My Plans to Save Humanity: 'Path of Sustainability'

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“To deny people their rights is to challenge their very humanity” claimed Nelson Mandela, perhaps, as a sigh of caution to all humankind, waking their senses against discrimination. The human race is so special a creation, that, it possesses unique powers to both create and destroy things, like nothing else can do. And so do we share a larger chunk of responsibility in saving this world from tearing apart. Scorching Earth, hungry stomachs, begging hands and craving souls- better define where we stand today! The business- as usual model followed now depicts further signs of deterioration.Its time, we wake up to this fact.

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The only saviour we can rely upon is the ‘path of sustainability because no life on either Mars or Mercury can be as diverse and fantabulous as the one that this blue planet holds. All we need to do is to inculcate environmental awareness and kindness towards beings, in all that we do and speak. The hardest part is, to drive this initiative globally and not in a polarised manner. Swathes of sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, and parts of Indo-Malayan region already face the brunt of feeding ever-increasing populations with drained resources and revenues. Quiet alarming a fact is that these agricultural regions are also those unlucky ones, which are first to face the disastrous consequences of the most haunted events in the history of mankind- the Global climate change! While there are no quick fixes to reverse this, we can make some smart moves to decelerate its pace. Hence, modifying our lifestyles to make ourselves more adaptive and resilient to this ongoing change is the primary step. Every single drop of change in us can contribute to refill the lost ocean of peaceful coexistence(man-nature). Perhaps, we have already taken those baby steps, as we see today, a lot more NGO’S, trusts, and foundations work on promoting organic, green, and peaceful lifestyles than ever before.

Also, we do see several start-ups working on inventing newer technologies to save our water, energy, fertility, and not the least, our future. While this makes us feel a little comfortable, the fact that these little drives can only have small-scale, slow-paced, and region-specific impacts, holds us back. An intriguing question can be, how to transform this change on a larger scale, as large as this whole planet? And the answer is, united as we act, broader grows the sphere of influence. Let’s expect that all governments of the day stand to this great cause for human welfare, that is, those hefty defense and nuclear budgets must be cut down to minimal while transferring more efforts and funds in fulfilling the universal obligations in the form of Sustainable development goals(SDG’s of the UN). The most significant is the role of Science, while it’s only a luxury that we make future plans to relocate on the moon, it’s an impending necessity that we prolong our quest for survival on this planet. Hence, I, as an individual would take pride when my people breathe clean air, drink pure water, live in better standards, for which, I shall make myself stand as a responsible human first and a citizen later.

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