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Descriptive Essay about Spring Season

Hello Spring, is that really you? Every morning I greet the most awaited season of renewal, rebirth, and regrowth of nature. The older I grow the more I love spring and spring flowers. What could be sweeter than homemade gingerbread or coconut cake with sweet tea, nasturtiums and peonies from my own garden, and a heartfelt verse? My beloved blooms, these “beautiful children of spring”, inspire me with metaphors! Today I went out again into the field near my house....
1 Page 465 Words

My Best Summer Vacation: Personal Narrative Essay

Vacations in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland should be on everyone’s bucket list. There are many places I could visit in these countries. The United Kingdom and Ireland have similar cultures, but every city has its own traditions. In the summer of 2014, I decided to go see them firsthand. After researching, I decided to visit three attractions there. The summer of 2014 was the best time of my life. Visiting Liverpool Football Club’s stadium changed my...
1 Page 602 Words

Descriptive Essay on Autumn Season

John Keats was born in 1795, and he is a famous romantic poet in England. Keats worships beauty, yearning for beauty as a fundamental truth. His poems of him show the excitement and genius of a talented person and the power of an extraordinary intellect. He was also one of the three dazzling stars in the romantic British poetic sky. Each artist has his unique feeling of each level that makes the treasure of poems about autumn richer and more...
2 Pages 1126 Words

Essay about Tropical Cyclones

A tropical cyclone is a rotating weather system with a middle lower than 1000hPa, this isolated circulation is characterised by powerful winds and its unique make-up of thunderstorms which cause heavy rain. Storms are named differently according to geographical location (typhoon, hurricane, tropical cyclone), but all consist of the same properties, with only the direction of rotation a movement differing between hemispheres. Continuing along the lines of geographical naming, the official name 'tropical cyclone' is derived from its formation in...
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Importance of Summer Season: Argumentative Essay

Introduction The summer season is a time of warmth, vibrancy, and adventure. It holds a special place in our hearts as it brings a myriad of joys and opportunities. In this argumentative essay, I will present the case for the importance of the summer season. From the rejuvenation of the human spirit to the enrichment of personal growth and the fostering of stronger communities, the summer season plays a vital role in our lives. Nurturing the Human Spirit The summer...
1 Page 585 Words

Descriptive Essay about Autumn

Introduction Autumn, also known as fall, is a season that ushers in a symphony of vibrant colors, crisp air, and a subtle sense of nostalgia. As nature begins its transformation, the landscape becomes a captivating tapestry of reds, oranges, and golds. In this descriptive essay, we will explore the enchanting beauty and sensory delights of autumn. From the rustling leaves underfoot to the aroma of pumpkin spice, we will embark on a journey through this magical season, capturing its essence...
1 Page 565 Words

Why Winter Is the Best Season: Argumentative Essay

Oftentimes, winter is not seen as a good option to keep running, however, these five reasons will keep you motivated to go out there and enjoy even more benefits from running itself. Feeling More Relaxed According to a report in the Huffington Post, people don't feel as stuffy due to the relatively low humidity in winter and lower temperatures can be very refreshing. As the body works harder to stay warm, it produces more endorphins which give people a greater...
1 Page 487 Words

What Does Winter Symbolize in Literature: Critical Essay

Abstract The aim of this study is to analyze the stylistic characteristics of Robert Frost's poem ‘The Onset’. The beginning has many superimposed meanings, which can be analyzed in different ways. The poem is interpreted by diction, images, and sound devices to clarify the themes. The analysis helps to understand the fundamental themes of the conflict between good and evil, pessimism and optimism, and life and death. Introduction The style is the Latin word 'stylus', which means 'write anything'. Style...
3 Pages 1332 Words

Summer Program Application Essay

Summer Institute Application 1) Why would you like to participate in this leadership and International cooperation program? How does conflict among people affect your world, your country, and your community? I am particularly concerned about the conflict in the healthcare space in Nigeria which has an adverse effect on productivity, morale, and patient care resulting in high employee turnover impeding efficiency and certainly limiting staff contribution. Conflict at my University teaching hospital is a product of those who feel they...
3 Pages 1557 Words

My Summer Speech

Last summer was the most memorable summer of all time. I always have some plans for every summer, that is, watching TV, going to camps, and trying a new diet every week. But last summer I decided to change my routine. I wanted to learn something new, so decided to apply for an internship. The idea of an internship was new to me because I rarely see people of my age willing to work especially during the summers. I started...
2 Pages 695 Words

