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Job Roles in Performing Arts

There are many jobs in the performing arts ranging from acting and dancing to producing plays, teaching and handling finances. Jobs in the performing arts can have good pay and depends on what you do. Jobs within the performing arts industry are split up into 3 categories: performers, production and administrative. Job roles within the performance sector consist of dancers, singers, actors, musicians, acrobats, magicians, comedians and many more. Roles in the production sector are choreographers, script writers and technicians....
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Job Roles in Gaming Industry

There is a wide variety of jobs available in the games industry following a degree in game development such as game developer, game programmer, UI and graphic programmer. There is also the ability to go into sound, animation and design making the industry large with multiple jobs available. This paper aims to compare and explore possible jobs in the industry and what each role contains and how to obtain them. One job role obtainable within the game industry is a...
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Is It Better to Do a Job You Hate for a High Salary or a Job You Love for a Low Salary?

It is true that the salary is always an important issue in choosing a job. While many people believe that it is better to do a job they hate for a high payment, I agree with those who argue that choosing a job people love even it has a low wage or job satisfaction is more important. There are three primary reasons why choosing a job people love is better. Firstly, job satisfaction increases more productivity. When doing a job...
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Should Job Depend on Your Abilities?

We live in the world there everyone has a more freedom of choices weather it’s friend, food, sports, music, work place, or job. Therefore, we should choose what’s best for us. The purpose of this essay is to compare the job I had and the job I’m doing these days. I was a civil engineer for an architecture company, while I was in India. I’m a table game dealer in the USA. I loved both jobs, the only difference is...
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Job of an Athletic Director and Why I Want to Achieve It

The athletic director (AD) reports directly to the president of the school. In this role the AD serves as an administrator over functions of an athletic nature. The program can encompass several sports in either the NCAA or NAIA championship programs, the coaches, assistant coaches, athletic trainers, sports information, and student workers. The athletic director provides administrative direction and oversight for all aspects of the school’s athletic program with special attention to recruiting athletes and developing resources for the area...
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Main Elements of Choosing a Good Job

In my eye, a great occupation is created by three basic elements: high salary, a satisfaction of a worker and professional environment. They are a formula for everyone, especially internships. They can consider making the right decision for their future career and their own cash flow. If we can make an effort for everything we need and we want, a high salary is the only choice for us to live a stable life. What do we go to work for?...
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Comparative Analysis of Job and Career

First of all, I want to give you the definition of job and career. A job is defined as anything a person is obliged or projected to do. There is a specific task need to be done as part of the routine of one person for the salary income agreed. Through a job an employee can earn and attain to support his basic needs and welfare his family. At work, the employment contract between the employer and the employee must...
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Reflections on Why a Job Isn't Always a Dream Job

Finding a job nowadays is hard. Especially a job fitting for your course in college. Imagine you graduated as an engineer, but ended up working at a fast-food chain. In this essay, we will be talking about why your job is not always your dream job. One of the reasons why job finding is hard, especially when you want to follow your dream job, it is because many companies or employers, especially science related and in demand jobs will look...
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Job You Love Vs Job That Pays Well

Job is an important factor, and without work life is impossible as it provides us with money which is essential for life. It not only fetches money for a better living, but also provides everyday learning. If you work a job you love, your life will be very different in everything. And although you spent a lot of time in a job you love or a job that pays well, your achievements and your psychological comfort and passion are different....
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Main Effects of Losing a Job

In life, each individual has a set of goals that he wants to reach. One of those goals is having a good job. In fact, according to an expert, having an employment is the only thing that helps the person develops his life. In contrast, the act of losing a job impacts negatively on the person’s life. Because of normal causes, the employee can be removed from his occupancy. In addition, he starts to fall in troubles. For that, financial...
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Jobs Vs Startups: Opportunities and Options

Have you ever had one of those days of existential crisis where you just want to free yourself from corporate bondage and build a business of your own? There comes a point where you just wish to give up your job and do something that makes you happy? Or as a new graduate you are clueless and have no idea where to go? The answers for all these questions lie in one word – startup. A startup or start up...
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Jobs Roles in Marketing Sector

This informative essay will outline five varied job roles in the marketing sector, covering a range of job roles with a focus on entry to mid-level positions. This essay will discuss each job role in detail and outline the description of the job, the average salary and finally an in-depth analysis of the skills and qualities needed to hold the position successfully. The prevalence of e-marketing has grown massively in recent years with more and more jobs in this sector...
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Job with the Highest Depression Rate

This paper is talk about the deprecation and how can it effect the worker in their jobs. There are many jobs that can make you depression in some jobs the depression rate is higher than other jobs. Like personal care, food service, social workers, and healthcare. So, what makes those have the higher rate? the reasons that make those jobs have the higher rate are many. For example, a lot of personal work, if you take care of sick people...
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Essay about My First Job

Everyone remembers their first job. It’s a definitive time in your life: it’s a step up from childhood, and a preview of adulthood. It’s a proud moment when you are old enough to earn your own money. First-job experiences are also formative. Not only do they teach you the value of hard work and money — but they also shape your understanding of the world. They increase your self-confidence and self-sufficiency. And a good first job will get you started...
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Essay on Job Vs Career

Some people have jobs in their life, and some people have carriers in their life. These are the two different things. A job is what, a person does in exchange for money, or we can say that paid position of regular employment. For example, baby siting, pizza delivery, etc. On the other hand, an individual’s path of learning, work and other aspects of life that usually takes up a long period of person’s simple words progress of person’s professional...
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Scope of YouTubing as a Profession in Bangladesh

Introduction YouTube is a platform where YouTubers share their videos and earn money. There are many countries where people are choosing YouTube as a career. But there are so many people who can’t think youtube can be a profession. They don’t know about it. Especially in Bangladesh, people can’t think about it. There are many YouTubers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh YouTubers are not choosing YouTubing as a career. Even they can’t think about it. There are many reasons behind this. In...
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Job Stress: Causes, Effects and Preventions

Depending on the field, stress can be defined in many ways. This essay will focus on the physiological and psychological effects of stress on humans, more specifically employees in a work setting and its effect on employee well-being, job satisfaction and the organization. In the past few decades, increased work intensification has increased both the amount of job stress experienced and the number of employees experiencing it. It is a complex issue with many causes and different effects on different...
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Argumentative Essay on Prostitution: Profession Versus Exploitation

In October 2014, Sweden became the first country to launch a feminist foreign policy that was aimed at creating gender equality and full enjoyment of human rights for women and girls (The Government Offices of Sweden, 2018). In this policy handbook, they emphasized the importance of the Sex Purchase Act enacted in 1999. This act criminalized purchasing -but not selling- sex. They wanted other countries to consider putting in place legislation that is targeted at the person who pays for...
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Essay about Jobs

Should High School Students Have a Job During High School? Did you have a job while you were in high school? Having a job used to be the most common thing that almost every high school student did in their spare time. They used to combine school and work during school time and work during the summer. They would make some extra money and often be able to pay for some of their college expenses. I believe that there are...
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