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Air Pollution as a Key Issue in Mexico Caused by Urbanization

Mexico City is located in the center of Central America. It is geographically located in the Valley of Mexico. It has an altitude of 2,240 meters. The city covers an area of around 1,485 sq. km. Its coordinates are 19°25′57.85″N 99°07′59.71″W. Mexico is located in the tropical zone. The high altitude determines the climate of Mexico City. It experiences hot summers and mild winters with an annual average temperature of 18°C. It has small seasonal changes and January is the...
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Essay on Tourism and the Environment

In modern era, tourism becomes a trend for individuals. Tourism is the act of visiting new places with religious and historical importance for recreation. Travelling helps people to interact with others, and gives the chance to expand knowledge and build strong overseas relations. Recently, there have been large number of persons who love visiting. Foreign investment is mostly done by tourisms. Travelling is not only for joy and rest but also to develop an industry. According to Hunsicker and Kraft...
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Environmental Impact of Dairy Farming in New Zealand

Dairy farming in New Zealand is the intensive production of milk. Milk must go through a process to meet the specific market requirements before it is eventually sold as a dairy product. For farmers to have an optimum yield of milk produced, they will need to ensure their pasture is fertilized. Cows eat grass which is mainly made up of nitrogen and when a cow eats grass, it eats all the nitrogen. Some of the nitrogen stays in the cow...
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Engineering Disaster: Explosion at the Chernobyl NPP

The world of engineering has been forever changed since the Chernobyl disaster. The blast of Chernobyl nuclear plant paved way for the modern engineering to adapt safety as a priority and that irrespective of any consequence, condition or situation, safety of the people shall never be compromised. Consequently, engineering fields such as safety engineering have been derived where safety engineering is defined as: “Safety engineering is the process of designing workplaces to prevent accidents. Engineering safety concepts provides detailed approaches...
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Dry Deposition of Air Pollutants in Agra on the Surface of the Taj Mahal

Agra is a historic city in the northern part of India, which is famous among international and local tourists alike for the Taj Mahal. The city supports an enormous population which consists of a high proportion of low socioeconomic status (SES) households which still use biomass as a fuel for domestic purposes. Added to the fact, the municipality of Agra does not have an efficient strategy towards disposing of municipal solid wastes (MSW) which are eventually burned off in open...
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Deforestation as the Main Cause of Animal Extinction

The earth revolves around captivating animals, that form the globe’s ecosystem. The wildlife assists in ecology, economics, and biomedicine; these idioms will keep the planet safe because humans will have access to clean air, food, and water. Sadly, there’s a vast extinction of animals due to deforestation. Deforestation removes tropical forests to create empty land. For many reasons, this occurs, including agriculture, and logging for material and growth. But if animals are not in their habitat, they can’t survive. This...
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Chernobyl as a Major Engineering Disaster

Which industry is the safest and most trusted in the world? The answer is no profession or industry system in the world that can guarantee zero accident rates, such as healthcare, manufacturing or engineering. unimaginable disasters always happen, it causes new generation of engineers have to study the reasons for their emergence and increase related of ethic of engineering to avoid any accident as much as possible. People in engineering believe trial and error are a way to move engineer’s...
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Plastic Garbage Essay

In today’s world there is a very big issue, garbage. there’s garbage everywhere and there is nowhere to put it so we need to recycle. My 9th-grade class walked around Canarsie and a beach to do a street and beach clean up and we found a lot of waste such as cigarette buds, beverage bottles, food packaging, etc. We did this to collect data and to see which is worse the street or beach. Thanks to the data we collected,...
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Essay on Garbage Reduction

Rubbish management is the process of controlling waste to its final disposition. Controlling garbage is not that easy because of factors like population rise especially in most towns and cities. Garbage, when not well disposed, could be a major blow to human beings and living things’ health not forgetting the ecosystem. Rubbish causes environmental degradation thus the emission of harmful gases that are not good for humans and animals. The following strategies can help with garbage disposal. Recycling involves the...
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Essay on Garbage Management

Nowadays our word is sadly suffering from immerse increase in the amount of wastes, which has happened due to the rapid growth in the population. From here we proposed the idea of Smart Garbage Management System. This proposed system will monitor the amount of waste in dumpsters, detect bad smell and to segregate dry from wet waste. To achieve this aim different sensors will be used which are: moisture, ultrasonic and odor (MQ136) sensors. These sensors will work together in...
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Disposal of Garbage Essay