Summer Vs Winter: Compare and Contrast Essay

Why would somebody want to be playing in the freezing, blistering cold, when they could be relaxing on a beach in summer? I have concluded that people who enjoy winter are ruder, and more boring than people who enjoy summer. Summer people are not just people who do not care about anything, and want to party all the time. They are easygoing, fun people who want to escape the realities of the cold, harsh winter. Summer people know how to...
2 Pages 777 Words

Biography Essay on George Washington: Winter of 1776

George Washington was born in Virginia on February 22, 1732. Unlike his siblings, he was never sent to England for formal education. Instead, he attended a school in Virginia. Lawrence Washington, George Washington's brother, married Virginia's greatest single landowner family, the Fairfaxes. Washington's relationship through his brothers' marriage provided him with a benefit that he would not have received otherwise. While following George Fairfax on an expedition into the wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a young George Washington learned...
2 Pages 943 Words

Why Summer Is My Favourite Season: Reflection Essay

Why do I like summer? Summer in Korea is damp. You can feel the dampness on your skin. When I close my eyes and breathe in, the humidity brings me an olfactory memory of mine linked to my mother’s mother. Just thinking of it stirs my mind up and makes me feel kind of dizzy as if there are a thousand butterflies inside my body. It was when I was still a little girl. My grandmother lived right near us,...
3 Pages 1561 Words

On the First Day of Summer Vacation: Narrative Essay

It was a bright summer day in Ely, Iowa when Johnny came over. We had a bonfire the night he arrived, and the next day, the plan was to play basketball and then go fishing. The next morning, it didn’t take long before we decided it was too hot to do much of anything that involved being active. After going inside and eating some popsicles, we went off looking for something to do. First, we went to the gas station...
1 Page 623 Words

What Does the Rain Symbolize in 'The Great Gatsby'

The Great Gatsby is a story set in the 1920s and written by F. Scott Fitzgerald to convey a warning about the state of society. The title character’s goal is to overcome the social class barriers that prevent him and his lover, Daisy, from being together. He is trying to live out what many would refer to as the “American Dream”. However, Fitzgerald’s overarching point is that the American Dream and its promises are lies. Throughout the book, Fitzgerald includes...
2 Pages 786 Words

Snow Cover Mapping and Impacts of Snow on Vegetation: Essay

Snow cover mapping from space: Satellite-based snow cover mapping mostly depends on the spectral reflectance from the reflective spectrum (Dietz et al., 2012). Snow surface has high reflectance in the visible wavelength and very low reflectance at near-infrared wavelength. Reflectances from these two spectrum regions are often combined to detect snow presence, of which the most commonly used is the normalized difference snow index (NDSI). Since its development, NDSI has been widely implemented by a lot of remote sensing systems,...
2 Pages 737 Words

Report on Hurricane

On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 tropical storm near Rockport, Texas. Harvey's outrageous breezes and tempest flood caused annihilation along the Texas coast. As Harvey moved gradually inland, meteorologists anticipated that Harvey would drop between 900 - 1000 mm (35-40 in) of rain during the following week in coastal Texas (Risser). In certain regions, these expectations were surpassed, especially in the greater Houston region. As a result, unprecedented flooding occurred over an area the...
2 Pages 1054 Words

Rainy Day: Descriptive Essay

The artwork of my choosing is the large oil painting done by the artist Gustave Caillebotte in 1877 and was placed in the Art Institution of Chicago under the name of ‘Paris Street, Rainy Day’. This piece of art was considered huge considering its 212.2 cm x 276.2 cm dimensions. The artist in his display shows a certain street in Paris wonderful streets in a rainy day, showing a big beautiful classical building to reflect the construction work; Accompanied by...
2 Pages 764 Words

Impact of Growing Season on Population Dynamics: Analytical Essay

Introduction Population dynamics can be a challenging topic of study for a variety of reasons. In any given ecosystem, there is a variety of density-dependent and independent factors at play (Peterson 1977). It can be difficult to analyze the relationship between only two variables, because the confounding effects of other factors in the ecosystem may influence the relationship. For example, birth, death, immigration, and emigration are four of the most significant influences on population size (Peterson 1977). However, immigration and...
4 Pages 1943 Words

Essay on the Finest Spring Poems

It is no secret that of all four seasons, spring is a favorite for most. Find it inspirational as well? There are numerous reasons for that including the regrowth and rejuvenation that it brings to life. Flourishing leaves, blossoming flowers, and the warm weather have proven to be a source of inspiration for numerous writers. That might explain why spring is a preferred subject in most poems. Lots of metaphysical sonnets and lyric poems have been composed courtesy of this...
2 Pages 849 Words

