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Environmental Issues Faced by Indonesia

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia, between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It is the largest island country in the world, with more than 17,000 islands, and at 1,904,569 square kilometres. With more than 261 million people, it is considered to be the fourth most populous country in the world. More than half of the country’s population lives in the island ‘Java’. As far as the government in Indonesia is concerned, it is a presidential, constitutional republic with an...
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The Lorax Environmental Issues Essay

Introduction Dr. Seuss’ timeless children’s book, “The Lorax,” has captivated readers of all ages since its publication in 1971. Through its vibrant illustrations and poetic narrative, the story sheds light on pressing environmental issues and serves as a call to action for the protection of our planet. This essay will explore the environmental issues addressed in “The Lorax” and discuss their relevance in today’s world. By examining the destruction of forests, pollution, and the importance of environmental stewardship, we can...
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Problem of Social Awareness on the Examples of Distracted Driving and Environmental Issues

Social awareness is the ability to accurately interpret a social environment as well as infer the emotions of others in the same environment. In this essay, the problem of social awareness shines through. Both of the examples that will be presented in the paper use powerful, emotionally charged images to raise the audience’s awareness of two major social issues. Texting and driving and saving the planet Earth beam powerful images to show the world what we’re doing wrong. Imagine: a...
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Environmental Issues of New York City

The largest city in the United States of America is New York City. The problems faced by this city have a significant impact on our country and other countries as well. Climate change has become an issue globally due to either organic or inorganic wastes emitted to the environment. For instance, emissions from buildings account for about 67% of the total emissions (Moore, R. A., 1997). This trend could leave us wondering if not checked, and these emissions could damage...
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Physical, Natural Environmental Issues Affecting the Food Industries

There is no doubt that the food industry is one of the world’s biggest industries. There are some interesting factors at play in this space, such as rising labour costs, which make it uncertain how profitable food companies will continue to be. This report will go into further analysis on PESTEL, specifically the elements such as environmental, political and sociological. (Refer to Appendix one as an example of a PESTEL framework of all elements). It will also provide key findings...
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Wall-E': Environmental Issues

The movie entitled wall E is talked about the robot in earth, his name is wall E he was the last and only robot that has been stayed on earth. He has to collect the last different garbage everyday, Collecting garbage is his Duty in his Everyday life, as he collected the garbage he press them in a shape of box then put the boxes of garbage together and Ready to shape on earth. The Garbage that has been collected...
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Environmental Issues Inflicted by Tourism in Cancun

Located on the southeast coast of Mexico, Cancun generated $37.5 million in the past five years citation, welcoming around six million foreign tourists every year (as shown in Graph 1). This is due to Cancun being one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations, known for its exotic aquatic fauna and flora. Sustainable tourism is when social, economic and environment aspects of tourism harmonise to create a place which is authentic, has a good tourist income and is eco-friendly. Cancun follows this...
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Emerging Environmental Issues in The Big Cities of Pakistan

Air pollution occurs when harmful substances are introduced into Earth’s atmosphere. Air pollution refers to the contamination of the air, regardless of indoors or outdoors. A physical, biological, or chemical alteration to the air in the atmosphere can be termed as pollution. Pakistan is the most polluted country in the world by particulate matter concentration. Air pollution is an emerging environmental issue in the big cities of Pakistan. Dust and smoke particles in Pakistan are generally twice the world average...
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Reflections on How I Can Make My City More Environmentally Sustainable

This course has really built my knowledge on most of the vital issues related to environments, I learned a lot of environmental issues. Throughout this course, I was disappointed by our leaders on how to deal with environmental issues, it is important to be aware of our environment and know how we can contribute to its protection. Personally, I think the world, in general, can do more, what we are doing to save Mother Earth is not enough. There were...
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Essay on Wilderness and Rider’s Impact on the Environment

Mountain biking has become a very popular sport over the last decade. New biking trails are opening up everywhere allowing for quick access to nature and everything that it has to offer. Many people enjoy biking as it allows them to spend quality time with loved ones, exercise in a fun way and explore the great outdoors. That being said, mountain biking has attracted a negative side. This can be seen in Palm Springs California. Doug Scott, the author of...
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Cultivation of Sugar Cane and Associated Problems

