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Importance of Environmental Sustainability Essay

Sustainability is the avoidance of natural resource depletion to maintain biodiversity and ecological balance. It factors how people can protect the natural world surrounding them from destruction and damages. Over the years, civilization has been detrimental to the environment. This is because it utilizes plenty of resources, which are not renewable and viable. Developments at the present should focus on meeting needs without compromising future generations’ access to raw materials. Three pillars that contribute to sustainable development are economic development,...
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Importance of Natural Environment

People are considered to be the most intelligent creatures on Earth who are able to learn new things in the universe which can lead them to the technological advancement. It goes without saying that there are many benefits in technological development for the economy but it also destroys our environment gradually. We develop technologies and science to make our life better but we do not fall to thinking that it can ruin everything that surround us in the near future....
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Solutions for Environmental Pollution Essay

Introduction The past two centuries have been characterized by vast technological advances that have had a significant effect on man and his environment. One of these advances has been in the form of increased industrialization by man. Industrialization has resulted in detrimental practices such as deforestation, air and water pollution which have all threatened the fragile balance that exists between man and the environment. The consequences that have risen as a result of neglecting to take care of the environment...
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Effects of Environmental Pollution Essay

Our environment is made of living things and things not alive. The life of these species includes livestock and other microorganisms; the environment’s unlived components are food, water, dirt, sunshine, etc. Any time a relatively long toxin is introduced to our environment, it contributes to environmental contamination. Air, water, soil, noise, light and nuclear pollution are some of the main types of pollution. The air pollution is caused by emissions from factories, building chimneys, cars and oils. Wasted industrial solvents,...
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Human Impact on the Natural Environment

A new stage in the relationship between nature and man began with the beginning of the industrial revolution. The rapidly developing scientific and technological progress, combined with the same idea of ​​human superiority and the need to take as much as possible from nature, ultimately led to what we have now. Humanity is on the verge of an environmental disaster. But we, like all other living things on the planet, are still inseparable from the biosphere. The framework of the...
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Why Zoos Should not Exist: Argumentative Essay

I think that zoos are currently good places to visit and that they do protect animals and a visit to a zoo or an aquarium is an opportunity to see the beautiful and diverse wildlife our world has to offer. Zoos and aquariums around the world offer an incredible up close and personal view of nature. Zoos are wonderful places to be around and to see. The majority of zoos are good zoos but some bad zoos don’t look after...
3 Pages 1350 Words

Why Zoos Are Important: Argumentative Essay

Do you like to go to the zoo? Would you take comfort in knowing that animals are safe and protected? Because that is what a modern zoo does. They provide protection, safety, rescue, breeding, and rehabilitation programs for all animals. They are not just another tourist attraction. A zoo offers a personal experience with some of the rarest species in the world. Most people would never have the opportunity to see these animals otherwise. Education about wildlife and habitat conservation...
2 Pages 765 Words

Why Zoos Are Good: Argumentative Essay

The popular, successful movie Madagascar, which presents the adventurous journey of the zoo animals who are tired of being in a rut and accidentally arrive at a tropical island, brings people not only entertainment, and joy because of its funny plot but also the consciousness of the relationship between zoos and animals. In fact, “the first evidence of wild animals being put on public exhibition dates to 2,500 B.C.E. in Ancient Egypt” (Taylor, 2014), and animals were regarded as the...
3 Pages 1276 Words

Why Was the Nile River So Important to Ancient Egyptian Society: Essay

The ancient Egyptians are well renowned for their obsession with death and the unique preservation of the human body through mummification. It is very clear that death was a central point of society during ancient Egyptian times, through the building of tombs as well as the daily rituals that followed the death of a person, both essential to the deceased reaching the afterlife. However, it can also be argued that the ancient Egyptians were also obsessed with the River Nile...
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Why Should Zoos not Be Banned: Argumentative Essay

Who loves to go to the zoo I know I love to if you don’t then you don’t love animals. Well, some people hate animals in zoos because they think it’s wrong, but I know that it’s not wrong because Zoos can also be an economic resource for a community. they protect endangered species and Zoos do many activities for the animals, so they keep their animal instincts. Zoos protect endangered species. Zoos are amazing because 1 they protect endangered...
1 Page 414 Words