Essay on Summer and Winter Garden

Don’t let the temperature annoy your greenery with Artificial plants. The pleasant sun rays of winter suddenly turn into troubles. The shivers of months were pleasant not only for human beings but also for plants and greeneries. In summer, even the corners are getting so hot that is troubled by degrees of temperature. The hotness of summer is distressing every single moment of life and surroundings as well. The eminent effect of this season can be mainly seen in the...
2 Pages 971 Words

Essay on Spring as the Most Beautiful Season

Spring is the year that falls between winter and summer. Its start coincides with the end of the Winter Season. In addition, the conclusion of Spring heralds the beginning of the Summer season. In addition, when Spring arrives in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn arrives in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa. In addition, during the Spring Season, days and nights are likely to be 12 hours long. Spring is unquestionably a happy and joyful season. Most notably, Spring festivities are...
1 Page 421 Words

Essay on Snowman Template

If you are a resident of countries with snowfall in winter probably the bone-freezing cold may or may not be your favorite climate, but playing with snow and other entertainments involving snow is sure to be the fun part of it all. Very low temperatures cause snowfall, indicating a freezing cold climate. The layering of clothes to protect oneself from the cold may also be insufficient in these winters. Ignited fireplaces provide sufficient heat and prevent the family members from...
1 Page 549 Words

Essay on Rain: Where Does Water Come from?

Where does water come from? Rain is one of them and one of the largest sources of water on earth. It is a liquid manifestation (other prescriptions that are not liquid such as snow, ice crystals, and slit). Water droplets that fall on land due to the process of condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere are then called rain. The type of rain that falls is divided into several types depending on how the process is formed, including frontal...
1 Page 434 Words

Essay on Hurricane Irma

On August 30th, 2017 just off the West African Coast, Hurricane Irma started off as a weak wave that was followed by showers and thunderstorms. At this time there were favorable conditions for a tropical cyclone to form, in the Atlantic. As it moved through the Atlantic, it became a tropical storm on August 30th, near the Cape Verde Islands. The hurricane continued to intensify, while it moved over warm water and moist air. On September 6th, Irma finally made...
4 Pages 1936 Words

Essay on Device Used to Track Storms

Predicting tropical storms is a very difficult job, primarily because storms can very easily change course in a matter of hours. Tropical storms are low-pressure wind systems that form over tropical oceans and have hurricane-force winds. They form roughly between 5 and 30 degrees north and south of the equator, where temperatures are about 26.5 degrees Celsius. The air above the ocean moves in a convection current upwards, causing low pressure. As it cools, the air condenses and forms clouds,...
1 Page 537 Words

Informative Essay on the Processes of Snow-melt and Examination of Their Significance for the Freshwater Environment

Describe the processes of snowmelt and examine their significance for the freshwater environment. Snow melt is an integral component of the hydrological cycle for many catchments across the Northern hemisphere where snow accumulation is greater and therefore the subsequent melting has a more important role in the hydrological cycle of these areas (Aygun, Kinnard, and Campeau, 2020). Over several months, winter precipitation is gathered into a snowpack which is subsequently melted in a shorter time during the spring snowmelt. This...
4 Pages 1796 Words

Descriptive Essay on Spring Herbs

Spring has arrived! The bottom is thawing and it’s a good time to begin excited about recent, homegrown meals, specifically early-spring herbs. Recent herbs are a house lawn staple that uploads numerous tastes and diets in your foods, whilst additionally taking over little or no house. A spring herb lawn most effectively wishes a small quantity of room to flourish, and there are lots of forms of herb that may develop nicely in spring. Early spring is obviously a time...
4 Pages 1711 Words

Descriptive Essay on Snow Storm

Introduction Is it true that you are wanting to get up tomorrow first thing and run outside to play in the snow as opposed to sitting in a homeroom or office? Winter storms some of the time bring about snow days, where the climate conditions make travel and openness to cold air excessively dangerous for normal everyday exercises. A colder time of year storm is a climate occasion where the precipitation is predominantly snow, slush, or freezing rain. Regularly combined...
2 Pages 1058 Words

Descriptive Essay on Autumn Paintings

Art transcends across different nations and cultures, from generation to generation. The Met artistic project exhibits historical artworks alongside contemporary artists, allowing viewers to identify connections that span centuries. Jean-François Millet’s oeuvre of peasant farmers and landscapes constitutes one of the most famous artworks from the 19th century. His meticulous work using oil and painting highlights daily human activities that are not of importance to the majority of people but are vital for their survival. Xu Bing is an expert...
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