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Zootopia’ and ‘Pretty Women’: Comparative Analysis

1.0 Identify the Scenario. 1.1 Zootopia. Zootopia is an entertaining film that uses animation and stunts to provide a lesson on race, prejudice, segregation, bullying, and political corruption all thinly veiled in the world of cartoon animals. Absolutely more than what you'd expect from an animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios is really good. “Zootopia” is a place where animals have jumped a few levels of evolution; they can walk upright, talk and even wear clothes. Besides, “Zootopia” is...
5 Pages 2140 Words

Walt Disney and ‘Zootopia’ Movie Review

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in the Hermosa section of Chicago, Illinois. He was an animator, artist, entrepreneur, and producer. Unfortunately, Disney passed away from lung cancer on the 15th of December 1966 in the Saint Joseph Medical Centre in California. Disney attended Benton Grammar School in Kansas City, Missouri, from 1911 to 1917. Then commenced his freshman year at McKinley High School in Chicago, where he took drawing and photography classes. He also took courses...
1 Page 587 Words

Prejudice in ‘Zootopia’ and ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

“Do you know what we call opinion in the absence of evidence? We call it prejudice.” The Cambridge Dictionary defines prejudice as, an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling, especially when formed without enough thought or knowledge. In a world where prejudice is seen on a daily basis, it is not uncommon for children's books and movies to address this concept indistinctly. In both stories that I will be focusing on, there is an overhanging theme of prejudice, racism, and...
2 Pages 1107 Words

Portrayal of Female Characters in Films 'Brave' and 'Zootopia'

Over the course of time, it can be seen that Disney Animated movies have progressed and developed in light of the changing eras. It can be seen that the main female characters have changed as well, they are more independent and self-sufficient now. Female suppression and male superiority have been seen repeatedly time and time. These movies also instilled the notion that a woman looks best in the kitchen or doing household chores. It is also shown that they should...
3 Pages 1230 Words

Essay on ‘Zootopia’: Judy Character Analysis

The personality of Judy at the beginning is identified in the Zootopia script as a cowardly animal, especially to the predator. It is described when Judy and her friends doing a show in Bunyburrow, it’s called Carrot Days Talent Show. “A Bunny nervously walks through the dark, foreboding forest, frightened by every shadow and moving leaf. The timpani crescendos. A Jaguar leaps out of the shadows, and attacks the bunny”. [SCENE 1 – Carrot Days Talent Show]. Judy conveys that...
2 Pages 904 Words

Essay on Discrimination in 'Zootopia'

Zootopia makes use of the distinction between female and male animals in the movie to replicate the trouble of sexism in society, particularly in the job field. Although girl animals have the equal job as males, they are constantly underestimated and fail to be dealt with fairly. This truth was once used in the movie to exhibit how gender biases have an effect on how ladies are evaluated and treated. The plot of the film concluded with Judy being well-known...
1 Page 503 Words

Deconstruction of Judy Hoops as Major Character of ‘Zootopia’

a. Coward >< Brave Personality of Judy at the beginning is identified as a cowardly animal, especially to the predator. It is described when Judy and her friends doing a show in Bunyburrow, it’s called Carrot Days Talent Show. “A Bunny nervously walks through the dark, foreboding forest, frightened by every shadow and moving leaf. The timpani crescendos. A Jaguar leaps out of the shadows, and attacks the bunny”. [SCENE 1 – Carrot Days Talent Show]. Judy conveys that thousands...
5 Pages 2182 Words

Deconstruction Analysis of Dawn Bellwether as Minor Character of ‘Zootopia’

Deconstruction analysis of Dawn Bellwether as a Minor character a. Unappreciated >< Powerful The personality of Dawn Bellwether as the Assistant of Mayor Zootopia can be identified in the Zootopia script as the unappreciated animal. The first time, Bellwether comes and joins the story, it is clearly visible in herself. It can be proved in table, most of the quotations will show you the character or personality of Dawn Bellwether in some different scenes. So, the first character as...
2 Pages 836 Words

Significance of Music, Soundtracks and Sound Effects in Animation

The silent film of the ‘golden era’ was the classic entertainment during 20th and early 21st century, this made the world to astonished by moving image in the screen using the innovative technology. Silent films were ones in which the scenes and other aspects of the film take precedence over the dialogue between the characters and where the music is exceptionally particular, slow, moving, and nearly always playing in the background. Classical music like popular song would put into the...
5 Pages 2130 Words

Review of the Movie ‘Wall-E’

‘Wall-E’ is a movie from 2008 produced by Pixar. The story follows the last robot on the Earth, named Wall-E. For 700 years he has wandered the Earth cleaning trash. He has developed a personality, and when he sees EVE, a shiny new robot, he follows her onto a spaceship. There reside the humans who have become helpless fatties. The storyline is entertaining and interesting and the movie a masterpiece. It should be required that every child watches this movie....
1 Page 617 Words

