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How Workers' Compensation Policy Works

Do you know safety is vital to everyone? Businesses need to start taking employees’ welfare with seriousness. So, business has an obligation of ensuring the employees’ safety is guaranteed. If businesses don’t plan early enough, they might end up spending a lot of money pay for medical expenses and bills relating to the employees’ health? I hope from today the focus will be on safety, safety, and safety. The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act…Yes, the compensation policy is something every...
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What You Need to Know About Workers Compensation in Charlotte, NC

How many of us truly consider the potential consequences of being seriously injured at work? No workplace is ever completely safe or without risk. Workers who get hurt on the job can go through physical, emotional, and financial difficulties. Getting the aid, they deserve can be grueling for them and their families. Costly hospital bills and treatments can destroy savings, increase stress and even lead to depression. Employees who are injured as a result of work activities are entitled to...
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The Sad State of Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina

How true the statement ‘insurance fraud is a victim-less crime’ is, is debatable. What’s not debatable is that workers’ compensation fraud committed by businesses has huge impacts on the lives of thousands of employees in North Carolina. We are too focused on the crimes committed by workers targeting to collect undeserved benefits that we turn a blind eye on fraudulent businesses. It is a requirement by law in North Carolina that businesses with three or more workers purchase workers’ compensation...
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An Essay on What You May Not Know About Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation previously known as workmen’s compensation is a form of insurance given to an employee who is injured in the line of duty. It is presented in form of payment of money commensurate to the work or medical services needed by the injured persona. The employer is mandated to show humanity and avoid litigation. While there are many plans depending on the jurisdiction, payment can be made on the basis of financial provision replacing wages, compensating economic loss, meeting...
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When Should You Use a Workers' Compensation Lawyer?

Many a times employees do not know when they are being exposed to injuries at their duty stations. They believe it is their fault if something went wrong and would only assume that the gravest of accidents at work are what the definition is. Sometimes it is not even written on the employment handbook on how to go about the injury one gets while on the job and that always deems the employee as clueless as to how to approach...
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Workers’ Compensation Law Overview

Compensation law is coverage that connects the proprietor and worker, trade union and government. Workers’ compensation attorney in Charlotte NC provides treatment toward the worker and pays back all the wages used. However, sometimes the valid claims are denied. If denial occurs, the workers are entitled to appeal uncertainty they feel the decision is wrong. It offers protection towards the proprietor in such a way that the worker won’t sue him. Reimbursement law covers economic loss, and the workers should...
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Progressive Era and Issues of Protection of American Workers: Analytical Essay

Progressive era The progressive era in several ways failed to protect American workers, exclusively women and children which led to mass number of deaths that were unjust and unconstitutional. The focus of the Progressive era was to elimination in the government. However, this goal was met, but not until many deaths. As a whole, American workers in this era suffered greatly through hardships such as having extensive hours, not enough pay, and poor treatment. Analyzing document #2, it follows a...
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Poor Working Conditions In Nike’s Factories: Verbal Abuse of Workers

How would you feel if you knew that Nike factory workers in Indonesia are payed $1.60 a day for a 40 hour workweek? People who work in some of our favorite company’s factories are being mistreated everyday. One example of people being mistreated in Nike factories are the low wages. Another example is that workers are being abused by other workers and owners. Finally, people who work in Nike factories have unbelievably dangerous working conditions. Low wages is a major...
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Analysis Of The Community Workers Utilisation Of Frameworks And Practice Approaches In Australia

Community practice work, through its method of collective action, is a process that involves empowering and mobilising communities to drive social change and achieve cooperative objectives. The following essay will analyse the utilisation of community development frameworks and approaches in the case study ‘Dubai on Country Camp’, whilst simultaneously exploring the context, method and outcomes of working within the community of the Wi-abul/Widjabul people. Through an analysis of the case study, it is evident how imperative the context of the...
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Blue-collar Workers: Definition And Features

