Why Do People Enjoy Fear: Essay

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What do you expect when you are watching a horror movie? The movie can scare you, right? But fear is not a very good thing. Knowing this, why do we still want to see this movie? Or suppose you are riding a roller coaster at a theme park. So, as much as a rider and friend of a ride, the more you will feel, but at the same time, you expect that from a good roller coaster ride. The question arises, why do we want to be afraid knowingly, why do we really enjoy fear?

Fear is not just a psychological problem, if we are afraid, we also have many changes in our physical condition. To understand why we love to fear, we must understand what we fear in our brain and body. Generally, when we are afraid, we can see an increase in our heart rate, rapid breathing, ghee, and stiffness. But these sources are created from our brains. When we are afraid, our amygdala (a small part in the middle of the brain) sends signals (ANS) to our autonomic nervous system, which causes some small changes in the brain. At this moment, several stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, are present in the brain. As a result, our heart rate increases, blood pressure increases, and breathing becomes faster. As a result of increased heart rate, blood flow increases in different organs, including hands and feet. As a result of this, when we are scared, our hands and feet become tough and we want to run away. The persecution of animals and humans in the primitive age was a very necessary trend because otherwise we would not have been able to avoid various dangers. But there is one more change in the brain that is negative for us. When fear is felt in the amygdala, the cerebral cortex of our brain, which is the reason for our argument and intelligence, stops working. This reduces the ability to judge our situation. That's why when we feel fear, we make wrong decisions and we can not do complex work. But like humans, our fears and nature are different. Therefore, our physical changes are not the same in all fears. In some cases, some chemical reactions can occur in our bodies that can give us pleasure.

Studies show how we are not afraid and how dependent our sympathetic nervous system is active or inactive. If the work of the sympathetic nervous system is in danger, our body will not fight or run the fight. When the fight or flight response is triggered, some of our hormones are released in our body, which helps us to defend ourselves, increasing our muscular strength and speed. With this, we determine the frontal lobe of our cerebral cortex, the brain's logic, thinking, and intelligence, and what we will fear if we get fear. Those whose sympathetic nervous system is very active may scream or run if they put their hand in the dark room. Again, whose frontal lobe is more active, there will be no change in the fear of horror.

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The frontal lobe as the main part of the brain is the result of our evolution. In this section, the work of suppressing our primordial instincts and thinking of intellectual thinking has started. So if we fear, our primitive instincts are when our body commands us to escape or to fight, the frontal lobe helps us to think about possible ways other than flight and fight. So very reasonable people are often less likely to get scared. In this case, a very old thing can be remembered: we are afraid of what we do not know or understand. The opposite of this statement is also true: we are not afraid of what we know. But this understanding of the body and brain is not the same for all. It is not the same for all fears. We can get a little bit to enjoy by the immediate fear. Many of us find pleasure in the field and want to get rid of those fears again and again. But that's why?

When we watch a horror movie or ride on a rider, we already know that we're scared and such fear is very momentary, usually, there is no fear when the scary part is over. After finishing a very scary horror movie, don't you feel a little stupid to worry about this little thing? In such situations, fear will take you to expect. But there is a strange thing in it, you are getting scared, and also know that there is nothing to fear about it. So here the fight or flight response wins, then who sake for the fight? In this case, your frontal lobe wins in combat with your sympathetic nervous system. The phenomenon is frightening to you, but at the same time your frontal lobe is telling you that there is no danger, fear is temporary. Your brain is in a hurry, on the verge of danger, but in real danger. That is why the sympathetic nervous system is active, but the fight or flight response is not active, and behind it's the mystery of enjoying fear.

Transient fears are often quite enjoyable for us. The reason is that our sympathetic nervous system is active, but due to the intervention of the frontal lobe, the fight or flight response is not introduced and the hormones of self-defense are not released. We love this kind of fear and want to get it again and again because of the hormone emission. Because of the kind of happiness we enjoy, researchers have compared it with sex, since in that case, the process of hormonal emission is almost the same. That's why many people become fearless like this, that's why we often enjoy fear and go back to our horror movie, haunted house, and roller coaster again and again.

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