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Plastic Pollution Essays

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Plastics Toxicity and Pollution Issues

Plastics are the type of synthetic or semi-synthetic polymer which can moulded to any shape. It is an example of inorganic waste. Plastics are not toxic as such to humans since it is less soluble, but additives like plasticizers are toxic. Plastics though non-toxic cause a great deal of damage to the environment because of their nonbiodegradability. This is because most plastics are derived from monomer of propylene and the propylene link formed is extremely strong to be decomposed by...
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Plastic Pollution Problem Solutions

Plastic pollution is the accumulation of synthetic plastic products to the point where they create problems for wildlife and their habitats.(credible; cited sources) There’s approximately 2,68,000 tonnes of plastic in the ocean.(reliable; written by authors affiliated with the subject) There are several harmful consequences of plastic simply existing in the ocean, example: plastic blocking the surface preventing sunlight from reaching the marine animals and plants. I’ve always been passionate about the environment and have participated in several rallies that focused...
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The Problem with Plastic

There is no doubt that plastic is incredibly useful. However, as author Jessica Knoblauch says “the chemical building blocks that make plastic so useful are the same components that might harm the people and the environment”. Plastic is made of chemical products derived from petroleum. However, most plastics contain other organic and inorganic compounds with in them. These additives make plastic more useful and generally cheaper to produce. The benefits of plastic have made it a necessary part of this...
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Plastic Pollution As a the World’s Most Pressing Environmental Concerns

I chose to explore the issue of plastic pollution. I think this issue is important because it has become one of the world’s most pressing environmental concerns. Plastic is a substance the earth cannot digest, however, due to the development of thousands of new products, plastic has transformed and revolutionised the modern age and nowadays, a society without plastic would be unimaginable. Although plastic has reformed aspects of life, the convenience of this material has led to a ‘throw away’...
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An Argument in Favor of Imposing Tax on Plastic Bags

As more research comes in, resource sustainability and the effects of our daily carbon footprint have come more and more to the forefront of Americans’ consciousness. Given the terrible environmental consequences of both single-use plastic and paper bags, the most socially responsible action for communities to adopt would be to tax all single use bags, as the tax would serve as a deterrent to consumers, thus saving the environment, the tax revenue can be funneled back into much needed research...
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A Bad Impact of Plastic Pollution on Marine Wildlife

Plastic is ubiquitous! From water bottles, bags, clothing, straws and coffee cups to toys, DVDs, Styrofoam, plumbing materials, and furniture; inevitably, it is in our everyday lives. The mix of positive and negative aspects makes this material so controversial. It can save human lives; knee and hip joints to plastic heart valves, however, at the same time it can also destruct an entire ecosystem; entangling, suffocating and killing wildlife. An example is the ocean’s ecosystem; it is beneficial to the...
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Plastic Pollution in the Ocean Essay

Noise pollution from ships is the intense noise made from boats, ships engines, military SONAR and offshore developments which can cause serious acoustic trauma for marine animals. The Ocean is full of rich, diverse soundscapes of bubbles, grunts, clicks and chirps from a large variety of marine animals like dolphins, whales and a mixture of fish. The noise of ships disrupt marine animals to find food, mate, avoid predators and communicate with other animals as it masks their signals to...
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Plastic Pollution in Australian Oceans

For years plastic has been the common materials being used on a day to day basis. Many objects that are made from plastic can be seen from everyday such as plastic bags, food containers, storage, and a range of other things. Plastic’s existence has only just for over a century but because of the versatility of the materials plastics has a significantly increase in their use into many if not all varieties of everyday life. Additionally, the physical makeup of...
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Waving Goodbye to Plastic Pollution

“In a cringe-inducing video that’s gone viral, a team of scientists spent nearly ten minutes pulling a plastic straw from the nostril of an Olive Ripley sea turtle” (Lee [2]). In this horrifying video, many have realized how bad plastic pollution has become in the oceans. The future needs clean oceans. As more and more industries use plastic, there will be more and more of it in the ocean and more and more creatures, like the turtle, will suffer for...
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Water Pollution due to Plastic

Imagine a time when our drinking water will be entirely polluted and unsafe to drink. A time when humans will be at war with one another for the last drops of sterile water. A time when our civilization is so desperate to survive that they will have to put their health at stake and drink contaminated water. A time when health problems will intensify to such an immense quantity that we could put an end to our entire population. And...
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Consequences of Plastic Pollution Problem

In your room, in your home, on the street you live in, and in your workplace, it’s everywhere. Since the discovery of plastics in the early twentieth century, and has penetrated in all aspects of life in an unreasonable way, it was able to replace the natural raw materials, which were used widely in successive centuries, which began to drain heavily, whether wood, rocks or metals, was A person must provide a suitable alternative that meets his needs, while at...
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How Plastic Effects the Animals in the Oceans and Why they are the Worst Form of Pollution? Essay

