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Since an early age, I have enjoyed the outdoors, especially hunting like many other outdoor enthusiasts. It is a hobby that I have gotten to enjoy with many of the men in my family. According to the author,” in 2017 more than 15 million people participated in hunting in the USA and there were 15 million paid hunting license holders in the USA” (Lock, 2018).

My interest in hunting has always had me wondering how and why deer act and why they keep coming back to the same place. One specific question I have always wondered is if deer attractants work and which one works the best. If the consumption rate of these deer attractants, C’Mere Deer, Apple Crush, Supercharged, Corn Boost, Acorn Rage, and Big & J are compared, then I feel that Acorn Rage will have the highest consumption rate. On many of my hunting trips, the deer have preferred to eat acorns over the corn in the feeder, and that is why I feel that Acorn Rage will be the preferred attractant.

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Hunting is big business and on any given weekend you can see on the roads hunters with their trucks packed with feed and supplies. “Hunting-related expenditures in Texas totaled 1.8 billion dollars” (Leschper, 2018). Many hunters support that deer attractants are an essential tool for a successful hunt. The choices and possibilities for attractants are limitless and can be very overwhelming when deciding which one to buy because there is such a wide variety of products available. It is another tool that can be used to help you score that big buck to show off to your friends and family. Based upon a study completed in 2019 “the top 5 deer attractants are 1. Whitetail Institute 30-06/Vitamin Deer Mineral supplement 2. Acorn Rage 3. Rack Snack 4. Primos Swamp Donkey Crushed White Oak Deer Attractant 5. Primos Donkey Juice Molasses Attractant for Deer” (Hayes, 2019). With so many different attractants out there, it is important to research the pros and cons of each one before you go out and spend your hard-earned money. Ultimately you will have to decide for yourself what works best for you and your hunt. There are several debates on attractants, but some feel that it is the best way to help you maximize your hunt for trophy deer, “Attractants are an important part of a year-round deer monitoring and hunting program. From using attractants to draw deer in front of your trail cameras to help you secure more shooting opportunities in the fall” (Berg, 2016). If you look up the top deer attractants of 2019 you will get a different list almost every time. It is important to find what works best for you and your property. It does seem that attractants are an important part of the process of getting ready to bag the big buck you have been waiting for. It is important to use these attractants effectively for a successful hunting experience, “use attractants with different aromas. If you use the same attractant for a long time, deer will become accustomed and less effective, use attractants specially formulated for your deer hunting needs, and match your attractant with the correct season” (Turner,2019). Using a deer attractant is easy to understand and implement no matter your hunting skills.

I hope to learn what attractant will work well on our property for our deer. I love being in the deer stand and watching the deer. Based on the six attractants we will be testing I would like to find out which is easiest to use, cost efficiency for each attractant, and the effectiveness of each attractant.

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