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Statement of Purpose for Masters in Electrical Engineering

I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria, seeking for a spot at the University of Victoria for a master’s program in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in power systems Engineering. Electrical Engineering is a field that I have been attracted to since childhood, ever since I recognized the meaning of power and its importance in our lives. My curiosity as a child wasn’t satiated by constantly coupling, dismantling,...
2 Pages 715 Words

My Career Path as an Electrical Engineer

Growing up, I was always amazed by the power of electricity and all that it could do. The potential of electric power is always dazed and all I wanted to do was learn more about electricity and be able to stretch its uses. This is where my passion for Electrical Engineering was born. Electrical Engineering is concerned with equipping learners with the knowledge of designing and developing equipment or products that use electronics. Examples of these products include computers, electric...
2 Pages 1077 Words

Essay on Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Reflecting on my educational experiences, I have Adult Nursing is what I want to do. My interest in Adult Nursing grew and was recognized when doing a work placement at an elderly nursing home named Charlton Park Care Home. I later got an offer to take on a paid part-time job as a health care assistant in the dementia unit. The reason why I am interested to study nursing at university is the idea of supporting and giving back to...
2 Pages 718 Words

Essay on Gender Differences in Well-being at Work

Introduction When I began working in the healthcare sector, gender differences in well-being at work (WAW) were not something I had thought of as an issue. However, as my career progressed, I became attuned to certain gender-specific challenges my female peers faced. Historically, women are more thought to face occupational barriers than men (Swanson, Daniels, & Tokar, 1996), so it would be natural to assume that WAW is mostly an issue for women. This paper aims to examine whether this...
6 Pages 2826 Words

Essay on Contribution of Women to Electrical Engineering

The contribution of women to electrical engineering is very important. As a result, many women are inspired and motivated to join the electrical engineering career. This begs the question of what should be done to promote the idea of many women entering the profession. The answer to such a question is not easy because the responsibility lies on the women, men, electrical engineering companies, as well as schools that educate on this particular major. Regardless of their gender, women seem...
5 Pages 2441 Words

Essay on Community Service

Community service is a social welfare service activity carried out by a community to meet the material and spiritual needs of its members. Community service is not just a social spontaneous and voluntary service activity, but a guided, organized, and systematic service system. Community service is not an ordinary social service industry. It is different from a business social service industry. Community service is not a social activity that provides services for others with only a small number of people....
2 Pages 1123 Words

Essay on Career in Electrical Engineering

Introduction Your professional growth is a lifelong process that began when you were born, whether you realize it or not. Your interests, talents, values, personality, history, and circumstances are all aspects that impact your job progress. Professional counseling is a procedure that will assist you in getting to know and understand yourself as well as the world of work so that you may make career, educational, and life decisions. Career development is more than just picking on a major and...
7 Pages 2964 Words

Essay on Career Goals

How can I improve my employability prospects to reach my career goals? My career goal as of this moment is to complete my degree course to the best standard I can and to get a job in the real estate property development sector. I hope to improve and add employability skills to my knowledge with the aim to make myself as good a candidate as possible to get a job in the future. I want to also achieve full professional...
2 Pages 1113 Words

Critical Reflection on Hospital and Doctor Roles in 'Grey’s Anatomy'

Television hospital shows like Grey’s Anatomy in the past, as well as the present-day do not depict the real-life hospital and doctor roles. According to (Health Enews Staff) far fewer patients go straight from the emergency room to the operating room in real-life compared to the high percentage of television hospital shows. Injured patients on television shows spend less than a week in the hospital. In reality, most injured patients spend much more time in the hospital. Residents’ lives are...
3 Pages 1498 Words

Analysis of How Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans

The Great Depression started on the day of October 29, 1929, when everything came crashing down. The panicking investors sold more than 16 million shares in one day and often just a penny a share. The prices of stock were driven up by Americans who doesn’t want the good time to end, and thus were pointing towards the fortune made on the stock market. Citizens with little money to spare wanted in on the action as well, so the stockbrokers...
5 Pages 2090 Words

