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Essay about Piano Learning and Motivation

Without a doubt, all arts manifest most precious qualities in humanity. It enriches our lives and elevates individuals to explore spiritual and aesthetic aspects of the world and ourselves. Music as one form of arts is extremely connected to our everyday life yet learning music faces many obstacles and difficulties. Therefore, my interpretation of being a musical educator essentially is to make the learning process as easy and enjoyable as possible for students. Through my teaching experience, I have seen...
4 Pages 1948 Words

Essay about History of the Piano

Centuries of anthropological evolution has led to the piano manufacturing and design seen to this day. Prior to the industrial revolution and the increasing technological advancements since then, the evident influence of technology and modern manufacturing has paved the way for the development of instruments. Bartolomeo Cristofori’s piano became the leading instrument of Western art music towards the end of the eighteenth century. This versatile instrument creates all musical styles, sustaining melodies in a lyrical fashion and contains enough volume...
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The Best Gift I Have Ever Received

The last note resonated across the hall as I closed my eyes and lifted my hands in the air. The concert hall erupted with cheers and applause, and waves of emotions came rushing to me: excitement, joy, pride. The entire audience had their attention on me, and I began to tear up as I took in their acknowledgments and admiration. With another successful performance, the rewards I receive after turn into motivation and left a lasting impact on my life....
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Essay about Piano: Feast for the Ears, Nourishment for the Soul

A piano is an instrument with strings and it relies on the vibrations of the strings to produce a pleasant resonating sound. The first piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian harpsichord maker, in 1709. During the history, the external appearance of the piano was made by using different materials however, its internal design remained the same. Since the Cristofori was a harpsichord maker, the first piano looked like a harpsichord. When the piano was first invented, it was...
1 Page 641 Words

Review of a Piano Concerto

The opening allegro of ‘Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor, K. 491’ started out softly but menacingly. The orchestra then suddenly jumps into the main theme, incorporating a series of sharp and stabbing chromatic jumps. The theme is then repeated but played at a louder and more powerful level. Following the orchestral exposition, the piano enters unaccompanied with new melodic notes in a slower tempo. The piano voices its contribution in prominent accents; searching, inquiring, then answered by the...
2 Pages 938 Words

Essay on the Magic of the Piano

My fingers were flowing freely over the smooth keys – 52 white, 36 black – as if they were masterminds and my fingers were puppets floating freely above each key. My eyes were fixated on the black and white pages before me. I was tired but unable to stop. It was like a spell was cast upon me with each key. The piano brings me immense comfort whenever I hear the magical melodic lines as it makes me want to...
1 Page 445 Words

Essay on My Fascination with the Piano

The captivating sounds that can be made by eighty-eight black and white keys were what started my love for playing the piano. Whether it be Chopin’s rubato or Schubert’s modulations, my fascination with the instrument has never gone away. It all started with my mother and my first-grade music teacher, Mr. Manges. My mom grew up in a poor household and never had many opportunities. She had a goal of allowing her children to master an art, and I was...
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Essay on Benefits of Early Piano Learning

Starting piano lessons for kids at a young age is the best choice. In this essay, I’m going to look at the benefits of early childhood piano lessons. The first benefit is improved self-esteem. Children need dedication and enthusiasm to learn to play the piano. Children who successfully perfect songs will experience a greater sense of self-worth and accomplishment, while children who have never taken piano lessons may not. This improvement in self-esteem will be further enhanced when the child...
1 Page 492 Words

Piano: Essay about Musical Instrument

The sound of piano has captivated human begins hearts since the late 17th and the beginning of the 18th centuries. Since then, musicians have spent their lives to this beautiful instrument. Most pianist engage with piano very well they make it look like it’s easy to play, but that’s not entirely true. Piano is a very challenging contraption to play; playing takes skills and quite a bit of it to play this tool. To be adequate at the piano, you...
1 Page 634 Words

My Story as a Black Woman and the Piano

As I cleaned every corner of the room, I came across a piano. It was rather filthy and dusty, so I began my duty of cleaning, turning the keys pure white. Back in Africa, the white people dumped all their trash near our homes and while I looked through their piles of trash, I spotted a piano. The piano was rusty and small, but that didn’t stop me from playing it. From that day on I would go to the...
1 Page 591 Words

How I Became Literate in Playing the Piano

As a young child I remember being passionate about playing the piano and music. But of course like every other person one must learn how to play and understand music itself. I have not learned how to read sheet music quite well, and is something that I lack in. I spent most of my time trying to learn how to play the piano and play different styles of music with friends and family — everyone seems to have a different...
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