Global Issues Raised in 'Wall-E'

The Earth has been deserted, disregarded and disrespected. It is 700 years in the future. A city occupied by skyscrapers takes over the horizon. A more observant look reveals the structures are actually consist of garbage, neatly formed into blocks and piled to form skyscraper like structures. Throughout this vast city of trash, only one creature roams the land. This is Wall-E, the last remaining solar-powered robot. He scoops up trash, shovels it into his stomach, compresses it into a...
3 Pages 1189 Words

Analysis of ‘Wall-E’ and Its Main Themes

Introduction: 'Wall-E' as a Cautionary Tale ‘Wall-E’ is considered as a cautionary tale about the Earth, highlighting how the rampant consumerism and neglect have turned the Earth into a garbage-strewn wasteland. The film highlights the problem of human consumerism, which is based on an unsustainable relation between the economics of production, consumption, and waste management. The film eliminates the presence of humans to allow for the independent dissemination of the subject. Humanity is depicted as having been evacuated by the...
4 Pages 1727 Words

Wall-E' and Its Sound Design

“We gestate in sound, and are born into sight. Cinema gestated in sight, and was born into sound” (Walter Murch). Sound design is a tool that employs conceptual models to improve the audio-visual connection. Sound design represents the planning and patterns of the film sound track and the meanings that result from its deployment within the exhibition space. This versatile audio tool gives filmmakers an extra layer of context by allowing them to use sound as an imaginative playground to...
3 Pages 1570 Words

Essay on Naruto

One of Naruto’s famous sayings was “Real strength is not what you have when fighting for only yourself. When you have something special that you want to protect, only then can you become truly strong!” (Lina, 2015). This is one of Naruto Uzumaki’s famous inspirational quotes throughout the Japanese series Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto. During the series of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Naruto Uzumaki ends up fighting his way to the top, achieving his goal, and becoming known as...
3 Pages 1461 Words

Why Does 'Shrek' Have Cultural-Historical-Aesthetic Significance: Argumentative Essay

‘Shrek’ (2001) tells the story of an ogre whose land has become overrun with fairy tale characters, the way to restore everything to normal is for Shrek to go on a journey to save Princess Fiona at the request of Lord Farquaad, who needs a princess to finally become King. The film is based on William Steig’s book of the same name. Steven Spielberg gained the rights to the book in 1995 and thus began its journey to film, eventually...
7 Pages 3351 Words

Attractiveness of Antiheroes on the Example of Shrek

Have you ever known a human who possesses the noble qualities of a hero? Probably none. Heroes embodied with noble qualities such as selfless, brave, strong, and many more to point out which is a long way from the truth and that sends out that solely the perfect can acquire those. An everyday person would by no means able to relate to these heroes who had been completely pure of heart, who simply save the day and always knew what...
1 Page 633 Words

Non-Children's Movie 'Shrek': Opinion Essay

The movie ‘Shrek’ is based on a book titled ‘Shrek’, which was authored by William Steig. The book is designed for use by children and which is about the giant green ogre. This tale is aimed mainly to the children and their parents. From the beginning, the movie is barely a fairy tale, with a lot of twists. The film also uses stereotypical features, characters and structures. However, throughout the film, these features are challenged by intertextuality, twists in the...
2 Pages 1040 Words

Love That Changes Thinking and Behavior Based on 'Shrek' and 'Romeo and Juliet'

When someone is in love, it is natural to behave out of the ordinary. More importantly, many factors lead them to think about things they usually wouldn’t do if they weren’t in love. A great example of this plays out in Shakespeare’s play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Initially, Romeo was depressed after getting rejected by another girl, but his perspective of love changed for the first time upon meeting Juliet. However, their relationship wasn't supposed to happen because they were from...
2 Pages 1071 Words

Fiona from 'Shrek' as a Manly Woman: Character Analysis

Between the clichés of a love story and a fairytale, the film ‘Shrek’ through the feminist lens shows defiance against male patriarchy, female weakness and self-acceptance issues through Fiona as the storyline follows. Despite Shrek’s wishes to not follow a fairy tale type of storyline let alone any type, he as an ogre falls in love with Fiona unbeknownst that she is an ogre, and likewise, Fiona’s emotions make the story readily a fairytale. Although Fiona is portrayed as a...
1 Page 620 Words

Beauty and the Ogre: Review of the Animation Movie 'Shrek'