The article ‘Blue-Collar Brilliance.’ published in The American Scholar by Mike Rose is about blue-collar workers. An example of blue-collar workers are people who hold jobs in restaurants or factories. People who work with their hands but still must use problem-solving skills to do their job correctly are blue-collar workers. Mike Rose gives a child’s view of his mother working as a waitress and his uncle working as a foreman at the railroad. These jobs appear to be simple, yet...
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Life Of Migrant Workers In The Terms Of Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 is the word which has feared the whole world for past few months. The virus which originated in a small city in China has spread to the whole world and affected every single person’s life, the rich as well as the poor. It has brought the ever-busy world to a complete halt. Most of the world countries have started announcing lockdown in their respective countries in order to curb the spread of this pandemic. In India, on 24th March...
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Plight Of Migrant Asian Workers Amidst The Covid-19 Crisis

internal migration which mainly comprises daily wage earners who move from villages to cities to find opportunities to work in the cities as domestic helpers, drivers and gardeners, or as daily-wagers on construction sites, building malls, flyovers and homes, or as street vendors. The actual number of migrant laborers’ in the country is not available, but estimates vary from 4 crore to 8 crore. Between 2001 and 2011, while the population grew by 18%, the number of migrants increased by...
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Factors Prompting Kenyan Domestic Workers To Seek Employment In Saudi Arabia

Kenya’s economic and employment crisis are driving more people to seek jobs outside the country. Women are the most affected because they are underrepresented in various sectors of the workforce, and therefore risky opportunities in the Middle East often seem like the only option.]About 42 percent of Kenyans live below the poverty line; therefore support through working abroad is the only life saver. Furthermore, there are few opportunities for low-skilled workers; and traditionally in Kenya, domestic workers, are underpaid by...
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Effects Of Automation On Workers In Construction

The construction industry is growing rapidly, more advanced methods are required in order to get the job done, and in most instances workers are unable to carry out task that are at hand thus the need for technological advancement, robotic and automation. As we enter the fourth industrial revolution it is almost impossible to ignore the fact that automation is needed. Furthermore economist argue that the effects of introducing technology to the construction industry to escalate productivity may result in...
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The Laws For Sex Workers: Application Of The Nordic Model Of Prostitution In India

Introduction The regulation of sex markets has long been controversial, and the debate was recently re-ignited in 2015 when Amnesty International’s took a stand to support worldwide decriminalization of all aspects of sex trade including supplying, demanding, and mediating i.e pimping transactions. On one hand, critics worry that decriminalization facilitates and boosts sex trafficking. On the other hand, voluntary sex workers argue that decriminalization helps all suppliers – voluntary as well as coerced – in that bringing the sex market...
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Changing Opportunities For Unqualified Crowd Workers

Introduction The current situation of the US economy shows that already more and more people are preferring to work in the gig economy, meaning that they do not have an official working place for a certain organization. The majority of the population prefers working as independent workers rather than being hired (Petriglieri, Ashford & Wresniewski, 2018). The predictions are that the next five years, almost half of all organizations in the US will expand the use of temporary employees. This...
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The Injures And Visual Problems Of Construction Workers

Abstract High exposure to hazards and unsafe behaviors are the most important factors contributing to ocular injuries and visual problems at the workplace. Evidence show high prevalence of ocular injuries in Asian countries. However, in Malaysia, very little is known about the ocular injuries and visual problems of workers in construction industries. A cross-sectional study was conducted on 385 workers (770 eyes, 378 males and 7 females). A comprehensive ocular assessment was done by using Reichert Portable Slit Lamp and...
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The Life Of The Textile Workers In India

Textile workers in India struggle against several problems in their lives such as wage cuts, rationalization but in the same time they have to fight for the recognition of the right of trade union organization in their own states. Besides that, they suffer from unemployment benefits, maternity or healthcare insurance and even sufficient earnings for their families.Trade union’s right to establish in the factory bring the textile workers of India right the position of struggle against military forces. The workers...
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Undocumented Workers: Definition, History And Effects

With over 320 million people residing in the United States, this makes the country one of the most populated in the world. Although there are millions upon millions of people living in the United States, not all of them are in legal residence. Although there has been much controversy surrounding all of the undocumented people in the country, there have been some minor pushes to help better things for these workers. This paper will analyze undocumented workers and their lives,...
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Employing Older Workers In Contemporary Organisations

