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Inspiration From Nature’s Structure: Coloration Of Bird’s Feathers

INTRODUCTION With the advancement in technology and the enhancement of biological knowledge over time, many scientists and researchers extract numerous design ideas and methodologies from the preexisting nature structures. Biomimicry has evolved as a vital field of study to make sustainable advancement in technology by adapting nature’s principles into engineering application. Many living organisms (example, birds, butterflies, etc.) have a complicated but dexterously arranged structures which manipulates the light by scattering and absorbing from their intricate spatial arrangement. This biological...
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What It Means Being An Architect

“The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own, we have no soul of our civilization.” ( Frank Lloyd Wright ) Without any architects from then to now, we would not have any of the fascinating structures we have today. According to the Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, an architect’s definition is a person who designs and supervises their construction in many different ways. People dream about being young architects at a young age without not even...
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How Does Landscape Architect Impact People

INTRODUCTION With the continuous growth of urban population, urbanisation is a universal phenomenon all over the world. Therefore, human beings are taking this as a serious problem and trying to find greener and more liveable cities. Landscape architects are responsible for public spaces with attractions and functions such as parks, gardens and playgrounds. We designed and planned the locations of walking paths, bike paths, planting beds and trees in these environments. As a landscape architecture major, my vision for landscape...
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The Structure Of The Architectural Profession In Queensland

Architect is a registered skilled profession in Queensland which work in the environmental field, make use of the visual and creative ideas and integrate it into the environment with the professional knowledge and experience. Architects must possess a systematic body of theory that involve education, training and experience. Therefore, architect will need to apply the body of theory to give the clients and community advice on building and urban design. Architect must be good in design and communication, able to...
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Design Architecture: A Blossoming Career For Creative Individuals

There are many jobs that shape the world around us, and one of those jobs is that of a design architect. Design Architecture may seem like a time consuming, boring, and tiresome job, but it is very far from that. Design Architects are very creative individuals who design everything from our homes to our favorite places, therefore all design architects have the responsibility for designing safe and functional buildings. Since more and more buildings are being created, a need for...
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What Does It Take To Become A Successful Architect?

Architecture is the art of engineering and designing buildings and extensive constructions. Yet, to pursue a career in architecture in a successful way may not be simple. It is both rewarding privately and financially, that is why it is highly demand after profession. Furthermore, the journey towards becoming a revered architect can be full of challenges, stress, and even self-doubt. Thus, there are certain qualities and personality traits that will give an edge over you in a competitive crowd. This...
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Heritage Modernization And New Identity: Reframing Architecture Through The Human-Self

Introduction ‘What is architecture’? This question concludes many different answers. Architecture can be defined as both the process and product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures. It is a very broad and humanistic field that is at the same time technical and artistic. It requires a certain sensibility to arts, aesthetics and social understanding. In order to know the truth about “what architecture is” and its impact on human, its evolution throughout the ages must be...
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Architects As Violators Of Human Rights

Human rights are some of the basic rights that provides freedom to people to live peacefully. It comes in effect not only in the time of constitutional crisis but also on everyday basis, where architectural work is usually conducted. Spaces connect people to architecture not only physically or mentally but also socially. Henry Lefebvre states that “Social space is the lived space which refers to the use of space by human beings and also the transformation of space while its...
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The Modern Architect Toolbox

Abstract This paper takes a critical look into the new technologies in the fields of architecture and construction, specifically a fabrication method called 3D printing. 3D printing, a method familiar to most in the field, offers new ways to design, and construct projects. The paper will focus on how to develop construction efficiency in time, material, mobility, and accessibility. This fabrication method has become more advanced in recent years, with the introduction of new materials for the printers to fabricate....
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The Integration Of Biology In Architecture

Abstract As it has been widely underlined in recent years, Global warming is becoming a big problem and carbon emissions from a variety of sources are the cause of it. To control emissions, several carbon emission reduction policies, and schemes such as European Sustainable Development Goals, Green Deal & Paris Agreement have been reached and put in place. However not all countries participate in these global carbon mitigation treaties. One of the many reasons for the absence of participation in...
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Nature As A Source Of Inspiration Of Architectural Forms

Dragomirescu examine that Bionic as a key field to make connection between biology and the world of engineering is getting more and more interest from many different industry; also needs of it in education appears as some university are opening some course in this field like Politechnica university of Bucharest in one of their conferences mentioned about this subject under the name of bionics in engineering. As Neumann defined bionic as, “Bionic is the scientific discipline, which is in charge...
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The Peculiarities Of Landscape Architect

Landscape Architect is the art and practice of designing the outdoor environment. I love being outside, if I could I would stay outside 24/7. When, I was little you could always find me outside. I would be running around with my dogs or playing with my uncles. My family have taught me to respect my surrounding and to take care of the surrounding plants. My freshman year I took drafting one. In there I fell in love with drafting. The...
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The Importance of Computer Graphics for Modern Architects

Up until recently architects were required to hand draw designs for their projects and these were called blueprints. The main problem with having to hand draw everything was that it was incredibly slow, it was difficult to get accurate or to change and it would take time to physically send the design to everyone involved. Correcting a mistake or modifying a design often required redrawing the entire blueprint. However, during the past decade many 3D graphics software programs have become...
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Nation Building: Role Of Architecture

Architecture is one of the fine arts that integrate itself into every aspect of our lives with great finesse. Architects use their power of imagination which goes on to create unity in diversity. Playing a very significant role in nation building, the architects with their creations and innovations go on to develop positive cultures, for the country’s myriad value systems are also encoded into the fabric of the nation through the various architectural images. Architecture does not design any object...
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Who Is A Software Architect And Why He Cannot Make Project For Your Barn?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”- is the question most of us have encountered at some point in your lives. It is one of those things that trickle down from one generation to another. Some who were once kids now question their offspring of the same. It is a never-ending cycle that will probably last forever. However, did you really ponder on the subject of your careers then or were you one of those people whose...
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