A green ogre with a big heart, a hilarious talking donkey and a karate chopping princess creates the magnificent animation, ‘Shrek’. This remarkable film was directed by Andrew Adamson, released in 2001, has genres of fantasy, comedy and adventure. The tremendously talented voice actors include Mike Murphy (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey), Cameron Diaz (Princess), and John Lithgow (Lord Farquaad). ‘Shrek’ is the tale of an ogre who lives in a swamp in complete serenity, but when fairy tale characters are...
1 Page 546 Words

Aspects of Quest in the Movie ‘Shrek’

In literature, a quest is a mission the protagonist goes on to achieve a stated goal while he unknowingly completes another desired task. The five elements of a quest are: “a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go there, challenges and trials en route, and a real reason to go there” (Foster). The quest is one of the most commonly recurring archetypes in literature, as Foster states, “Every trip is a quest (except when it’s not)” (Foster)....
1 Page 580 Words

Analysis of Lord Farquaad from 'Shrek' from Humanistic and Psychodynamic Perspectives

Lord Farquaad is the main evil villain of the movie ‘Shrek’, and shortest one too. He is the ruler of Duloc - and a cruel one at that. At the beginning of the movie Farquaad banishes all of the fairytale creatures from his land (relocated to Shrek’s swamp), torturing others to give up the location of whatever creatures he hasn't yet found. From the start he is portrayed as a cruel and insecure ruler, and yet is the butt of...
2 Pages 969 Words

‘Shrek’: Analytical Movie Review

The movie ‘Shrek’ directed by Andrew Adamson and Vickey Jenson, is an exceptional movie that follows the ‘Hero’s Journey’ while simultaneously subverting it. The main theme of the movie is ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. This moral also makes you reflect on some judgements that you may have made about a person throughout your life. The key stages include Shrek (Hero archetype) meeting Donkey (Shapeshifter - Trickster, Mentor and Ally - archetype) on his way home. Shrek being...
1 Page 587 Words

Wall-E': Environmental Issues

The movie entitled wall E is talked about the robot in earth, his name is wall E he was the last and only robot that has been stayed on earth. He has to collect the last different garbage everyday, Collecting garbage is his Duty in his Everyday life, as he collected the garbage he press them in a shape of box then put the boxes of garbage together and Ready to shape on earth. The Garbage that has been collected...
2 Pages 1027 Words

Why People Like Anime So Much? Essay

Many individuals remain obsessed with anime. To some people who are not privy to the industry, anime often appears as Japanese cartoons catered for children. While there are certain shows and movies whose target audience are children, many otakus tend to like anime so much for a number of reasons. Contrary to misconceptions, animation is designed for people of all ages. These have different genres as well in order to appeal and cater to a much wider audience even outside...
3 Pages 1210 Words

The Visual Effects Used in the Animation

Since the advent of cinema, film studios have not only been interested in live-action performances but animated stories as well. The popularity of Disney Studio’s early feature-length films compelled other major Hollywood studios to open animation divisions to compete. Now, animated films are commonplace in the world of feature films and the evolution of film animations to date has been cutting edge and rapidly changing. With the introduction of computers to the filmmaking arsenal, directors and animators have been able...
5 Pages 2445 Words

The Origins of Anime and How it Became a Popular

This essay will explore the origins of both Anime and Animation, how the two differing styles and origins of artform have converged in recent years by looking at the history of Anime through the similarities and/or differences between Eastern and Western styles. Also to seek out the path of Anime’s increasing exposure in Western media due to the success and popularity of streaming, on-demand and new media, why this access to what was once considered a niche form of entertainment...
5 Pages 2267 Words

How Does Anime and Manga Authors Project Contemporary Issues in Regards to Changing Society?

Japan is a nation well loved and respected for its many types of unique and fascinating culture, long and brutal history, and long-standing traditions, such as geishas, tea ceremonies, samurais, gardens, and numerous ancient festivals, which have existed for centuries. It is also well known for cars, fashion and computer games. None other than what most people can refer to as anime is one of the biggest contributions from Japan that is still iconic to this day. Anime, which originally...
1 Page 580 Words

History of Japan Anime Culture

The anime industry is hugh, but it wasn't always. Anime didn't start till the early 1900’s, and it didn't become “popular” until the 1980’s. Dragon Ball is the most well known anime but is often called a cartoon. Now anime is a lot more popular than in the 80’s and 90’s. They now even have words for anime enthusiast; weeb, and otaku. The first animated film was released for public viewing in 1917. It was only black and white, there...
2 Pages 688 Words

Definition of Anime

Hal Marcovitz’s book , Eye on Art- Anime is an account on how anime originated from propaganda films during World War II, to taking over America starting in the 1960’s. The book recounts how two Europeans arriving in Japan in the 1860’s to the anime explosion during the 1970’s, and even the dark side of anime. The book does not hover on one topic for too long, but can lose sight of the topic at time, but not enough to...
2 Pages 1058 Words

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