Why Should We Recycle: Argumentative Essay

Failing to recycle could contribute to the end of life on earth as we know it. Recycling should be compulsory in every household because this will eventually save energy, reduce global warming, and protects marine life. This is not happening as much as it should because many people believe that recycling is too expensive. The purpose of this text is to highlight the issues around helping the environment and enforcing changes. Recycling saves energy Topic sentence-There is more energy conserved...
2 Pages 1073 Words

Why Is Egypt Considered the 'Gift of the Nile': Essay

The Nile river provided Egypt with fertile land. Most parts of Egypt were and even still are a desert, but there was rich soil along the Nile river that was good for growing crops. They took advantage of this to grow wheat and sell them throughout the Middle East which helped them to become rich. As time went by, the Nile river would overflow every August and the dry desert land was becoming more and more fertile to support farming...
1 Page 523 Words

Why Do Germinating Peas Consume More Oxygen: Research Essay

Respiration Rates of Germinating and Non-Germinating Peas Introduction For the purpose of this experiment, it is essential to have background information on what cellular respiration does and how it works. Cellular respiration, in simple terms, is the process by which sugar is broken down into a form that is readily usable by the cell to form its various functions. According to Hill (2014), “For animals, energy is made available for life processes via respiration—the slow combustion of carbohydrates, fats, and...
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Where Is the Youngest and Oldest Oceanic Crust: Informative Essay

Plate tectonics is the driving force for most volcanic activities. At plate boundaries, the crust is either created or destroyed. Divergent plate boundaries, create new crust material from the rising of magma. This new crust slowly pushes the old crust until it gets destroyed by subduction. The sinking of this crust also causes volcanic activities above it. On earth, they are five volcanic environments in relation to plate tectonics and this is ocean-ocean island arc, oceanic hot spot, mid-ocean ridge,...
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What Does the Rain Symbolize in 'The Great Gatsby'

The Great Gatsby is a story set in the 1920s and written by F. Scott Fitzgerald to convey a warning about the state of society. The title character’s goal is to overcome the social class barriers that prevent him and his lover, Daisy, from being together. He is trying to live out what many would refer to as the “American Dream”. However, Fitzgerald’s overarching point is that the American Dream and its promises are lies. Throughout the book, Fitzgerald includes...
2 Pages 786 Words

Wendell Berry the Body and the Earth: Essay

The American poet, novelist, and environmental activist Wendell Berry once said in reference to Earth Day, “The Earth is what we all have in common.” He said this as a way to get people to take action even starting small for Earth Day by recycling instead of throwing everything away. He wanted them to eventually incorporate it into their everyday life. When you think about it, the people living on the planet are all humans. In recent years there have...
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Water, Nitrogen and Carbon Are Important to Life: Argumentative Essay

Intro In order for me to be able to build and sustain a colony on Mars I will need to find out the following things about Mars: Firstly I will need to find out what we have on Earth that helps us survive, Secondly I will need to find out what Mars doesn’t have that Earth does so that we are able to implement what Mars still needs for humans to survive and colonize on it. Finally, I will need...
5 Pages 2282 Words

Water Scarcity Essay

In this essay, I hope to demonstrate to you that water is very precious and should not be wasted. Water is a very important source that keeps us active and alive because we are 90% water. I will also show you that instead of wasting water we could save someone’s life. Although there is 70 % of the earth’s surface is water, water scarcity (not enough safe drinking water) is a big problem in the world which is affecting a...
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Waste Management Scandal of 1998: Case Study

Waste Management Fraud What were the incentives and pressures that led to the fraud? There are different factors for the incentive or pressure to lead fraud in the cooperation because the working conditions were not followed the accounting procedure operation and they are not anti-irregularity accounting operation. The management and employees have an incentive that was the reason for committing fraud since the absence of well-organized internal controlled auditors was inefficient controls, and an inefficient management system. The other additional...
2 Pages 1058 Words

Tornado Research Paper

Introduction: The Joplin tornado, rated EF–5 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, hit the state of Missouri on May 22, 2011. It is considered one of the deadliest tornadoes in US history. Tornadoes routinely occur all over the world and cause various levels of damage to life and property. I chose this topic because I have always been fascinated with tornadoes and other severe weather and climate events, the precautions or warnings associated with them, and how the latter helped reduce...
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To What Extent Did the Nineteenth Century Conservation Discourse Differ from That of Today

