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“We gestate in sound, and are born into sight. Cinema gestated in sight, and was born into sound” (Walter Murch). Sound design is a tool that employs conceptual models to improve the audio-visual connection. Sound design represents the planning and patterns of the film sound track and the meanings that result from its deployment within the exhibition space. This versatile audio tool gives filmmakers an extra layer of context by allowing them to use sound as an imaginative playground to...
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The movie entitled wall E is talked about the robot in earth, his name is wall E he was the last and only robot that has been stayed on earth. He has to collect the last different garbage everyday, Collecting garbage is his Duty in his Everyday life, as he collected the garbage he press them in a shape of box then put the boxes of garbage together and Ready to shape on earth. The Garbage that has been collected...
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The silent film of the ‘golden era’ was the classic entertainment during 20th and early 21st century, this made the world to astonished by moving image in the screen using the innovative technology. Silent films were ones in which the scenes and other aspects of the film take precedence over the dialogue between the characters and where the music is exceptionally particular, slow, moving, and nearly always playing in the background. Classical music like popular song would put into the...
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Introduction: 'Wall-E' as a Cautionary Tale ‘Wall-E’ is considered as a cautionary tale about the Earth, highlighting how the rampant consumerism and neglect have turned the Earth into a garbage-strewn wasteland. The film highlights the problem of human consumerism, which is based on an unsustainable relation between the economics of production, consumption, and waste management. The film eliminates the presence of humans to allow for the independent dissemination of the subject. Humanity is depicted as having been evacuated by the...
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The Earth has been deserted, disregarded and disrespected. It is 700 years in the future. A city occupied by skyscrapers takes over the horizon. A more observant look reveals the structures are actually consist of garbage, neatly formed into blocks and piled to form skyscraper like structures. Throughout this vast city of trash, only one creature roams the land. This is Wall-E, the last remaining solar-powered robot. He scoops up trash, shovels it into his stomach, compresses it into a...
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‘Wall-E’ is a movie from 2008 produced by Pixar. The story follows the last robot on the Earth, named Wall-E. For 700 years he has wandered the Earth cleaning trash. He has developed a personality, and when he sees EVE, a shiny new robot, he follows her onto a spaceship. There reside the humans who have become helpless fatties. The storyline is entertaining and interesting and the movie a masterpiece. It should be required that every child watches this movie....
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