Sugar cane is one of the most cultivated crops around the world. There are over 90 countries that grow and harvest sugar cane. With the top producers being Brazil, India, China, Thailand, Pakistan, Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia, Philippines and the United States. Brazil stays on the top of this list. 90% of the sugar produced in Brazil is from the south central region. India was the first country to discover a way to crystallize sucrose. With the discovery, India was able...
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Growing Sugarcane in Australia and the Environmental Challenges It Poses

Sugarcane in has been grown in Australia since 1788, when it was brought to Australia from Europe on the First Fleet. Since then, the sugarcane industry has boomed and is still continuing to grow. This however, has cause problems to the environment, as the growing of sugarcane has a major impact on the environment. If the demand for sugarcane increases, then this is will affect the biome and other biomes surrounding because of issues such as deforestation and many others...
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Organic Farming: Environmental Impact and Benefits

By 2050 the total population is projected to be around 9 billion people (FAO, 2017). The challenge the world’s population will face in the future is to guarantee food security for everyone. This means, to provide produced nutritious food, that is accessible for all people (Campbell, et al., 2016). As agriculture uses large parts of the scarce sources land and water, food production needs to become more sustainable in the future in order to preserve the worlds recourses and ecosystems...
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Ways of Adaptation of Animals to Life in Estuarine Environments

The estuarine environment is an area where bodies of water and shoreline meet, where rivers join the ocean or other large masses of water (Barnes, R.S.K. & Green, J. 1972). The estuarine environment is very dynamic and presents many difficulties for survival, animals have found many ways to adapt and deal with the pressures. The combination of both flows of water creates what is known as brackish water, this is a mixture of salty and fresh water (‘The Dynamic Intertidal...
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Is It Time to Drain Lake Powell: Opinion Essay

I feel that the effect of the dam you say is a little over-exaggerated and wrong. I feel the reserve is a much better idea for the people because the dam brings in people to fish and do other adventurous things on the river but before since it was just a river there wasn’t much attention to Glen Canyon. Edward abbey uses a sense of anger, sadness, and other emotions to try and convince the audience that he is right,...
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Influence of Traffic Congestion on Environment: Analytical Essay

Traffic congestion is a major issue in cities that creates long commutes and contributes to a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The unpredictability of traffic patterns undermines the effectiveness of static traffic models which are unable to adapt to changes. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to reduce traffic congestion by modifying the behavior of interconnected traffic signals because current traffic management systems are insufficient to tackle this growth of traffic on the road networks. First we...
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Importance of Natural Resources Essay

Introduction: There are actually two types of energy resources that we can use. Nonrenewable energy comes from fossil fuels, oil, etc. The energy comes from sources that will run out or will not be replenished in our lifetimes. Renewable energy, often referred to as clean energy, comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. For example, sunlight or wind keeps shining and blowing, even if their availability depends on time and weather. Body: Natural resources are earth materials...
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Essay on Conversation of Natural Resources

What is conservation? Conservation is the practice of protecting plant and animal species and their habitats with an aim to ensure the survival of these species and to educate people on living sustainably with other species. The aim is to restore and maintain equilibrium within an ecosystem and to maintain an environment for study, enjoyment, or biodiversity. It aims to ensure that everything that can be done has been put in place to reduce the risk to threatened or endangered...
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Depletion of Natural Resources Essay

Significance and Impacts Natural resource depletion is one of the crucial current environmental problems faced worldwide. Fossil fuel consumption emits greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and climate change. As of now, the global population is 7.2 billion and growing. However, at the current demand, Earth’s resources are only enough for 2 billion people. If we do the math, we are using more than what Earth has for us, and this situation is deteriorating day as our global population is...
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Destruction of Natural Resources Essay

Planet Earth is in the nature of a human being, yet very fragile from how it gets treated over the years. In the event that planet Earth doesn’t get the support needed from people, the present and future generations will not be able to experience or enjoy it. Over the past decade, the world has changed drastically as human beings made an impact in regard to the environment. Over the centuries the population increased and natural resources started in order...
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Essay on Natural Resources Conservation

