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Rapid Rise of Electric Car Sales: Considerations on Environmental Sustainability in the UK

Introduction Climate change is at the forefront of both public and governmental debates, media discussions, and policymaking. With strong evidence present from the multitude of research carried out to date, it is clear that carbon dioxide emissions are rising from anthropogenic activity. Indeed, whilst it can be argued that natural phenomena in the form of glacial shifts or changing ocean currents have contributed to climate change, none of these have had as profound an impact as human activities (Crowley 2000)....
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Essay on Sustainability: United Nations Definition

In 2015, all the member states of the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, as a collective call for action to end hunger, protect the world, and ensure that all people enjoy prosperity and peace by 2030. By pledging to leave no one behind, the countries committed themselves to make rapid progress for those farthest behind first. That is why the SDGs are built to get the world to a variety of...
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Essay about the Most Commonly Used Definition of Sustainability

Environmental sustainability implies assuming liability for interfacing with the planet to keep up normal assets and abstain from compromising people in the future in gathering their requirements. As per the United Nations, environmental sustainability is tied in with assuming liability and acting for the climate to guarantee that people in the future get regular assets to carry on with a similarly decent life. There are numerous different meanings of environmental sustainability that bring up numerous issues on the best way...
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Environmental Essay: Importance of Environment Protection and Sustainability

Environment protection is the process to conserve the natural environment by Society which includes individuals, different organizations, and laws and acts. The main purpose of environmental protection firstly does not to interfere with the natural environment, to keep it as it is, and conserve natural resources of water, air, and energy. Moreover, to repair and protect against damages that human activities have done to the environment. As we know that overuse of sources and the increase in population and technology...
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Analysis of Background of Fair Trade and Pillars of Sustainability

Fair trade is defined as when third-world countries pay producers in third-world states a fair price for their work. It is when the price is paid for products that give producers enough to offer life’s basics like food, education, and healthcare. How fair trade works is essential as the identity in understanding the benefits of purchasing appropriate trade products. It is critical to know how the system works and how it affects both ends of the scale. The benefits of...
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Community Support and Sustainability for Ecotourism Development

Ecotourism is nature-based, it is all about being ecologically sustainable, protecting environmental aspects and providing benefit to the local community. Sustainable development is economic development along with environmental protection and social equity. Sustainable development is guided to meet the needs and aspirations of the present generation without compromising those of future generations. Ecotourism supports in sustainable community development by providing an alternative source of livelihood to the local community. Van der Merwe & Van der Marwe (1999) add that “Sustainable...
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Sustainability of Hong Kong

Sustainability, a concept that can be defined in many different ways by specialists. In general, it composes of three key elements, the environment, the economy and the social system (Kuhlman & Farrington, 2010). To achieve sustainability, people are trying to maintain a balance between them and finally sustain well-being in not only the current generation but also the future generations. Although there is a strong interconnection among three dimensions, the paper is mainly focusing on the environmental aspect over the...
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Failed Piilani Partners Hearing Proves Hawaii's Sustainability Mission Is Working

Piilani Partners, a company who is proposing to open a bottling plant here in Hilo, has been met with the greater amount of resistance, rather than larger amounts of supporters who are in favor of this proposal. The problem identified during the hearing seems to stem from the bottling plant manufacturing and using plastic, which the people continue to witness plastic polluting our lands, streams, rivers, and oceans which has caused grave harm and extinction to our wildlife on land...
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Crisis Sustainability: The Way a Company Responds to a Crisis

Your hotel is not the first lodging house to find themselves at the center of a public relations disaster. As you know, news goes viral faster than the speed of light and in order to bounce back your public relations team must have a solid crisis management plan. This plan requires more than an apologetic press release or a CEO’s dishonest circuit of appearances on primetime television. Crisis Management must respond to disasters promptly and decisively, using an array of...
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British Woodland Management Methods and Sustainability

British woodland as we know it began to develop after the last ice age, when tree species migrated north and repopulated the fertile emerging land. Well known pioneer species such as Birch, Pine and Oak and other Broadleaf species such as Hazel, Ash and Elm, made use of the space available to develop woodland. As the climate began to stabilise sub canopy layers began to flourish. The arrival of large grazing animals, such as wild Cattle, Elk and Deer meant...
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Sustainability and MTEQ