INTRODUCTION The Western world is undergoing a demographic decline. The western term means not only the United States, Western Europe or Japan but also China and Eastern Europe. There is a growing average age in the population, and this is having a substantial impact on communities, social systems, countries and the world of work. Over 30/40 years, the average age will increase from around 40 to around 50 years. Jobs that require specialized skills involve an increase in the age...
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Assembly Line Workers: Peculiarities Of Job

Many high schools students are unsure of what careers they want to do after high school. Many jobs today require a degree however there are plenty of jobs for those do not want to go to college, the assembly line worker being one of them. Beginning in 1913, the assembly line worker has been one of the most available jobs in America and essentially created the American middle class. This paper will provide an intro in to the field as...
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Shining Light On The Lives Of Sex Workers: A Step Towards Humanity

Abstract Sex work, is like any other profession in the world and the workers involved in such trade must be allowed to conduct their business freely without government intervention. That is to say, decriminalization of sex work is what is needed rather than legalization. Although there is a thin line of difference between prostitution and sex work, the activity remains the same. Consent is an essential element of sex work whereas many sex workers regard themselves as prostitutes, however, others...
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Critical Evaluation Of Research Study Into Online Sex Workers

The study that will be analysed is titled ‘On our own terms: the working conditions of internet-based sex workers in the UK’ and looks at researching all the permutations that come with earning your living as an online sex worker. The aim of this essay is to critically analyse the methodological approach taken to acquire the research for this study. The overall aims and objectives of the study should be outlined near to the start of the study and justification...
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The Novel Of Mice And Men: George And Migrant Workers

“Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world.”(Steinbeck 13) This quote by Steinback through the character George symbolizes many of the people’s lack of aspirations for a comfortable and happy life during the Great Depression. John Steinbeck portrays his character George to exemplify the difficulties that a 1930’s migrant worker had to face. Of Mice and Men takes place amongst a lifeless and difficult time not only for America, but for the entire world,...
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Employment Of Foreign Workers In Malaysia

Malaysia has always been one of the top countries in Asia Pacific that welcomes immigrants to work in the country long since the early 90s. Immigrants are attracted to work in Malaysia because of its low living cost and numbers of job opportunities apart from being one of the most peaceful country in the world. Immigrant labor is significant in Malaysia’s development as they increase the productivity which will simultaneously boost the growth of economy. Employment of foreign workers will...
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Do Labor Unions Increase The Wages Of Workers?

Introduction If any union is going to increase the labor, they must have an inelastic demand. According to the book, labor problems in American Industry by Carroll R Daughtry, “Inelastic means when people buy about the same amount whether the price drops or rises, likewise they don’t buy much even if the price drops” (Daugherty, 1941). People should keep a high demand for the product the union is producing to be able to raise the wages of workers. If the...
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The Issue Of Exploitation Of Migrant Workers

Exploitation of workers refers to the action of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work. Exploitation is not voluntary, but rather achieved through threats and acts of violence, hence why it is a violation of human rights. Examples of how migrant workers are exploited include working long hours, not getting the correct wage for which they work, not having safety in the workplace, secure employment, freedom from sexual harassment or being able to speak out the problems...
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Sociocultural Context Of Cashew Workers

The Portuguese introduced cashew trees to India in the 16th century in hopes to prevent soil erosion. (Lindberg, 2005). It was only until the 20th century the Indian market discovered its commercial value. Today, India is one of the world’s largest producers and importers of raw cashew nuts. It is also the largest exporter of processed cashew nuts. The expanding global cashew markets provides an opportunity for the enhancement of small cashew farmer’s livelihood, and increases employment in the processing...
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Gig Economy Workers And Companies

INTRODUCTION This report discusses how Uber company uses Gig economy workers for the working of the company. It will highlight the use of freelance economy by the company and how they maximise their profit without investment and use of flexible working hour employees. It introduces us to the working of gig economy, how companies gets advantage and disadvantaged by it. This will also cover how these kind of workers are adjusted with the full time working employees in the company....
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Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) Workers As A Special Employment Group

Health issues In Western Australia, fly-in fly-out (FIFO) lifestyle, is where people are required to temporarily travel to their jobs and live for a period of time on site. FIFO contracts require employees to live and work-away from their families and friends, and return to a location of their choice when they are rostered off/off duty. Individuals classified as FIFO workers were significantly more likely to suffer from substance misuse such as alcohol and drug abuse and also, suffer from...
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