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The Peculiarities Of Trophy Hunting

When you hear the word trophy? Do you think of antlers or skins with patterns, most people’s minds go to trophy cups or medals Trophy hunting is the act of hunting animals and killing them, then taking their body or parts of it as a trophy. Trophy hunting is currently a subject for many intense worldwide debates, both sides the supporter’s opposers have never come close to an agreement, as the supporters say that trophy hunting is, in fact, beneficial...
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What Makes Hunting Ethical?

Hunting has been a diverse topic among many different groups of people, all of which have their own opinions on the matter on whether hunting is ethical or not. Not everyone is understanding of what hunting is actually about. Hunting is not a sport, as many people come to believe that it is. There are different practices to hunting, and how these practices are used among hunters determines if the actions are ethical or not. No one hunter is going...
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International Community And Conservationists' Critics The Ban Lift On Elephant Hunting By Botswana Government

Background Botswana is inhabited by approximately 130,451 wild African savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana) (Chase et al., 2016) playing significant role in the country’s ecology and wildlife tourism industry (Lamarque et al, 2009; DWNP 2012). However, the range of these elephants have increased significantly in Botswana as they roam around for water; hence they are breaching the protected areas and coming in contact with the human territory (Bale, 2019). Encounter with elephants have caused several deaths and serious injuries each year...
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Why Hunting Is Beneficial To Nature And Society

Hunters and anglers are two of the strongest components to wildlife conservation and keeping a healthy ecosystem. There tends to be controversy that surrounds the activity of hunting, but the fact is that it is really a natural human instinct that has evolved to become a vital role in society to this day. When laws and regulations are respected, hunting maintains a balanced environment for species of all kinds and is extremely beneficial for society as well. Humans and wildlife...
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Hunting In Terms Of Modern Science And Art

Preamble This piece was inspired by my personal experience during my summer volunteer job and research done online. Just like Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines, it explores the continuity of indigenous culture in our modern society, by recognizing traditional indigenous beliefs about hunting in terms of modern science and art. I also imitated his style of writing by including factual evidence and quotations from experts. I wanted to show connections between modern ideas and aboriginal values in a disjointed manner just...
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Big Game Hunting Should Be Banned

“Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game”, – Rodriguez. Poachers, and rich big game hunters, kill millions of animals each year. Trophy hunters alone, kill over 70,000 animals each year. Despite how much money people make for big game hunting, it should be illegal because it doesn’t only control the animal population it destroys it and causes harm to the environment. Many animals have become endangered or extinct because of big...
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The Laws Of Bow Hunting In The United States

Bow hunting provides recreational activities for a lot of Americans. Bow hunting is a method of hunting done either for recreational purpose or for consumption. This hunting method involves locating and killing animals by using a bow to shoot arrows. This hunting method is suitable for places that have restrictions on fire arms. In some countries, bow hunting has been outlawed for various reasons. Bow hunting is however legal in USA. Although legal, like many other activities, bow hunting is...
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What You Need To Know About Hunting Seasons

Let’s face the truth- killing other animals being an intelligent animal ourselves is quite cruel. However, both death and survival are part of life and we do need food to survive well. Humans have been hunting from the very beginning of their existence to survive in this world and it is something that cannot be given up. However, it sure can be controlled and that is exactly what the countries and their states do. Humans need to hunt a few...
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Hunting vs. the Eco-System

Traditions are past through generations of families through-out the world and it is what keeps cultures intact, but when it starts impacting the eco-system in a negative way one should rethink that tradition that has been kept in families from childhood to adult life then onto their own children. Hunting is branded as this unethical practice that should be illegal because it is obsolete, it serves no purpose to common life, and it is affecting animal population. Many believe that...
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The Features Of Coyote Hunting With Dogs

Coyotes are dreadful and highly despised wild animals. They possess a lot of intelligence and are crafty. Thus it is difficult to track them down. Coyotes are also vicious, and even though they seldom attack human beings, they cause havoc to livestock, domestic pets, and cattle. Coyote hunting with dogs is a common practice in America. Coyotes are among the wild animals whose population increases along with the increase of human civilization and dogs are essential when hunting them down....
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Hunting Deer Is Immoral

Hunting is outlined within the wordbook because the activity of looking wild animals or game animals. looking is extremely dangerous however these hunters kill these animals. it’s terribly dangerous as a result of it reduces the population of animal species. looking become the good issue of late , however it worse a lot of once these looking method square measure become the supply to extinct animals , currently at that point some animal species aren’t left on earth . Hunting...
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The Effects Of Hunting On The Environment

Today in America there is a growing distain for the hunting community. Many people see the act of hunting as immoral, cruel, and bad for the environment and would rather spend their time in the great outdoors hiking, bird watching, or taking photography. Since the early 1990’s there has been a drastic drop in the number of hunters in America, according to a survey done by the US Fish and Wildlife Service there has been a decline from 14.1 million...
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Was Agriculture The Biggest Transformation In Human History?

The emergence of agriculture was the most significant transformation in human history because the capability to produce more food than a certain community needed by farming instead of hunting and gathering wild products meant that some members of these communities could focus on other jobs like specialist craft-workers. Humans had lived in hunter-gatherer communities for several thousands of years, they survived by gathering, fishing and hunting but they had not developed massively over such a long period of time, this...
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Hunting And Fishing Rights In Canada

For many years many indigenous people lived off hunting and fishing for survival and still do today. Many indigenous people’s rights to hunt and fish mean so much more than just a hobby or sport, to others it could be survival, culture and much more. This research essay is going to talk about how fishing and hunting rights affect indigenous people’s ways, how it affects their everyday life, their past, and possibly their future. The first point is about why...
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