Why I Want To Be A Nurse: Argumentative Essay

Nursing is a noble profession requiring dedication, passion, and empathy. It’s a career choice that can make a difference in the lives of countless people, which is why I want to be a nurse. In this essay, I’ll be discussing the reasons why I chose this path and what led me to pursue it. My Journey to Becoming a Nurse When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up because I loved kids and...
1 Page 675 Words

Why I Want To Be A Sonographer Essay

Sonography is a fascinating and rapidly evolving field of healthcare that is critically important for diagnosing and treating a wide range of medical conditions. As a sonographer, you will play a critical role in the healthcare team, using your expertise to produce detailed images of internal organs and tissues that physicians use to diagnose and treat medical conditions. This can include everything from routine prenatal care to complex surgical procedures. Whether you are a seasoned healthcare professional or just starting...
1 Page 609 Words

Why I Want to Be a Pediatrician Essay

The field of medicine offers a range of opportunities to those who wish to pursue a career in healthcare, but for many, the idea of working with children is especially compelling. Pediatric medicine presents unique challenges and rewards, as it involves not only diagnosing and treating young patients, but also developing strong relationships with their families and advocating for their health and well-being.  In this essay, I will explore why I am drawn to the field of pediatric medicine, discussing...
2 Pages 699 Words

Why I Want to Be a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Essay

Mental health is a significant aspect of overall well-being that affects individuals, families, and communities worldwide. Unfortunately, mental illnesses are prevalent, and the impact of these illnesses can be significant, affecting individuals’ daily lives, relationships, and ability to function effectively. The increasing prevalence of mental health disorders and the associated stigma highlight the need for comprehensive mental health care.  The role of psychiatric nurse practitioners is crucial in this field, as they possess the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to...
2 Pages 721 Words

Why I Want To Be A Healthcare Administrator Essay

As someone with a strong passion for the healthcare industry, I have chosen to pursue a career in healthcare administration. This new career path has been incredibly rewarding and provides me with an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Healthcare administrators are integral to the functioning of hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities, and their role is becoming more important as the industry evolves. With this new role, I am confident that I can help create sustainable...
1 Page 636 Words

Why I Want To Be A Physical Therapist Essay

Physical therapy is a vital aspect of healthcare that plays a significant role in the rehabilitation and recovery of patients with physical disabilities, injuries, or illnesses. As a physical therapist, the opportunity to help people regain their physical abilities and improve their quality of life is both rewarding and fulfilling. Physical therapy is a dynamic profession that requires a combination of medical knowledge, technical skills, and interpersonal abilities.  In this essay, I will explore my personal motivation for becoming a...
2 Pages 692 Words

Why I Want to Be a Counselor Essay

Becoming a counselor has been my dream for several years now. The thought of helping people overcome their problems and live fulfilling life gives me immense satisfaction. Counseling is one of the most rewarding professions that allow individuals to significantly impact people’s lives. My dream has been to become a counselor and help others overcome their problems and achieve their goals.  In this essay, I will discuss why I want to be a counselor. Due to this, counseling is an...
2 Pages 738 Words

Why I Want To Become A Lawyer Essay

I am driven by a passion for justice and a commitment to making a difference in society. From a young age, I have been fascinated by the law and its ability to promote fairness, equality, and social change. My academic studies and practical experiences have equipped me with the legal knowledge, critical thinking skills, and advocacy capabilities necessary to become an effective lawyer.  In this essay, I will explain why I want to pursue a career in law, explore the...
2 Pages 771 Words

Community Service Essay

Community service is a rewarding experience that helps build stronger, more connected communities. By dedicating our time and resources to benefit our neighbors and those in need, we can have a positive and lasting impact on our local areas. From aiding the homeless to preserving natural landscapes, community service provides an opportunity for individuals to give back and make a difference in their community. In this essay, we will explore the importance of community service, its benefits, and ways individuals...
2 Pages 716 Words

Nursing as a Profession Essay

The nursing profession has been a cornerstone of healthcare for centuries. Yet, it has only recently been given due recognition as an essential part of the medical team. Nurses are on the front lines, providing care to patients in all areas of health care, from helping with admissions to offering comfort and support to patients in their time of need. In this essay, we will explore what draws people to the nursing profession, as well as some unique challenges they...
1 Page 657 Words