Introduction Sustainability is most referred to as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Sustainability has three main pillars namely environmental, social and economic sustainability. Sustainability affects every level of organization, ranging from the local neighborhood, and the entire globe. Sustainability is the balance between a Reasonable Way of Supplying Human Needs economically while preserving the Eco-System for today and the future generations. How the 3 spheres of sustainability can be...
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Sustainability in Accounting Profession

Today, the accounting trade encompasses a vast variety of resources, both to legal bodies and to individuals, in the areas of accounting and finance. Accounting profession is a very crucial profession in the corporate world. The position of professional accountants has become increasingly significant for the organisation, as it is unique at the convergence of all divisions and areas of operations and has the capacity and authority to create guidelines, develop modelling and producing knowledge, and the organisation is stated...
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Sustainability in South Africa

As population levels and consumption patterns continue to increase the impact on natural resources also increases. Conservation of the natural environment and economic development are slowly being recognized as being on the same side of the coin, rather than representing opposing faces. Development is seen as a way of funding conservation efforts, or as the process through which technology or innovation can be applied responsibly in the interest of improving the environment. Development also supports social welfare, which in turn...
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My Plans to Save Humanity: 'Path of Sustainability'

“To deny people their rights is to challenge their very humanity” claimed Nelson Mandela, perhaps, as a sigh of caution to all humankind, waking their senses against discrimination. The human race is so special a creation, that, it possesses unique powers to both create and destroy things, like nothing else can do. And so do we share a larger chunk of responsibility in saving this world from tearing apart. Scorching Earth, hungry stomachs, begging hands and craving souls- better define...
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Sustainability Pros and Cons

What is sustainable development? According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development, it involves “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The definition is nearly as broad and all-encompassing as it sounds, covering everything from infrastructure to climate to water and energy usage to economics to equality and social justice. But just because the goals of sustainable development sound lofty and beneficial that doesn’t mean it’s automatically...
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The Ford Motor Company as an Example of Sustainability

The issue of sustainability is a relatively new development in human history. Before the industrial revolution, resources were ample, and the idea of pollution was nearly nonexistent. However, once manufacturing was developed the need for raw materials increased exponentially. At first this was not such a huge problem, but over time the resources depleted. Fast forward to the present and you will realize that the need for sustainability is immense. Unlike companies of the past, those of the modern day...
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The Four Pillars of Sustainability

Most answers to the sustainability challenges of today are easily given; however, these resolutions often do not satisfy all of the major perspectives that have a final say regarding this topic. Generally, sustainability requires consideration of a total of four key aspects; (1) environmental, (2) social, (3) cultural, and (4) economic. With these four sustainability pillars in mind, only then can effective solutions be reached in relation to sustainability problems. The purpose of this paper is to review the relationship...
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Importance of Environmental Sustainability Essay

Sustainability is the avoidance of natural resource depletion to maintain biodiversity and ecological balance. It factors how people can protect the natural world surrounding them from destruction and damages. Over the years, civilization has been detrimental to the environment. This is because it utilizes plenty of resources, which are not renewable and viable. Developments at the present should focus on meeting needs without compromising future generations’ access to raw materials. Three pillars that contribute to sustainable development are economic development,...
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Knowledge Organisation Sustainability

This essay intends to highlight sustainability challenges of the 21st century and contrasting participation of technology and the sustainability of this practice as part of the education in Australia, considering the application of these for the next generation of educational community needs. Australia will require approximately 400 to 750 new schools to accommodate 650,000 extra learners over the next century, costing state governments up to $ 11 billion, according to the Grattan Institute. In Victoria only, about 200 fresh schools...
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Report on Energy Sustainability

Determining a good balance between a rising economy, the need for environmental protection and social responsibilities in order to provide a good life for the current and future generation is what is energy sustainability. In other words, it is meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the future needs. In this day and age where the energy demands are rapidly increasing, renewable/sustainable energy technologies׳ adoption is the way to go. Sustainable energy is the need for today not...
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Critical Appraisal of Sustainability in the Construction Supply Chain

