Rainy Day: Descriptive Essay

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The artwork of my choosing is the large oil painting done by the artist Gustave Caillebotte in 1877 and was placed in the Art Institution of Chicago under the name of ‘Paris Street, Rainy Day’. This piece of art was considered huge considering its 212.2 cm x 276.2 cm dimensions. The artist in his display shows a certain street in Paris wonderful streets in a rainy day, showing a big beautiful classical building to reflect the construction work; Accompanied by a clear vision of several roads. Nevertheless, the setting of the picture included a great view of the classy street. In Paris Street, Rainy Day the artist Gustave Caillebotte uses shapes, and lines to capture the feelings of the people walking in the classy street of Paris on a romantic rainy day.

The setting of the artwork was clarified clearly in the title of the painting ‘Paris Street, Rainy Day’ which is one of the streets in Paris in the 1870s. The visual representation in this artwork is people walking around a street on a rainy day. The sky is full of clouds and the roads are filled with water relevant to the rainy weather, and people are holding umbrellas and wearing classy designer clothes, basically, this is the reflection of reality in this piece of art. Holding an umbrella is a visual presentation of people covering themselves from getting their attire wet from the rain, however, this scene can be explained in many ways; One way is that the holding of the umbrella could be to avoid contact in any way with any other people. Moreover, focusing on the man in the very front shows that he has a mustache that symbolizes the great French mustache strike of the 1900s (Taub, 2018, p:1). Gustave was always considered an impressionist artist; In this drawing, he is giving the impression of a rainy day in the transformed Paris landscape. The last visual recognition observed in this artwork is the old classy car to the left of the drawing to show one way of transportation in the 1870s.

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In ‘Paris Street, Rainy Day’ the painting techniques varied between the background and foreground; The people in the very front were drawn clearly and in detail, while in the back of the painting, items were drawn with less level of detailing. The artists in his painting drew the woman and the man in the front precisely to show the exact figure of the men and women in that area back in the 70s focusing on drawing their attire and face clearly. Moreover, in the back, the people are displayed vaguely. 'Paris Street, Rainy Day' is characterized more by its realism and reliance on line, rather than the typically loose brushwork of the Impressionist idiom. (Paris Street, Rainy Day, 1877).

In this piece of work, the artist Gustave Caillebotte was an impressionist painter. In this painting, the artist gave the impression to the audience of the transformation of the French landscape that was introduced by Baron Haussmann in the era between 1809 and 1891. The painter visualized the big scale of architectural development that was taking place at that time that makes humans look tiny. In this visual the people appear to be stranded and distracted by their own thoughts, not taking into consideration their surroundings and not paying attention to the people passing by; In fact, the characters in the drawing seem to be moving fast rather than having a nice slow walk, but then again, the rain might be the reason behind this. The scene is a rainy scene, with men walking in their fancy frock coats and hats and women in nice dresses. Trying to hide from the rain using umbrellas that might indicate some sort of insecurities or fear of other people`s interactions. Focusing on the drawing of a lamppost in the middle of the painting, a person can vividly see the reflection of this post landing on the watery ground; This lamppost is placed right in the middle of the painting giving the painting structure a decisive framework. Gustave gave his best to show the idea of social distancing and people pulled apart to express his dissatisfaction with what was in progress back then in the 70s ‘But most importantly this work stands out from the rest of Impressionist cityscapes because of its unoptimistic take on Paris’ (GalleryIntell, p:1). An argument to be dealt with as well is that the picture coincides with a historical point in history, and can be seen in 2 ways, either a vision of the past time or the future (Mcdaniel, 161).

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