What Fear Really Is?

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What makes us fear? Fear is a cognitive, intellectual, emotional, and empirical cognition. Fear itself does not represent facts, but fear itself is the message that we subconsciously send to ourselves that we are at risk. Fear is what helps us survived in the past million years. Humans right now have technologies to help us survive but our ancestors in the past are at the bottom of the food chain, which is really weak. We know a human is very easy to get killed by animals. They need to be very careful about everything in order to survive.

In our cognition, if things I have experienced before that is awful, it would be hard to change the mindset because the first impression of anything is important and unforgettable. For example, I am afraid of dogs, I have experienced the feeling of being chased by dogs. So in my subconscious, the dog is equal to “being chased by a dog” and “may get bite by a dog.” Therefore, the dog becomes a danger for me. This deep level of cognition has created fear.

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Equally important, public information is a huge thing for everyone too. If a child is not teached or has not experienced the danger either a dog or a lion. This cognition will get the child into danger. Even if the lion is in front of him and it will eat him in the next moment. He will not feel scared. This is how knowledge is important. It is worth mentioning that fear itself is different from the fact itself. So fears and facts are two different things. Whether a child has fear depends upon knowledge of the lion or on his cognition of the lion. Whether the lion is dangerous or not. However, whether or not the child has a sense of fear or whether the child will eventually be eaten by the lion or hurt is two different things. Thus, we can see that public information is super important in order to survive or being a ‘normal’ person.

Moreover, you may have procrastination, so don’t feel like to go to work or not ready for life. It may be because of your heart, you are afraid there is more work than what you have right now. You are afraid there are more complicated issues in life. “If I try my best, I still may not be able to finish it.” Then you will try your best to let yourself get out in the situation. In another way, you may be very respectful to your parents. It may be more than just love, or it may be because of the fear that your parents will leave you. You want to give them as much as possible, be filial in time. You may think you are lazy and it is very likely that fear is at your disposal. Many young people seem to be lazy, but they tend to play computer games overnight or indulge in their hobbies. “I have to pay countless efforts and time for this.” Is that really because of laziness? If it’s just laziness, why do you pay so many efforts for games and hobbies? Even if faced with more accusations and it will go as before. Since those things in life put pressure on us, so we want to get out of the fear. We really want to put full energy into what we are interested in.

In addition, fear sends a message to ourselves that we are in danger. For example, I can say that I do not believe in ghosts, but when I see a ghost in the middle of the night, a ghost with white clothes and black hair. This scene may provoke fear in my heart. Since I have absorbed a lot of invisible information in the brain, from the people around me, the ghost stories I have heard when I was a child or the images I saw in a horror movie. The ghost in a horror movie actually always kill and harm people. This cognition is stimulated. So I will be scared invisibly. My conscious mind does not experience so many thoughts, because this kind of thinking, the analogy of the calculation is arranged by my subconscious mind, and is transformed into a simpler message conveyed to me, fear. So I began to feel scared and started making choices to escape, which is running away from this danger. Fear is the system helps us human survive from the past million years since the origin of human to now.

Generally speaking, I think fear is rational. We would not have a mechanism that is totally useless for us. Fear is a mechanism or system that remains in our human evolution, a sense of self-protection, and there is fear in everyone's inheritance. We are from ancestors who knows fear and use them as a protection system. Our ancestors who did not have this kind of protection mechanism were naturally eliminated by nature. Those who lack fear tend to challenge those who are more powerful and they will get into danger. So fear itself is not a bad protection and fear is not a function we should be abandoned. Fear is a kind of message sent to ourselves by the subconscious. It is a kind of a protection mechanism, which directly converts our large amount of cognition, experience, emotion, and calculation into a simple message, feeling.

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