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Vacations in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland should be on everyone’s bucket list. There are many places I could visit in these countries. The United Kingdom and Ireland have similar cultures, but every city has its own traditions. In the summer of 2014, I decided to go see them firsthand. After researching, I decided to visit three attractions there. The summer of 2014 was the best time of my life. Visiting Liverpool Football Club’s stadium changed my...
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Introduction The summer season is a time of warmth, vibrancy, and adventure. It holds a special place in our hearts as it brings a myriad of joys and opportunities. In this argumentative essay, I will present the case for the importance of the summer season. From the rejuvenation of the human spirit to the enrichment of personal growth and the fostering of stronger communities, the summer season plays a vital role in our lives. Nurturing the Human Spirit The summer...
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Summer Institute Application 1) Why would you like to participate in this leadership and International cooperation program? How does conflict among people affect your world, your country, and your community? I am particularly concerned about the conflict in the healthcare space in Nigeria which has an adverse effect on productivity, morale, and patient care resulting in high employee turnover impeding efficiency and certainly limiting staff contribution. Conflict at my University teaching hospital is a product of those who feel they...
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Last summer was the most memorable summer of all time. I always have some plans for every summer, that is, watching TV, going to camps, and trying a new diet every week. But last summer I decided to change my routine. I wanted to learn something new, so decided to apply for an internship. The idea of an internship was new to me because I rarely see people of my age willing to work especially during the summers. I started...
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Why would somebody want to be playing in the freezing, blistering cold, when they could be relaxing on a beach in summer? I have concluded that people who enjoy winter are ruder, and more boring than people who enjoy summer. Summer people are not just people who do not care about anything, and want to party all the time. They are easygoing, fun people who want to escape the realities of the cold, harsh winter. Summer people know how to...
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Why do I like summer? Summer in Korea is damp. You can feel the dampness on your skin. When I close my eyes and breathe in, the humidity brings me an olfactory memory of mine linked to my mother’s mother. Just thinking of it stirs my mind up and makes me feel kind of dizzy as if there are a thousand butterflies inside my body. It was when I was still a little girl. My grandmother lived right near us,...
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It was a bright summer day in Ely, Iowa when Johnny came over. We had a bonfire the night he arrived, and the next day, the plan was to play basketball and then go fishing. The next morning, it didn’t take long before we decided it was too hot to do much of anything that involved being active. After going inside and eating some popsicles, we went off looking for something to do. First, we went to the gas station...
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Don’t let the temperature annoy your greenery with Artificial plants. The pleasant sun rays of winter suddenly turn into troubles. The shivers of months were pleasant not only for human beings but also for plants and greeneries. In summer, even the corners are getting so hot that is troubled by degrees of temperature. The hotness of summer is distressing every single moment of life and surroundings as well. The eminent effect of this season can be mainly seen in the...
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Summer is a beloved season for many people, and rightfully so. It represents warmth, liberation, and exploration. Personally, summer holds a special significance in my heart. I eagerly anticipate its arrival each year, and I have always pondered what sets it apart for me. In this essay, I will delve into the reasons why summer is my preferred season. I will examine the various experiences and activities that make it so unique. Whether it's the hot weather, outdoor excursions, or...
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Essay Example #1 Everything in our life is fleeting, we are born and die, we love and suffer, we build relationships with the world around us and we are at the bottom of society, we are looking for the meaning of life and we cannot find it. I can name an endless list of the typical life of most people, but does it make any sense? Our life is monotonous in nature and often prescribed for us, in the very...
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This is a short fictional story about life on the planet Venus where it rains continuously day in day out. The sun disappeared five years ago, and the children are anticipating seeing the sun. The nine-year-old children do no really remember how the sun looked like because they were still too young. The scientists had predicted that the sun was going to come out after all those years but only for a brief moment. These children carry out a lot...
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