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Why Zoos Should not Exist: Argumentative Essay

I think that zoos are currently good places to visit and that they do protect animals and a visit to a zoo or an aquarium is an opportunity to see the beautiful and diverse wildlife our world has to offer. Zoos and aquariums around the world offer an incredible up close and personal view of nature. Zoos are wonderful places to be around and to see. The majority of zoos are good zoos but some bad zoos don’t look after...
3 Pages 1350 Words

Why Zoos Are Important: Argumentative Essay

Do you like to go to the zoo? Would you take comfort in knowing that animals are safe and protected? Because that is what a modern zoo does. They provide protection, safety, rescue, breeding, and rehabilitation programs for all animals. They are not just another tourist attraction. A zoo offers a personal experience with some of the rarest species in the world. Most people would never have the opportunity to see these animals otherwise. Education about wildlife and habitat conservation...
2 Pages 765 Words

Why Zoos Are Good: Argumentative Essay

The popular, successful movie Madagascar, which presents the adventurous journey of the zoo animals who are tired of being in a rut and accidentally arrive at a tropical island, brings people not only entertainment, and joy because of its funny plot but also the consciousness of the relationship between zoos and animals. In fact, “the first evidence of wild animals being put on public exhibition dates to 2,500 B.C.E. in Ancient Egypt” (Taylor, 2014), and animals were regarded as the...
3 Pages 1276 Words

Why Should Zoos not Be Banned: Argumentative Essay

Who loves to go to the zoo I know I love to if you don’t then you don’t love animals. Well, some people hate animals in zoos because they think it’s wrong, but I know that it’s not wrong because Zoos can also be an economic resource for a community. they protect endangered species and Zoos do many activities for the animals, so they keep their animal instincts. Zoos protect endangered species. Zoos are amazing because 1 they protect endangered...
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Why Should We Recycle: Argumentative Essay

Failing to recycle could contribute to the end of life on earth as we know it. Recycling should be compulsory in every household because this will eventually save energy, reduce global warming, and protects marine life. This is not happening as much as it should because many people believe that recycling is too expensive. The purpose of this text is to highlight the issues around helping the environment and enforcing changes. Recycling saves energy Topic sentence-There is more energy conserved...
2 Pages 1073 Words

Waste Management Scandal of 1998: Case Study

Waste Management Fraud What were the incentives and pressures that led to the fraud? There are different factors for the incentive or pressure to lead fraud in the cooperation because the working conditions were not followed the accounting procedure operation and they are not anti-irregularity accounting operation. The management and employees have an incentive that was the reason for committing fraud since the absence of well-organized internal controlled auditors was inefficient controls, and an inefficient management system. The other additional...
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To What Extent Did the Nineteenth Century Conservation Discourse Differ from That of Today

Plants, trees, forests, soil, animals. These are some common words that people hear when the environment is mentioned. The existence of these trees, plants, and animals adds to biodiversity and serves many important roles such as attracting visitors, generating revenue, and contributing to slow climate change. Over the years, many trees are felled and forest areas are disappearing at a fast rate. According to Earth Day Network, deforestation has been reported to be the second cause of global warming and...
5 Pages 2455 Words

Thesis about Recycling

Realizing that other countries point at Canada in the nose because it throws garbage in others’ backyards might sound astonishing. Unfortunately, this absurdity is a reality. In this hot May, the Philippines has put on a parade about sending back Canada’s garbage. The plastic wastes from “developed countries” are piled up to a height as high as a two-floor building and it takes up an area the same as two football fields. We exported household wastes to the Philippines and...
5 Pages 2165 Words

Speech on Recycling

We depend on plastic, yet we are drowning in it. Our planet is in danger. Humans produce huge amounts of plastic waste daily. The plastic we use is often wasted and dumped into a bin, eventually finding its way to a landfill site. Landfill sites are filling up rapidly and there are limited options for waste management once they are full. But there is a way to help our planet get out of this mess. Recycling (SENTENCE FRAGMENT). It is...
1 Page 611 Words

Should We Spend Valuable Resources on Space Exploration: Argumentative Essay

Do you agree or disagree? It is a waste of money to spend funds on space travel or space exploration. When first set sail into the unknown, the early humans took incredible courage. They have to conquer the nagging rumble of the stomach, threatened with the fear of hunger. They have to accept the challenges of the tremendous and utterly unaccountable tempest that put their lives at stake. They have to surmount the dolefulness from within. All these ventures are...
1 Page 681 Words

