Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

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Imagine working for countless hours, six days a week, then making multiple performance just so someone else can be paid millions. That is the life of a college athletes. College athletes should be paid and here’s why. They are working their butts off so that their team can have a good record and to draw more attention and fans to their arena and to get more money to their school from all the fans buying their tickets to watch the game but at the end of the day they don’t even get a penny for what they do for the school think of it as this the boss are the coaches and trainers and also the NCAA and the athletes are the coworkers putting in their long hours of work just to make their school more popular but at the end of the day they don’t get what they deserve and the coaches are making money from them without doing anything just telling the players on what they are doing.For some college athletes, things such as tuition, gear, recovery items, and other necessities needed to perform are not free or cheap. Many college athletes pay money out of their own pockets to be able to perform at the level they need to, but who gets all the financial benefits? The NCAAand the university itself.

The NCAA is a big sports program sponsored by different colleges all around the united states making a lot of money from the athletes playing sports for their team and the most money they get all year from is a huge tournament called march madness $1 billion dollars from this which is a lot of money but the thing is that all the head coaches and trainers get the money but the players who work there but off this season just to get to the tournament and doesn’t even get anything for their hard work that’s crazy and we need an end to this madness players are complaining about where is their cut even some celebrities had something to say about this Lebron James said that these kids deserve every single penny they get from their hard work and dedication to the sport their putting their bodies on the line every single time when playing even if they get badly hurt they still don’t get anything even sometimes coaches will take away their scholarship they worked for and give it to someone else who deserves it.

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The athletes put in more work then the coaches do the players have to wake up early for workouts, have a good and balanced diet, and keep their body in shape while the coaches are in their offices writing down what plays they should and what plays they shouldn’t do while players to this every single day they get nothing out of this at all. Some big time brands like nike are making a fortune off of these athletes while if the athletes try to make money they'll get kicked off the team or something like that.

Now let's talk about the ncaa which is a huge organization that work with college sports program and makes a huge load of money every year especially march madness which is a two months basketball tournament happens around the country with different colleges every year they make about 1 billion dollars each year and teams this year get so much money from the tickets they sell and the popularity they get when their team goes deeper into the tournament Not a slice of the billions of dollars paid for TV rights for their games. Not a pay-for-play contract like their NBA and NFL brethren. The biggest crime in college sports isn’t that the system is rigged against paying college athletes, it’s that money-worshipping American culture is set up against educating them.

The clamor to pay players arose a new this week when North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams earned $925,000 in bonuses after his team won the national championship. “The players got awesome T-shirts and hats,” observed Associated Press sports writer Tim Reynolds in a viral tweet.

The NCAA collects $1.1 billion per year from CBS and Turner for broadcast rights to the basketball tournament. Even ESPN pays $470 million annually for the College Football Playoff Conferences and individual colleges make additional millions during the regular season. Many have argued over the years that, morally and legally, the players deserve to pocket some of that money.

They do. But our Money Over Everything society is minimizing or ignoring what’s currently within players grasp which should last far longer than a six-figure revenue sharing check.

Right now, college players receive up to six figures worth of education plus the life changing opportunity to elevate intellect and character. Yes, athletes are too often pushed into fake classes to keep them eligible, as in the infamous North Carolina academic scandal that threatens the Tar Heels championship or hindered from serious study by the 40 hour-per-week demands of their sport. But these athletes, and generations of their descendants, would benefit more from reforming their educational experiences than from extra cash Start with four years of tuition, fees, room and board that total $80,208 for in state students and $180,536 for those from outside North Carolina. Add the benefit of a diploma from a top institution with an influential and passionate alumni network. UNC is nationally ranked No. 5 public university and the No. 30 college overall. The name “North Carolina” on LinkedIn or a resume opens doors and gets phone calls returned and that’s without including 2017 NCAA champion. And for the majority of UNC players who won’t make NBA millions, lifetime earnings for college graduates are 66 percent higher than those with just a high school diploma. That can be worth more than an additional $1 million.

So as you can see it is unfair to be a college athletes if you aren't going to be paid for your hard work and effort that you for your school so this is why I wrote this so you can see all the trouble student athletes go through.

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