The garbage disposal unit is a device that is placed under the sink and which shreds organic waste from the kitchen. Once shredded, this waste is only a few millimeters and does not clog the pipes or generate bad odors. Also called a sink crusher/shredder, or garbage shredder, a garbage disposal is an appliance that is gaining market share every day.It is an excellent tool used to facilitate the organization and cleaning of kitchens. The price can vary greatly from...
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What Can Ocean Trash Do? Essay

Ocean Trash is a lot of trash in the ocean and it is affecting animals and humans. It is very sad how this can hurt the environment by a man made mistake. Ocean Trash is debris from and land that gets taken away to the ocean and kills millions of animals. Ocean Trash is usually abandoned and know one cares to even pick it up from the deep or even the shores. For example, ocean trash kills many marine animals....
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The Problem of Ocean Pollution Today

Introduction Millions of people around the globe continue celebrating their achievements in the fields of technology, business, health care, and education. Certain steps have already been taken to improve the quality of life and create the best living conditions on the ground. However, society usually forgets that about 70% of the planet is covered by oceans that remain one of the most valuable and vulnerable natural resources (Denchak). Oceans manage weather and the air quality and control the lives of...
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Lake Huron Pollution

Nonpoint-source pollution is the cumulative result of our everyday personal actions and our local land use policies. Here’s a brief rundown on the major types of pollutants carried by runoff. Pathogens Pathogens are disease causing microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses that come from the fecal waste of animals and humans. Pathogens wash off the land from wild animal, farm animal and pet waste, and can also enter the lake from improperly functioning septic systems, leaky sewer lines and boat...
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Why Whaling Should be Banned? Essay

Killing whales for food has been happening for millennia. But it was commercial whaling – turning whales into barrels of oil for profit – that led to the wholesale destruction of most of the world’s populations of big whales. The loss of whales from our oceans is the same story as overfishing of big fish – sharks, tuna, cod and others. It’s a tragedy for the species and has immense knock on effects across the ocean. We know that whales...
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Why Plastic Water Bottles Should be Banned? Essay

Imagine having a pile of plastic bottles in your backyard. Disgusting right? That’s exactly what we’re doing though, we don’t have piles of it in our backyards yet, no but we are polluting the habitats of animals and soon if plastic bottles aren’t banned, it won’t be very long till we see those bottles everywhere including our homes. I agree, the production and sale of bottled water should be banned. Why? Well because it would not only remove waste but...
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What is Deforestation? Essay

There was a time where forests covered the earth, however as the human population grew and industrialized, the area forests covered decreased severely. The depletion of forests and trees is called deforestation. Deforestation is the cutting down or clearing of forests. It’s the action a human takes to remove forests from the planet, by their own hand. Deforestation occurs when people destroy forestry to change the land into farms, palm oil plantation or new settlement. People use the wood from...
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What are the Different Types of Air Pollution Essay

The ozone hole, is technically not a ‘hole’, meaning that there is no ozone present. This hole is actually a region of great depletion of ozone present in the stratosphere. The ozone hole above the Antarctic over the south pole, and appears every spring since the 1980’s. There has also been a depletion of ozone in the stratosphere in both hemispheres of the Earth too (EPA, 2018). Ozone is naturally created in the stratosphere when oxygen (O2) get broken up...
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Water Pollution: Causes Effects and Solutions Essay

What are some Urban issues human experience? One of the urban issue that human observes in their area today is environmental pollution. Environmental pollution could be defined as a situation whereby pollutants contaminate the environment they live in. Air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution have negative effects and a way of contributing to human’s unhealthy lifestyle. Soil pollution also occurs when the pollutants, get contaminants, having toxic chemicals in the soil that were not properly processed can lead to...
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Water Pollution Objectives Essay

Canada is the second well-known country for its best quality of water among other countries where it has about 20 percent of the world’s freshwater.1 From the quality of safe drinking water, it made the list under one of the public health achievements. Canada’s public health policies helped to protect the community’s health by reducing contamination in water. However, the country still faced challenges from experiencing issues around 288 cases of water-borne disease from 1974 to 2001.2 Water-borne diseases outbreaks...
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Water Pollution in the Great Lakes Essay