Should Recycling Be Mandatory: Argumentative Essay

There is no doubt that we cannot replace plastic completely, but we need to find a way to manage it. If everyone starts recycling, it can benefit not only mammals but us as well. It will help reduce land and water pollution. A lot of plastic ends up directly in the environment, breaking down into small portions, polluting our soil and water, and contributing to the ocean’s Great Garbage Patches (Guern 2019). So, not only that but recycling helps creates...
1 Page 558 Words

Role of Stakeholders for Environmental Ethics

Environmental Ethics “ The discipline of philosophy known as environmental ethics is the study of the human relation to, and the status of morality, the non-human content. environmental ethics covers: (1) the anthropocentrism challenge implanted in conventional western moral reasoning; (2) the early development in during1970s; (3) the association of profound ecology, women’s activist ecological morals, animism, and social nature to legislative issues; (4) the endeavor to apply traditional moral speculations, including virtue ethics, consequentialism, deontology, to help contemporary ecological...
1 Page 499 Words

Role of Christianity in Evolution of Environmental Ethics

For Christianity to continue to be a living religious tradition it must modernize and adapt to remain relevant, and this is why environmental ethics evolved. Christians have shaped a system of ethics that contains the strong significance of stewardship encouraging the protection of the environment. Before this it wasn’t a priority or thought into environmental ethics because Christians had an anthropocentric view of the environment, conversely, this has now changed. There have been two approaches to environmental ethics within the...
2 Pages 985 Words

Research Paper on Recycling

Market Analysis of Recycling Kiosks Waste management has been proven to be a real challenge among populations and societies. With the increasing populations and the expanding consumption rates, waste volumes continue to threaten the sustainability efforts of waste management. The state of the environment has continued to degrade to poor waste disposal, and there are significant health impacts that have emerged as a result. Government agencies and private entities have continued to join efforts to enhance waste management efforts over...
3 Pages 1592 Words

Relationship between Natural Resource Management and Pro-Poor Growth (Water, Land, Forest)

What are Natural Resources? Natural Resources allude to the things that exist unreservedly in nature for human use and don’t really require the activity of humankind for their age or generation. The key part of natural resources is that they direct the survival of people and other living things on earth. These assets incorporate land, rocks, woodlands (vegetation), water (sea, lakes, streams, oceans, and waterways), non-renewable energy source, creatures (angle, natural life, and trained creatures), minerals, sunlight, and air. A...
5 Pages 2443 Words

Recycling Proposal: Persuasive Speech

Every industry across the globe utilizes plastic in one form or another. It is used in manufacturing through packaging, shipping, and transportation. It is also used in everyday life through cups, straws, bags, electronics, and more. Its versatility, long life, and benefit-cost ratio make it a major component in everyday use. However, plastics’ unique properties make them so indestructible and the simple fact that it’s regularly used for only short periods of time before being tossed into the bin has...
3 Pages 1237 Words

Persuasive Speech on Recycling

I am speaking to you today about the causes and consequences of the environmental changes at the Great Barrier Reef and how these changes are being managed. I believe we are not utilizing enough resources to protect our iconic Great Barrier Reef for our future generations. I urge you to please do something about this As you know, The Great Barrier Reef is a complex of coral reefs, shoals, and islets. It’s the longest and largest reef complex in the...
3 Pages 1453 Words

Make Recycling Mandatory to Help the Environment: Persuasive Speech

Even though you may think this speech is rubbish. Please don`t throw it away. Recycle it instead. Did you know that the energy saved from recycling one glass bottle is enough to power a light bulb for up to 4 hours? That`s a lot of energy saved! Recycling has been around us for many years although the amount of waste on the planet is accumulating every day, which can be minimized if the majority of people begin to recycle. I...
1 Page 577 Words

Is Trophy Hunting an Ethical Conservation Tool: Essay

1.0 Introduction Currently, Trophy hunting has been extensively debated in the field of biodiversity conservation. Trophy hunting is a form of sport hunting of a wild animal that has specific desired characteristics under the government license, for leisure. Generally, it involves with payment of a fee for a hunting experience by local or foreign hunters (Booth & Chardonnet, 2015). The trophy is an animal or its head, skin, or any other body part that is usually retained by the hunters...
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Information Effect Project: Waste Not Want Not

“About one-third of the world’s edible food is lost or wasted annually according to the food and agriculture organization. Food waste is caused by many things, markets, farmers, overproduction, consumers, grocery stores, date labels, and many more. With so many contributors to the growing “63 billion tons of waste…of which 10.1 million never get[s] harvested… and 52.4 million tons end up in landfills uneaten”(Leib et al 1). With such staggering numbers, how can we individually as consumers, citizens, and lawmakers...
2 Pages 991 Words

