an interval of 15 minutes among the parts. In this concert report, I would like to...
1 Page 458 Words

Essay on Dance Concert Review

The dance performance that I observed was Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella. I saw it at the Ahmanson Theatre on March 3. There were three acts and a prologue with the cast previewing a movie showing what to do during an air raid. This is significant because, at the end of the first act, Cinderella is stuck outside in an air raid and passes out or dies because of the attack. In the first act, the two main scenes were at The...
2 Pages 1127 Words

Mozart Concert Review Essay

I have chosen Mozart's Violin Concerto in D major KV 218 for violin and orchestra which I have been working on for the past few months. Mozart composed this piece when he was 19 years old on October 1775 in Salzburg. He was granted the post of concertmaster to the Prince-Archbishop from 1773-1777. During these few years in Salzburg, he composed the majority of his works for solo string instruments and orchestra to use those works for special occasions, which...
2 Pages 1009 Words

Opera Concert Review Essay

For my concert report, I attended “Rigoletto” at the Long Center for the Performing Arts. I attended the one on Thursday, November 14th, at 7:30. We had at least briefly discussed Rigoletto in class so I understood the basis of the plot that goes on during the opera before attending. However, I still conducted a little bit of background research to discover a couple more interesting things about the opera itself. Without further ado, I will go ahead and get...
2 Pages 1135 Words

Music Appreciation Concert Review Essay

A string quartet performance can pack a concentrated punch of joyful music. It might involve a deeply meditative moment or the exhilaration of four stringed instruments in soaring flight. Jax Cello Quartet concerts at Jacksonville University by two dynamic string quartets delivered all of the glory of this concentrated telepathy in repertoires that spanned the graceful minutes of the intense flutter of contemporary works. On November 18th, the Jax Cello Quartet brought all of their strings to a concert performed...
4 Pages 1643 Words

Classical Music Concert Review Essay

People often use music without borders to describe the popularity and breadth of music. Spain is a nation that can sing and dance very well. The Spanish are born with the blood of art. Therefore, they do have their unique features in music. Naturally, some Spanish international singers have emerged and led the unique 'Latin' style of today's music scene. In addition, both the full national colors of traditional Spanish music, Spanish or classical music with European romantic, have a...
4 Pages 1796 Words

Songs That Describe Your Life: Essay

Because the way to win my heart is through music, I realized that there is a song for each of my relationships. Songs can describe my life, especially my love life, best, so I want to share some below. “When it comes to you/ Don’t be blind/ Watch me speak from my heart/ When it comes to you/ Comes to you”, sing David Guetta and Justin Bieber in their '2U'. This relationship was my first real crush and the one...
2 Pages 1054 Words

Essay on Rock and Roll Music and the Civil Rights Movement

There is no denying Rock n Roll had some major impacts on Australian culture and society, without it society would not be the same today. Rock n Roll was first introduced into Australian society after World War II. Many soldiers had come across African American music during the war and brought it back to Australia. Rock' n Roll is defined as a type of dance music originating in the 1950s, characterized by a heavy beat and simple melodies. A blend...
2 Pages 946 Words

Sexism in Pop Culture Essay

Introduction K-pop is a genre of music that originated in South Korea. While its earliest form dates back to the 90s, with Seo Taiji and the Boys, this industry doubled its growth rate in the mid-2000s in the Korean and international markets as well. During these years the concept of idols grew with the genre itself and became a representative of it. Many different groups such as H.O.T., TVXQ, and BoA were created at the time and started the tradition...
2 Pages 1024 Words

Research Essay on Music

Abstract The number of people listening to music has increased over time which brings about the purpose of this study. The aim is to find out the relationship between background music and its effect on the student’s academic performance. Two research questions were constructed to help in carrying out this research: 1) Does background music affect academic performance? and; 2) How does background music affect academic performance? 40 respondents from Sunway College took part in the research and they were...
7 Pages 3167 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay on Two Songs

Green Day is considered among many music critics to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time. They were formed in 1987 and have been icons ever since. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist and backup vocals Mike Dirnt, and drummer Tre Cool. Green Day has released a total of thirteen studio albums. Their most famous album is probably American Idiot. This album was released in 2004 and contains many of their...
3 Pages 1491 Words

Cause and Effect Essay on Rap Music

Music’s Negative Impact on Society Music has a significant effect on its listeners. It is used to inform the masses. Music can influence the way we dance, dress, and talk and it also sets the tone for cultures I think that the music of a particular time seems to reflect the opposite of what's going on in society. Certain genres of music affect society differently. For example, the genre “Gospel” may affect society in a good light, while the genre...
3 Pages 1223 Words

Personal Narrative Essay about Musician

How do you become a musician? I studied music when I was little, at the conservatory. Solfeggio, music theory, harmony, singing, and piano. I'm not a musician. The education I received was quite deficient, my extreme vagrancy did not support the cause too much. In spite of that, I reached the sixth year of piano, only two years after finishing my degree, and also with quite good grades. I never considered myself a musician, much less now that I almost...
5 Pages 2314 Words

Personal Narrative Essay about a Classical Musician

Classical music has a reputation for being a bit snobby. To be fair, I have met my fair share of classical musicians who have the most expensive instrument possible and play in a way that it’s easy to tell that they think they are better than everyone else. Maybe they’ve been playing their instrument for their entire life because their parents forced them into it when they were young. My parents never forced me into anything and my general introduction...
1 Page 576 Words

