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Environment Essays

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Energy Efficiency in Data Centre

In the 21st century, a crucial part of the information infrastructure is the data centre. It is already part of data communication, accommodation, and processing in practically every industry. However, with rising demands of power and escalating electricity prices, the engineers must improve the efficiency...
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Environmental Impact of Auto Recycling

A 75-year-old recycling business and its current standing. Environmental Impact of Automobile/Car Recycling. Focusing on two geographic areas: Flushing and Jamaica. Also, looking at the broader aspect of recycling and what happens to the materials as soon as it leaves the auto recycling facility. What...
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Effects of Climate Change Essay

Introduction: Climate change is a consequential effect of humanity’s expansion. It can kill off entire species of plants, and animals, and create uninhabitable regions on Earth. The ever-growing effect of climate change can be reduced though, and even reversed over time, but serious improvements must...
6 Pages 2794 Words

Climate Change and Global Warming Essay

Human behavior and climate denial Some people may be more skeptical about news sources, some may know more about climate change and some may be experiencing the effects of climate change. These all could affect how someone perceives anthropogenic climate change. In addition, personality traits...
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Climate Change Solutions Essay

Green marketing the solution to climate change Have you noticed that every summer is warmer than the one before? Have you noticed a change in the environment surrounding us in the past years? This is all because of the global phenomenon, of climate change. Climate...
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Climate Change Persuasive Essay

The Last Generation able to Fight Global Crisis Intro We need to change. Today alone [enter statistic here] has happened as a result of the ecological crisis we have caused, do you want these numbers to increase? Do you want to die from old age...
2 Pages 749 Words

Climate Change Opinion Essay

I think we can all agree that the topic of climate change is very controversial. I think we can all agree as well that the topic of climate change cannot easily come to a conclusion within just one letter. Even so, I hope through this...
1 Page 666 Words

Causes of Air Pollution Essay

1. Introduction Pollution is when a harmful substance is introduced to the environment causing damage to living beings. Pollution can be found in many aspects of life such as marine, air, and soil pollution; with air pollution posing a great health risk to humans (Kampa...
5 Pages 2226 Words

Causes of Climate Change Essay

I believe that climate change is a real issue today. There are numerous pieces of evidence and facts to support this statement. Since 1880, the annual temperature has been steadily rising. There are at least five different science agencies that concur with this statement including...
5 Pages 2151 Words
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