Plants, trees, forests, soil, animals. These are some common words that people hear when the environment is mentioned. The existence of these trees, plants, and animals adds to biodiversity and serves many important roles such as attracting visitors, generating revenue, and contributing to slow climate change. Over the years, many trees are felled and forest areas are disappearing at a fast rate. According to Earth Day Network, deforestation has been reported to be the second cause of global warming and...
5 Pages 2455 Words

Thesis about Recycling

Realizing that other countries point at Canada in the nose because it throws garbage in others’ backyards might sound astonishing. Unfortunately, this absurdity is a reality. In this hot May, the Philippines has put on a parade about sending back Canada’s garbage. The plastic wastes from “developed countries” are piled up to a height as high as a two-floor building and it takes up an area the same as two football fields. We exported household wastes to the Philippines and...
5 Pages 2165 Words

Effects of Water Pollution on Ocean

Introduction Water pollution is the act of making water unsafe for living organisms living in these ecosystems. Ocean pollution occurs when dangerous substances like chemicals or microorganisms are subjected to oceans, rivers, and other water bodies hence affecting the quality of water and organisms within the environment. Water is always prone to affluence because they are considered a universal solvent. It can liquefy more substances than any other liquid on earth hence making the ocean to be easily polluted by...
2 Pages 1057 Words

The Earth Seemed Unearthly: Discursive Essay

Heart of Darkness Activity Foreshadowing “The air was dark above Gravesend, and farther back still seemed condensed into a mournful gloom, brooding motionless over the highest, and the greatest town on Earth”(Conrad, 65). The darkness that spreads above the port creates an atmosphere of despair and mystery as the novel begins. It is this gloomy atmosphere that serves to foreshadow the hardship and sadness that is soon to come. Conrad paints the initial setting as sinister, drawing a parallel to...
5 Pages 2411 Words

Stop Offshore Drilling: Argumentative Essay

Offshore drilling may be one of the most effective ways we get the oil that fuels our cars, airplanes, and boats. The first oil rig was built in 1938 in about fourteen feet of water. As technology progressed, it was made easier to move further away from shore to pursue undiscovered oil reserves. Although oil is a necessity today, I believe it’s vital that we stop expanding offshore oil and gas drilling operations to protect our precious web of ocean...
2 Pages 1051 Words

Speech on Recycling

We depend on plastic, yet we are drowning in it. Our planet is in danger. Humans produce huge amounts of plastic waste daily. The plastic we use is often wasted and dumped into a bin, eventually finding its way to a landfill site. Landfill sites are filling up rapidly and there are limited options for waste management once they are full. But there is a way to help our planet get out of this mess. Recycling (SENTENCE FRAGMENT). It is...
1 Page 611 Words

Speech on Pollution

Biology Presidential Speech For years, the government has opted to not worry about environmental conditions affecting our planet and our country. With time, the planet has been deteriorating due to human impact. If we continue to ignore what is going on with our planet, generations ahead of ours will experience a world much different than ours. Something has to be done and something will be done. The deterioration of our planet is now being noticed by people all over our...
4 Pages 1777 Words

Speech on Endangered Species

The Earth, where we live, has its own stable ecosystem. Not only live human beings here, but also other species like animals and plants. A balanced environment is vital for the sustainability of our planet. However, there have been a lot of species under threat of extinction nowadays. Do you know how many species are facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the world? There are more than 28,000 critically endangered species according to the International Union for Conservation...
2 Pages 832 Words

Snow Cover Mapping and Impacts of Snow on Vegetation: Essay

Snow cover mapping from space: Satellite-based snow cover mapping mostly depends on the spectral reflectance from the reflective spectrum (Dietz et al., 2012). Snow surface has high reflectance in the visible wavelength and very low reflectance at near-infrared wavelength. Reflectances from these two spectrum regions are often combined to detect snow presence, of which the most commonly used is the normalized difference snow index (NDSI). Since its development, NDSI has been widely implemented by a lot of remote sensing systems,...
2 Pages 737 Words

Should We Spend Valuable Resources on Space Exploration: Argumentative Essay

Do you agree or disagree? It is a waste of money to spend funds on space travel or space exploration. When first set sail into the unknown, the early humans took incredible courage. They have to conquer the nagging rumble of the stomach, threatened with the fear of hunger. They have to accept the challenges of the tremendous and utterly unaccountable tempest that put their lives at stake. They have to surmount the dolefulness from within. All these ventures are...
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