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What Is the Allure of Fear: Essay

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Transformation, transformation plays a key role in stories meant to scare us. “In the manner of my friend I was at once struck with an incoherence--an inconsistency; and I soon found this to arise from a series of feeble and futile struggles to overcome a habitual residency--on excessive nervous agitation.”(p9 fall of the house of usher) this excerpt from the passage shows just how the usher has changed throughout the years. When they were young they would hang out all the time at this pristine mansion, but now, the mansion is dark dank and depressing. just as an usher. This change, otherwise thought of as transformation really adds an allure to fear in the story. This certain transformation when the house finally falls, in the end, shows just how distraught the usher was after the passing of his sister. This gave readers a certain desire for fear and they were given it.

As Well in the fall of the house of usher, it tells a tale of mental instability. With mentally unstable people you can never tell just how the story will transform, and not knowing when or how the transformation is almost the worst part about it all. Extremely scary to the reader because you can never know what will happen, by this very same logic you really do need a certain amount of transformation in a story to create an allure to fear and the fear itself. How at the beginning of the story we could understand his madness but then the story changes and his sister come back to life he can't stand the stress and he dies, along with the house.

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The way transformation actually leads the reader to feel scared is actually quite complex. It is said that transformation's role in a story meant to scare you is more of a sense of loss or a sense of not knowing what will happen next that really scares the reader. Though not all transformation is able to bring fear to the heart of the reader, often it needs to be a major change in the story that throws you off track to what you ever thought possible to happen next.

Sometimes a more abrupt and heavy change is more effective than any small changes over time. Such as in the story “where is here” reads, “after several minutes of this the father came abruptly forward and dropped his hand on the stranger's shoulder. “The visit is over,” he said calmly. It's the first time since they had shaken hands that the men touched and the touch had a galvanic effect on the stranger: he dropped his ruler and pencil at once, froze in his stooped posture, and burst into frightened tears.” this excerpt from the passage shows how quickly the mood changed and not only struck fear into the stranger but also into the readers who experienced the story right alongside the words themselves. A certain fear that would be difficult to obtain any other way besides reading such a gripping passage.

A supernatural and mythical beast in the windigo. At the beginning of this tale is a child living a normal life with his mom's dog and all inside his cozy home. The story remains happy and everything seems fine, at least it did until the transformation hits. The windigo lures the child into the forest. It is a well-known fact that windigo is a creature that eats human flesh. This abrupt transformation in the story makes the story very scary all of a sudden and has you at the edge of your seat in fear. Without this transformation, the story would've been bland and boring, with this transformation the story is suddenly horrifying.

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