Importance of Conservation of Natural Resources

Natural resources are things that occur naturally on the earth. It is an indispensable part of our lives. It is composed of air, water, sunlight, coal, petroleum, natural gas, fossil fuels, petroleum, etc. However, humans use them for economic benefits. Due to overuse, natural resources are being depleted. Some of them are rich in resources and can be upgraded. On the other hand, some are non-renewable. Therefore, you need responsible protection to ensure its sustainability. Why protect natural resources? Human...
1 Page 506 Words

Impact and Benefits of Green Buildings in Our Environment and Lifestyle

Abstract For our day-to-day language, Green refers to a color. But in the Architectural and Constructing field, it has a really valuable meaning, symbolizing environmentally friendly behavior. With time passing the environmental impact of buildings is becoming more present and a new field called ‘green building’ is gaining momentum. Green Building is considered a social statement that expresses an important solution, consequently, it will leave a precious heritage that is going to be important for generations to come. So, apart...
3 Pages 1510 Words

Government Initiatives for Protection of Forests and Wetlands

The government’s commitment to the preservation and protection of the environment is reflected in its policies, regulations, and programs focusing on the problem of environmental degradation. The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change is an Indian government agency that focuses on planning, coordination, and implementation of forest policies and programs. It was established in the year 1985 (earlier known as the Department of Environment). The main objectives of the ministry are: Conservation of forests, wetlands, fauna, and flora Afforestation...
3 Pages 1422 Words

Forest Management in the Himalayas: Review of Literature

Review of Literature The Himalayas is a massive mountain range extending over 2500 km in length, between 80 and 300 km wide, and rising from low-lying plains over 800 m above sea level. It produces a distinctive climate of its own and influences the climate of much of Asia (Zobel and Singh, 1997). Troup (1921) divided Indian Himalayas into the western and eastern regions. Singh, 2006 states that variations in topographical features create a range of climatic and habitat settings...
6 Pages 2520 Words

Feed Resource Recovery: Case Study

Alternative Food and Feed Products Globally, the demand for traditional protein sources (livestock and fish) is expected to grow by 76% from 2007 to 2050 (Alexandratos and Bruinsma, 2012). This increase is due to not only a growing population but also changing diets in developing countries compared to developed nations (Rosegrant et al., 2012). Land that is not suitable cultivation of crops can often efficiently be used to graze livestock. However, overgrazing and the creation of new pastures at the...
4 Pages 1627 Words

Essay on Waste Management: Alex Lin Help in Reducing E-waste

Why is Teen Activism important in waste management? Teen Activism is important because it really shows that everyone has voice activists can change the world by solving big problems like bullying or environmental problems. Activists can introduce big problems that we have never solved, such as child hunger, homelessness, and education. Once a foundation or cause is started, an activist works to get more people to agree with them by using resources to spread their ideas. Alex lin and Malala...
3 Pages 1445 Words

Essay on Techniques for Conservation of Fish Genetical Resources

Among all vertebrate taxa, fishes have the highest diversity in species. Fishes have huge diversity in shape, size, and biology in their aquatic environment. According to the NATIONAL BUREAU OF FISH GENETIC RESOURCES, 32,042 finfish species were recorded globally and India is home to 9.2% of this global finfish diversity . According to NBFGR India accounts for 5070 Mollusca species, 2934 crustaceans species, and 765 echinoderms species. Fishes are considered as cheapest and high protein source food source worldwide. Fishes...
5 Pages 2494 Words

Essay on Sexual Deviance: Environmental Ethics, Religion, Bioethics

One of the most crucial issues when it comes to the behavior of a person that society is facing right now is sexual deviance. This issue had been going on for a lot of years until this day when people are being more aware yet curious about the said deviance. article stated that it has shown nearly half 45.6% Canadian sample of adult males and females have been into desire of wanting the activity of sexual deviance. According to...
3 Pages 1269 Words

Essay on Recycling

For many years now, climate change supposes a big threat to all of us since it affects every corner of the world and makes us think of all issues it causes in our daily lives more often than not, it also makes us wonder who is to be blamed for its bigger impact every year; however, the solutions are much scarce. Some of the most popular solutions are reduction, recycling, and composting, which is another form of recycling (EPA) yet...
3 Pages 1453 Words

Essay on Recycle Going Green

Going green is the trend of the century, but other than it been using a keep cup or recycling your plastic, it takes innovative thinking. Our growing urgency of a fight against climate change, not to mention awareness of environmental issues such as water scarcity and deforestation, means the solution is definitely a collective one. In the past couple of years, both sustainability and social media have become a dominant part of the food industry, having improved customer interaction in...
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