The meaning of sustainability differs drastically depending on which perspective you look at it from. It could mean lower carbon emissions, green and eco-friendly or it could mean a self-sufficient system, or even could be about creating a healthy environment that is based on ecological principles. Putting sustainability within the context of a Supply Chain Management (SCM) process, more accurately a construction supply chain management process, would require immense care. To claim truly sustainable construction would mean that every aspect...
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Blockchain's Potential to Improve Environmental Sustainability

Do you know that around 800 million people are currently vulnerable to many life-threatening risks like floods, droughts, hurricanes, heat waves, sea-level rise, and extreme weather events? Species are going extinct. Oceans are suffocating. Ice regions are melting. And the lives around us are at stake all because of our actions like deforestation, excessive carbon emissions, pollution, etc. At the same time, we are also seeing the convergence of the technological. biological, and physical realms. The Internet of Things, artificial...
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Sustainability Accounting and Accountability in Sainsbury’s Group PLC: Analytical Essay

Introduction There is an emerging trend in large and small companies around the globe on sustainability reporting since the “early part of the 1990’s, when it became the focus of academic and skilled accounting” (Lamberton, 2005). This trend is a result of more people becoming aware of the importance of sustainability development and the benefits and impacts it brings to businesses and society at large. Additionally, sustainability is becoming a way of life mainly in developed countries as businesses endeavour...
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Reflections on How I Can Make My City More Environmentally Sustainable

This course has really built my knowledge on most of the vital issues related to environments, I learned a lot of environmental issues. Throughout this course, I was disappointed by our leaders on how to deal with environmental issues, it is important to be aware of our environment and know how we can contribute to its protection. Personally, I think the world, in general, can do more, what we are doing to save Mother Earth is not enough. There were...
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Costa Rica and Its Sustainable Practices

Costa Rica can provide insight into how, despite the common practice, it is possible to have sustainable practices that do not harm the environment and still experience economic growth. The focus of this essay will be on tourism as it is Costa Rica’s main source of income and because tourism itself accounts for around 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions (Lenzen et al., 2018). It is important to identify cases of current practice that go against common practice as it...
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Costa Rica's Steps to Being a More Sustainable Country

In an ever changing and progressively green society all humans, including Costa Ricans are finally adapting to the constant changes to the social, economic and financial benefits of becoming greener. Although not perfect, Costa Rica is making very notable moves towards becoming a more sustainable country. In San Jose, the capital, the largest issue for Costa Rica is carbon emissions, they are the one of the highest emitters within the Central American nations per capita, just behind Mexico and Brazil...
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Essay About Economics, Ethics and Opportunities of Ecotourism

What is sustainable development? Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Moreover, sustainable development is a program for changing the process of economic development so that it ensures a basic quality of life for all people and at the same time protects the ecosystems and community systems that make life possible and worthwhile. Sustainability and sustainable tourism are becoming more and more common. But...
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Sustainable Fashion and Ethical Issues

In this world of fast fashion and consumer culture, it’s easy to be caught up in a plethora of colour and pattern and knee-high leather boots. It’s easy to give yourself over to momentary wants and “needs” and lose sight of the bigger picture, but unfortunately, the picture is this – the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, just behind the oil industry. Behind your fast fashion and affordable clothing, there is a true cost. For...
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Essay about Sustainable Development

Introduction: Sustainable development is a term that appeared in the international and local arena in order to find its way amid many contemporary terms such as globalization, clash of civilizations, modernity, postmodernity, human development, structuralism, genomics, informatics, … and other expressions that we must understand in order to find a language of discourse with The world, and it is worth noting, that before the use of the concept of “sustainable development” was circulated in the late eighties of the last...
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The Use of Renewable Energy Sources

Sustainable living and development are defined as the ability to prosper as an economy without negatively impacting the earth and its resources. This topic is very important to me as I am living in South Africa, the 30th most polluted country in the world. This is also a relevant topic because as I grow up, it will be my generation that has to think innovatively to reduce the dangerous effect our development will have on the earth, the way the...
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