In this presentation I will be talking about how plastic effects the animals in the oceans and why they are the worst form of pollution. Plastic pollution is when there is loads of plastic in one place or area eg; plastic bottles We are killing “tens of thousands of animals every year!” said by the AFC, animal friends Croatia, by mistaking things like plastic bags as jellyfish. We are just being lazy and not caring. “conservationists have been warning about...
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Plastic Pollution Issue Overview

As Shannon L. Alder once said, “before you call yourself a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or any other theology, learn to be human first”. But what does it actually mean to be a good human? Certainly not one that normalized disastrous issues like pollution in the name of profit and convenience. The On-the-go, modern lifestyles of people have made disposable products such as cans, bottles, bags, and straws a constant requirement. However, the accumulation of these products has led to...
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How is Business Contributing to the Plastic Pollution Issue? Essay

How is business contributing to the issue? About 33% of the plastic that contaminates our territory and seas are from food coverings. Today almost every aspect of our food coverings has plastic whether the potato chips packet or ice cream cup whether our favourite refreshment beverage or filtered water bottle, whether expresso coffee or carbonated drink not to forget those straw and stirrers. Plastic is commonly used to wrap and protect food since it is lot less expensive then other...
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The Problem of Plastic Pollution in Marine Environment

The issues of marine environment have always become a hot topic among the marine people. Ocean, seas, estuaries, coastal, mangrove forest and all other major water bodies environment is considered as marine environment and have their important towards other life. So, whenever problems occur at these environments can be an issue as it will affect the ecosystem in the marine environment and thus affect the whole marine community. Across the globe, plastic pollution had become the hot crisis that was...
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Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

Plastic bags, though useful in numerous ways, have attested to be dangerous and unsafe to our environment due to one major factor, that is, they are nonbiodegradable, simply meaning they do not decompose easily hence making their disposal a huge challenge. Plastics are mainly used in the community because they are light weight, durable, defiance to degradation and above all they are cheap. Besides the many benefits individuals gain from using these plastic bags, the problem one faces in disposing...
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The Environment Hazard of Plastics

The history of plastics according to this paper dates back to the mid-1800 when humans started using natural products with plastic characteristics such as chewing gum. Later it was modified by use of chemicals on naturally occurring substances to produce materials such as rubber. The earliest invention of plastics was made by Alexander Parkes who through laboratory experiments and projects came up with the first plastic which was known as celluloid, but he named it Parkesine. From then, other scientists...
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Failed Piilani Partners Hearing Proves Hawaii's Sustainability Mission Is Working

Piilani Partners, a company who is proposing to open a bottling plant here in Hilo, has been met with the greater amount of resistance, rather than larger amounts of supporters who are in favor of this proposal. The problem identified during the hearing seems to stem from the bottling plant manufacturing and using plastic, which the people continue to witness plastic polluting our lands, streams, rivers, and oceans which has caused grave harm and extinction to our wildlife on land...
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Essay on Pollution Caused by Plastic Bags

Anthropogenic activities such as plastic pollution account to the death of many marine organisms. Research states, the plastic debris accumulating within the oceans now equates to around 5.25 trillion pieces, along with 269,000 tonnes that floats to the surface. The main culprit of the plastic pollution is plastic bags, with approximately 500 billion bags being used per year. These bags can take between 20-1000 years to degrade, that means a single plastic bag could potentially harm numerous organisms due to...
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How to Reduce Plastic Pollution by Adopting an Attitude of Eternal Living

You need to know the facts. Understanding the impact of plastic pollution can be overwhelming. Small changes can make a huge impact. From the environment in which we live to the impact on wildlife and even our health. Switching from plastic to eternally enduring materials like silver can help make a positive change for the better. Adopting an eco-friendly way of living is the future. According to “Science Behind The Film Document” produced by Plastic Ocean, a staggering 350 million...
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Why Plastic Water Bottles Should be Banned? Essay

Imagine having a pile of plastic bottles in your backyard. Disgusting right? That’s exactly what we’re doing though, we don’t have piles of it in our backyards yet, no but we are polluting the habitats of animals and soon if plastic bottles aren’t banned, it won’t be very long till we see those bottles everywhere including our homes. I agree, the production and sale of bottled water should be banned. Why? Well because it would not only remove waste but...
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What Can Ocean Trash Do? Essay

Ocean Trash is a lot of trash in the ocean and it is affecting animals and humans. It is very sad how this can hurt the environment by a man made mistake. Ocean Trash is debris from and land that gets taken away to the ocean and kills millions of animals. Ocean Trash is usually abandoned and know one cares to even pick it up from the deep or even the shores. For example, ocean trash kills many marine animals....
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