Personal Narrative Essay on Music Technology

Music technology is one of the best things that comes with music, it is one of the most interesting parts and it is the most in-depth part of developing technology in music. These are the ways in history that music affected consumption in society. In 1857, Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville invented the phonautograph. This is a machine that traces soundwaves instead of recording soundwaves. The intent of this is to make music visible on soot-covered paper. These were not able...
3 Pages 1295 Words

Dance Concert Critique: Essay Example

Today when I went to the KSU dance concert, I arrived early to see the environment over there as it was my first dance concert. This concert took place at Kennesaw State University dance theater on the Marietta campus and it almost lasted for two hours. As I entered the theater, there were people at the door giving brochures related to the dance concert, with a brief description of the dance performances that were taking place tonight at the theater....
1 Page 600 Words

Rhetorical Analysis Essay on a Song

Introduction This paper will give a rhetorical analysis, of both the music video and the lyrics, looking for the four main rhetorical appeals of logos, ethos, pathos, and kairos. The main plot in “If I Were A Boy” is the complications of relationships and the inequality between the sexes. Men were the money-makers and seen as the powerful ones, whereas women were meant to stay at home and were seen as the vulnerable ones. Beyoncé’s main point is that if...
2 Pages 918 Words

Persuasive Essay on the Aesthetics of Music

Rap is the movement and rhythm of the modern world. Rap or road rap as it is sometimes called in the United Kingdom, is a result of public outrage against grime music of the 2000s. This music was born in South London in Brixton and Beckham. Rap is becoming more and more popular thanks to artists like Travis Scott. The rhyme schemes, the beats, and the 808 patterns mixed with the high hats all have produced an addicting and fast-growing...
3 Pages 1497 Words

Hip Hops Influences on Society: Informative Essay

In 1973, Hip-hop grew out of the South Bronx ruins when DJ Kool Herc developed the breakbeat, a distinguishing feature of hip-hop, which highlights the bridge of the song over tedious parts. As Kool Herc’s breakbeat gained traction, other artists took notice, two of these being Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. Eventually, these three together would be known as the “Founding Fathers,” and with the help of other hip-hop influences, created what would be known as hip-hop. As time moved...
3 Pages 1592 Words

Theme of Passionate Love in the Poem ‘The Passionate Shepherd to His Love’ and the Song ‘Only the Good Die Young’

Poetic and lyrical compositions often employ the use of a variety of techniques to communicate their core themes and messages to the audience. In this case, the pastoral poem of ‘The Passionate Shepherd to His Love’ by Christopher Marlowe holds a close correlation to a contemporary song by Billy Joel named ‘Only the Good Die Young’, where both of the pieces revolve around love and affection in which the authors profess romantic ideals to their beloved. In particular, the song...
1 Page 593 Words

Hyper-masculinity and the Song ‘Blurred Lines’: Critical Essay

Masculinity can be defined as attributes that are considered to be characteristic of men. The basic definition may seem harmless, but the way in which masculinity is performed can have a negative effect. Media uses masculinity to display its superiority over the genders and patriarchal views. Music videos such as ‘Blurred Lines’, written and recorded by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell Williams, display such aspects of masculinity. It is not blurred but clear to see that in the video...
2 Pages 876 Words

Elton John's Tribute to Marilyn Monroe: Informative Essay

Art has consistently been a prominent form of self-expression, even from the most primal to the most chaotic times in human history, as it depicts the most relevant topics and issues of the time. creations. One of these aforementioned modern forms of expression includes music, a platform on which singer Elton John has been known to speak his mind relentlessly. Elton John is a renowned composer and musician, born in 1947 in England. His music focused on the concept of...
1 Page 448 Words

Music and Its Effects on Society Then and Now: Critical Essay

Music can possibly change a state of mind and mood, and empower idiosyncratic behavior and views in society. Actually, the normal American tunes into four hours of music every day! Simply envision what sort of effect music is having on our feelings for the duration of the day, regardless of whether we deliberately acknowledge it or not. So, to put it plainly, music has the ability to socially, ethically, and sincerely impact our general public. Consequently, the more purposeful we...
3 Pages 1452 Words

Informative Essay on the Evolution of Technology in the World of Music

Technology is the booming era of constant evolution. Technology has always been a topic of new ideas and new inventions. Technology has played a major role in how our society today functions the way it does, and in the evolution of music in our generations. Technology has been and will keep evolving with our times, especially music. It has led the pathway since the 1900s to help advance instruments, videos, record labels, etc. in the music world. Technology in the...
2 Pages 794 Words

Comparison of Pop Music and Hip-Hop: Compare and Contrast Essay

Whether it be through voices or instruments, music has always played an important role in mankind. Throughout time, music has evolved, and today music is split up into many different genres and sub-genres. Two extremely popular genres of music are pop and hip-hop. Pop is usually defined as music that is ‘catchy’ and ‘likable’. The genre covers a wide range of music that is popular today. Hip-hop music consists of rhythmic beats that are usually accompanied by rapping or rhythmic...
2 Pages 826 Words

Censorship of 20th-Century Classical Music in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Informative Essay

Censorship has a long history. Already in church music dating back to the 18th century, which was created to complement worship, it is possible to find evidence of music control. If religious habits were changed, such as in England during the Reformation or in revolutionary France, music that was contrary to the new order disappeared and was no longer played. In a society dominated by a monarch or a strong totalitarian organization, the supreme person also determines which pieces of...
3 Pages 1403 Words
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