The Sad State of Workers’ Compensation in North Carolina

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How true the statement ‘insurance fraud is a victim-less crime’ is, is debatable. What’s not debatable is that workers’ compensation fraud committed by businesses has huge impacts on the lives of thousands of employees in North Carolina. We are too focused on the crimes committed by workers targeting to collect undeserved benefits that we turn a blind eye on fraudulent businesses.

It is a requirement by law in North Carolina that businesses with three or more workers purchase workers’ compensation insurance. However, it has recently emerged that over ten thousand employers fail to comply leaving many workers without any cover. Workers who suffer workplace injuries in these businesses do not know they do not have covers until they have been hurt. They are therefore left with the option to petition the Industrial commission agency. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that not a single workers’ compensation attorney in Charlotte NC hasn’t had this case.

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Other employers have turned to wrongly classifying their employees as a way of avoiding buying insurance for them. By law only workers can claim payment for workplace harm so many are classified as part business owners or independent contractors. Also, in this case it is unlikely one will find out they are uninsured until they are injured.

Depending on the type and extent of injury, workers fair differently. Some may accumulate medical bills, have unpaid wages for when they are away from work or have no means to collect unemployment benefits for when they can no longer work. Legal fees are another major challenge employees and former employees who decide to take to trial.

Insurance companies too are notorious in aiding businesses deny workers claims. They disregard evidence, delay investigations, down play injuries or find other loopholes in the system. Many people fail to understand that insurance officers are in business and are not on their side. This is why it is very important for workers to hire a personal injury lawyer. Lawyers understand the legal process and have a better chance at taking claims to trial. They improve one’s chance greatly by having a better understanding of your claim’s worth.

Businesses are not entirely at fault as law makers in North Carolina are constantly reviewing laws to help them make profits at the expense of employees. The state’s government agencies are aware of these issues plaguing the labor industry but are not doing enough to bring them to an end. Such laws include the ones limiting amounts of claims and period of compensation payment. Injury compensation for workers is in a bad state because employers, insurance companies and law makers are all pitted against the state’s workers.

Employees are therefore advised to research their employers’ carry workers compensation and influence them to if they don’t. Employees who have been injured at work can also enlist legal services of qualified attorneys in the country. This is a wake-up call for workers in NC to stand up for their right to be protected against workplace injury.

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