Land administration is indispensable to maintaining the ecosystem and all of its sources that come from it. Sources like food, shelter, and economic development are phases of the land and need to be managed for future generations to come. Land administration reduces air and water pollution, and soil quality, and preserves flora and fauna habitats. Land management offers environmental, economic, and social opportunities for future generations. Land use is quintessential for agriculture which gives food to the world. Proper land...
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Limit the Use of Natural Resources to Avoid Flooding: Argumentative Essay

Do not destroy the greenery just to spoil the scenery. Many of us tend to disregard the importance of nature like trees and just focus on doing things that can satisfy them. I am Alyana Nadine Enriquez and I am here to encourage you to limit the use of natural resources to avoid flooding. My three main points are limitation of natural resources provides more vegetation cover, the limitation of natural resources reduces the outcome of climate change, and implementing...
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Essay on Natural Resources of India

India is a free state found in South Asia, and it is situated as the seventh most prominent on earth with a district covering 1.269 million square miles. India’s masses are staying at about 1.2 billion people making the country rank as the world’s second-most transcontinental nation. According to the IMF, India’s economy in 2017 was worth $2.611 trillion (Benjamin Elisha, 2019). India is among the world’s most rapidly creating economies. In any case, the country is situated 140th, concerning...
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How to Conserve Natural Resources Essay

The main reason for the lack of food security is that there is a major reasons for poverty, population growth, population and drought, so the need for food resources is growing around the world, but it is a food crisis for return to the insured. These food security reasons affect the population in the form of nutrition, vulnerability, and booking children.Millions of children in the world today face the worst crisis of hunger who saw the world in decades.Now they...
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Why Whaling Should Be Banned: Argumentative Essay

The first World Climate Conference was held from February 12th to 23rd in 1979 in Geneva. It was one of the first international meetings on climate change. NASA states, since the late nineteenth century, carbon dioxide and human-made emissions were, and still are being released into the atmosphere which has taken a toll on the planet’s surface temperature. Temperatures have risen about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit. From 2010 to now, has had five of the warmest years recorded with 2016 being...
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Descriptive Essay about a Beach

Folly Island, 20km south of Charleston, South Carolina, is a barrier island. It has marketed itself and its beach as the “Edge of America,” and attracts thousands of tourists each year. Folly Beach is Folly Island’s most valuable resource. Folly Beach acts as a barrier against storm damage, an economic source, a recreational area for thousands of people per year, and a habitat for a variety of wildlife. In 1896, the US Army Corps of Engineers completed the construction of...
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Oceanic Waves and Coastal Effects on Beach Materials: Analytical Essay

Introduction In the South Pacific, Papua New Guinea’s Carteret islands are being drowned by rising sea levels. This didn’t happen overnight but over the past 20 years, the inhabitants of these islands have watched their homes being washed away by waves and their fruit trees die as the water supply became increasingly saline, contaminated by rising sea levels. The islands were eventually drowned by the sea in the year 2000 and the inhabitants were relocated to the sister island. This...
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Definition Essay about Environment: What Is the Environment?

Abstract The word “environment” has been an illusion within many people in societies from years to years, especially media and policy directions extending its wrong understanding all over and making it difficult for measures on environmental protection to hold effective and efficient grounds like efforts to fight against climate change, land degradation, and desertification. This paper drew some insights from the dictionary and Wikipedia as the basic point and uses different research works to argue that the environment is a...
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Environmental Essay: Importance of Environment Protection and Sustainability

Environment protection is the process to conserve the natural environment by Society which includes individuals, different organizations, and laws and acts. The main purpose of environmental protection firstly does not to interfere with the natural environment, to keep it as it is, and conserve natural resources of water, air, and energy. Moreover, to repair and protect against damages that human activities have done to the environment. As we know that overuse of sources and the increase in population and technology...
4 Pages 1898 Words

Essay about the Environment We Live in

In the twenty-first century, where all the states in the global environment struggle to achieve primacy and supremacy over the other states, development in terms of economy and military might be crucial. Every state tries to gain as much military and economic power to influence others as it can based on the resources they have at hand. Lamentably, this development often comes with an environmental loss due to the uncontrolled extraction of natural resources, production, and consumption. This environmental loss...
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