In 1994, the most controversial alliance between nations took its affect. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was the agreement to have free trade between Canada, United States and Mexico. It was suppose to drastically increase trade and create jobs but in many ways had a reverse affect. The environment took a backseat to the money. With all the increase of trade, the pollution has increased and the quality of our raw materials has gone down. In addition, even though...
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Vehicles Pollution Essay

We live in a world where everything is transported by the use of vehicles, so it is necessary to have knowledge about vehicle pollution. But before that let us talk about pollution. Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. These harmful materials are called pollutants. Similarly, vehicle pollution is the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment by motor vehicles. The pollutants introduced have several effects on human health and the symptoms include cough, nausea, headache, irritation...
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To What Extent are Electric Vehicles a Solution to Global Pollution

Our society has long considered what we can do to improve the society we live in, to make it better for future generations to come. One aspect that must be considered is the level of pollution that occurs throughout our country and the world through ways in which that pollution level can be reduced. The most popular method that is presented to reduce pollution is by increasing the number of electric cars on the road in hope to reduce the...
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The Solution of Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest

Today I am going to address a serious topic related with global warming issue. Deforestation. When the word ‘deforestation’ appear the first thing that comes to our mind is man-made. Deforestation is a method of constantly removed of trees and forest which people clearing trees for their own benefit. Deforestation can be occur in many method such as logging, burning, intensive agriculture and more. Deforestation occurs all around the world, particularly targeted towards the tropical country. Modern day deforestation is...
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The Main Risks of Deforestation

An sizeable uncertainty is a massive subject of deforestation, degradation and wooded area decentralization. Recorded instances of deforestation in northern areas of Pakistan have drawn severe involvement withinside the ultimate decades. These regions include agriculture land and supply of sparkling water for extra than 20 million residents. Downgrading withinside the wooded area is likewise huge harm in the atmosphere which will increase the flood danger in any community. The speedy improvement in far flung sensing (RS) satellites and RS Strategies...
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The Changes in The Ocean Essay

Crude oil (petroleum) is a highly complex mixture of organic compounds of which some 1.3 million liters enters the environment each year. Oil spills occur way to often causing a messy decontamination challenge to our environment. What is helping the ocean become cleaner and decontaminated? It’s a bacterium that is called Alcanivorax borkumensis that reacts rapidly when there is a large amount of oil in the ocean or soil. What exactly is Alcanivorax borkumensis? This is a bacterium that benefits...
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The Cause and Effect of Deforestation Essay

Did you know that a company called Lovejoy that studies the Amazon predicts that the ecosystem could break down if just 20 to 25 percent of it is destroyed? (newsela) Unfortunately, that is what is happening right now. Trees are being cut down, farmers are burning down trees for land to grow crops and raise livestock, people are cutting down trees for oils, supplies, new roads, new buildings, etc. The effect of all this is deforestation. Not only is deforestation...
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The Amur Tiger: A Critically Endangered Species

Abstract The Amur tiger (Tigris altaicia) and the cougar (puma concolor) both belong to the Felidae family. While they belong to the same family, they have very different histories. The amur tiger is always on the brink of extinction and facing multiple threats to its population. While the cougar has only recently seen its population decrease. The amur tiger is the subject of many conservation projects while the cougar does not have any protection and is currently in a human-animal...
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Soil Pollution Essay

the dirt is a perplexing blend of minerals, trademark material, water, and differing living things. In its exceptional express, the dirt was an uncontaminated substance covering the earth. Regardless, people have intentionally and coincidentally poured harming things onto it in explicit zones. The waste can hurt the dirt and potentially human, plant, and creature flourishing. There are different explanations behind soil pollution that happen every day or even every minute. For straightforwardness of reference, they are regularly part into two:...
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Simulation of Traffic Flow to Analyze the Vehicle Behaviour on a Multi Lane Motorway

With the increasing number of vehicles on the roads, motorways and highways, it has become necessary to manage the traffic congestion problem. According to some studies, we now manufacture more cars in a month than we used to in a year, a decade ago. The increasing number of vehicles have caused frequent road accidents leading to multiple causalities and losses to properties while also adding an additional pressure on the traffic management systems in the urban areas. According to the...
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