Essay about Women in the Surgical Field

Unequal representation of women in the health sector starts from the field of education itself. Ever since the right to education became a fundamental right, several barriers that were present in the past have been removed but however a few barriers still exist for women through academic institutions. These barriers could be understood through the phenomena of the leaky pipeline. Though a lot of women are educated, sever of the candidates gradually leak out of the educational system due to...
3 Pages 1173 Words

My Qualities and Skills as a Leader

I am currently a gastroenterology and general medical registrar in the final 6 months of training. Working in these areas of medicine requires highly effective leadership skills, as the registrar is required to lead effective and cohesive teams, particularly in an on-call capacity. Through completion of the medical leadership module at Edge Hill University, I have gained a much greater understanding of my own leadership and personality traits. This in turn has highlighted just how they impact directly upon my...
2 Pages 707 Words

What Is Professional Nursing: Essay

Professional practice What is professional practice? Professional practice assures that the standard of treatment of the nurses and midwives is upheld; their work is continually displayed and reviewed, concentrating on nursing and midwifery history, legislation, governance, administration, and administrative and legislative practices (Youtube, 2019). Professional practice is in embracing the maximum scope of the profession for patients and nurses. Describe professional nursing practice. Nursing is a discipline with its own code of ethics, its own ethical points of view, and...
2 Pages 908 Words

What Is Nursing: Essay

When I think of nursing as a career, I cannot help but think that the laws, practices, and procedures all started with someone’s theories and thoughts. Obviously, people such as Florence Nightingale come to mind, however, there is one more person in particular that really stood out to me, Isabel Hampton Robb, an American nurse theorist, advocate for higher nursing education, and the founder of several nursing associations. Through her standards of teachings and writings, she paved the path for...
2 Pages 728 Words

What Inspired You to Become a Nurse: Essay

Nurses perform a vital role in medicine. Although their role does not carry the status of a doctor or consultant, nurses are at the center of clinics, and surgeries and are an important part of the team that runs wards and hospitals. To be a nurse requires commitment and dedication, qualities that I believe I have and that I am willing to improve during my training and beyond. There was one recent occasion in my life when I spent hours...
1 Page 681 Words

What I Learned from My Internship Experience: Essay

Constraints/Challenges I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience. Working on M.J. Papers helped me to explore real job life and how Corporate HR operates. This has been by far the most interesting and cherished worthy experience of my life. Identified/Observed in the Organization This internship has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, communication skills, negotiation skills, and technical skills. Though it may take some time to polish those skills, at this moment I am...
2 Pages 1097 Words

What Does Nursing Mean to You: Opinion Essay

The two primary reasons I want to study nursing are: to improve and save people’s lives and to gain financially from the competitive salary in the nursing profession. Secondary reasons for my decision to pursue nursing include traveling the world, enjoying the respect bestowed upon the nursing profession, and gaining a wide range of healthcare skills. I chose to pursue a nursing degree course at the university level to qualify for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and...
2 Pages 944 Words

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up: Opinion Essay

As children, we all get asked the universal question, what do you want to be when you grow up? At 6 years old I would say without any hesitation and no restraint an Artist. Since I, carefree as they come, inevitably recognize the beauty of using my hands to produce something new. However, Growing into adulthood, I saw my previous views on life were in fact not what people expected. Living in an imperfect world makes creative minds shunned and...
1 Page 498 Words

What Do You Hope to Gain from This Internship: Essay

I. Brief executive summary of the Internship: This is the internship report based on the two-month internship duration that I completed in VNPT DongThap under the Human Resource Division from 18.06.2018 to 31.08.2018 as a requirement of my Undergraduate program in the Department of Business Studies, International University, VNU-HCM. Throughout the internship, I had a chance to work in VNPT Dong Thap. VNPT Dong Thap is a provider of telecommunications services – information technology in Dong Thap. They are serving...
7 Pages 3096 Words

Veterinary School Essay

My fascination with animals, their biology, and their welfare has always been my main passion. With all the experience I have gained as a veterinary nurse, I am committed to now progressing to study veterinary medicine and achieving my long-term goal of becoming a small animal veterinary surgeon. Having given it careful consideration, I know I have more to offer the profession and now feel ready to develop my knowledge and understanding. Despite my love for veterinary nursing, I am...
1 Page 458 Words
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