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Should College Athletes Be Paid For Playing?

Playing your favorite sport should be more rewarding, imagine playing for a team and not getting paid. College athletes could be playing a dangerous game where they are risking at getting injured everyday not only in a game but at practice as well. I think they should get paid because some of them don’t have money for food and other useful things around their homes. There’s so much more reasons on why college athletes should get paid. They take so...
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The Reasons Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

150 years ago Princeton and Rutgers University started game we now know as American football, now back then college football wasn’t as big as it is today. There isn’t 100,000 screaming fans in the stands or television broadcasting the game,well back then they didn’t have T.V and only 100 people showed up for the first game, and it certainly wasn’t as exciting or fun to watch as it is today but it laid down the foundation of the for what...
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Should College Athletes Receive Compensation?

For many athletes in high school, the goal is to have the chance to play a sport in college. However, questions they may ask them themselves are, “Is it worth it? or “Am I going to be able to focus on my schoolwork while maintaining a full-time job?”. With all the time that athletes put into the sport in between the classroom, field, weight room, practices, and film, students consider their sport as a job. There are several reasons why...
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Payment For College Student-athletes: For Or Against?

College athletes, they are arguably some of the hardest working students in the school systems. They attend their classes and are required to maintain their grades, while also behaving as some of the best students. Along with living the life of an average student, they also have an extremely demanding schedule with the sport they play to go along with it. Lately, the most easily sparked debate is whether student-athletes should be paid for playing sports. Those who believe that...
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Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

Imagine working for countless hours, six days a week, then making multiple performance just so someone else can be paid millions. That is the life of a college athletes. College athletes should be paid and here’s why. They are working their butts off so that their team can have a good record and to draw more attention and fans to their arena and to get more money to their school from all the fans buying their tickets to watch the...
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The Issue Of Payment For College Athletes

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed paper on both sides of the hot topic about college athletes being paid. The problem involved in this is that there is a contract stating the NCAA can’t pay college athletes but more and more people are calling for a change towards that. One of the biggest arguments in the sports world right now is whether or not college athletes should be paid. A big reason that the discussion...
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College Athletes And Financial Reward

In this day and age, the ideal goal for most people is to find something they love to do and work hard every day to get better at their craft and get rewarded for this hard work. College athletes can kill two birds with one stone when it comes to finding their passion and getting rewarded for it. These athletes get to play the sport they love and get rewarded for it by going to a school often times that...
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Should The NCAA Pay College Athletes?

Affirmative: Injuries are a common factor in everyone’s lives but especially one of an athlete. There have been multiple cases of students who couldn’t go into the big leagues because of a bad knee in the lighter cases or paralyzed/brain-damaged in the more serious cases. School’s are not required to pay for any lasting injury. While the NCAA does enforce that athletes must have insurance, students that were paid for their risk could cover what insurance doesn’t or to make...
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Payment For College Athletes: The Cause And Effect Reaction

When Zion Williamson blew through his shoe and injured his knee in a meaningless game vs UNC on February 20, 2019, it sparked a nationwide debate over whether athletes at the college level deserve to be compensated as if they are professionals. Most people would argue that yes, college athletes do deserve to be compensated because most of them have millions of dollars waiting for them in the professional leagues and are jeopardizing their future by even playing in the...
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Paying College Athletes: Pros And Cons

Many children start off playing sports at a young age. From there, it’s when they decide if it’s something they want to continue or discontinue. As they become of age the question: “Is this something I want to take serious?”, surfaces. Student athletes work twice as hard as anyone else in school. Not only are they focusing on keeping their grades at an acceptable range, but they’re also working to perfect their sports skills. Playing at a college level makes...
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College Athletes Earning A Dollar

On October 29th, the National Collegiate Athletic Association top governing board passed a law allowing college athletes to earn endorsements and sponsorships. The law states that student-athletes are to be treated like non-athletes attending their universities, and they should have a “clear distinction between college and professional opportunities” (Getty, 2019). In the past, rules have been in place so athletes do not see economic benefits other than scholarships. They are not allowed to sign with an agent or receive gifts...
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NCAA Athletes Deserve What They Have Worked For

Over the past decade there has been a major debate at the hands of the United States that is still undecided upon. Do NCAA Athletes deserve the right to be paid for their commercials, brand deals, and jersey sales? When it comes to the citizens of our current society the viewpoint is split evenly for the most part. In my opinion the athletes of major college teams that bring in millions, or even billions in some cases, for their schools...
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Should College Athletes Be Allowed To Get Paid?

Have you ever wondered do college athletes get paid? How do they pay for all their expenses? Where does all the money from tickets sales go? Can college athletes get sponsors? If you found yourself ever wondering about these questions on college athletes? Then this article “Should College Athletes Be Allowed to Get Paid,” written by Spencer Bokat-Lindell, a writer for the New York Times in the opinion section, is for you. As I began to read the article, I...
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Is Playing College Sports A Job

Every year college and universities earn millions of dollars from broadcasting games,selling jerseys , merchandise , and most of all using the athletes name for popularity.People who think college student-athletes should get compensated often think the students’ names and pictures are used as a form of advertising, so they should receive some cash reward for that . The other multitude think they should not get compensated because most college athletes receives thousands of dollars of scholarship thus “ getting compensated”...
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Should College Athletes Be Paid?

College athletes shouldn’t be compensated for playing sports at the collegiate level, but for their advertisement and use of their names in video games and products. College athletes do not get exploited by their colleges for playing sports, but by organizations who are taking all of the profit at the cost of the athlete. Introduction Looking back, college athletes started playing sports originally to get their college education paid for, nothing more. And even though that’s still the case, college...
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Paying Wages To College Athletes

Introduction Did you know that college football is one of the main sources of income of universities? In fact, the highest paid college football teams can generate over 200 million dollars in revenue. This is why student athletes are very respected and why most of them receive scholarships and awards. I extensively researched this topic and I am here to tell you that. Student athletes should be paid salaries to participate in their university’s football teams in order to become...
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College Athletes Should Get Paid: For And Against

Participation in sports such as basketball, American football, soccer, track & field on a college level has recently ignited issues which have caused controversy both in the United States and across the world. Players are most commonly 18-19 years old when they accept scholarships to play these sports at some of the world’s top universities, predominantly within America. The scholarship gives the student-athletes free college tuition, and provides them with equipment and facilities, but does not offer or allow any...
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