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Consequences of Climate Change for Egypt

The Earth ’s average temperature grew by around 1 degree Fahrenheit throughout the 20th century, according to NASA. The consequences of this minor temperature increase are diverse, from prolonged dry seasons and heat waves to more violent hurricanes. Rising sea levels, extreme weather, warming oceans...
6 Pages 2950 Words

Climate Change Risk and Mitigation for Italy

We are facing an exceptional and challenging problem in this era, which requires necessary, difficult and costly measures in order to reduce its impacts. This threat is climate change. Climate change will affect many countries and cause a lot of damage both monetary and non-monetary....
4 Pages 1733 Words

Essay on Green Architecture

Green and eco-friendly Architecture. ‘We are nature – all changes to the habitat have an impact on us.’ (Sustainable design, 2007). People who were brought up in the early 30s and studied architecture could not imagine that the technologies would rapidly develop, and many possibilities...
7 Pages 3137 Words

Efficiency of Hand Washing in Hot and Cold Water

Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine which water temperature was most successful in the removal of pathogenic growth from handwashing. The experiment consisted of three participants which include: Taylor Pumo, Rebekah George, and Lexi Vendl. There were two procedures involved in this...
6 Pages 2789 Words

Essay on Renewable Energy

The world has been powered by carbon-based energy since the industrial revolution. It is what humans know as convenient, reliable, and cheap. However, the environment is slowly paying the price for the use of these fossil fuels. A change needs to occur, and a willingness...
4 Pages 1739 Words

We Must Stop Wasting Food

If we show people how much food is wasted each year does this motivate them to stop wasting food? This can probably help us a little bit from wasting food due to the fact that a lot of people would have an incentive to finally...
2 Pages 867 Words

Loss of the Buffalo

What really happened to the buffalo? Buffalo is one of Canada’s known animals. They play a huge part in Canadian history and why the world is the way it is today and part of why the government and the aboriginal people are where they are...
5 Pages 2113 Words

Effect of Climate Change on Polar Bears

As human activities lead to rising greenhouse gas concentrations in Earth’s atmosphere, less incoming solar energy is released back into space, causing a net energy gain that increases global temperatures. Climate change will be an important driver of biodiversity loss into the foreseeable future. Habitat...
2 Pages 708 Words

Food Waste: The Dumbest Environmental Problem

Food waste has become a contributor to climate change, energy consumption, and the growing impoverished and food-deprived population. People’s lack of consideration is the base of this issue, and if we continue, these problems will progress and eventually reach to an extent of which is...
2 Pages 980 Words

Food Waste as Urgent Problem in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city with a population of about 7.1 million people and a popular dining culture. With various kinds of restaurants, from different local and traditional cuisines to international special tasting, people do not only enjoy the different flavors of food but as...
2 Pages 928 Words
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