Reflections on Why a Job Isn't Always a Dream Job

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Finding a job nowadays is hard. Especially a job fitting for your course in college. Imagine you graduated as an engineer, but ended up working at a fast-food chain. In this essay, we will be talking about why your job is not always your dream job.

One of the reasons why job finding is hard, especially when you want to follow your dream job, it is because many companies or employers, especially science related and in demand jobs will look at your profile background and information necessary to know if you’re fit for the job or not. If you want your dream job to become reality, just study and get good grades until you graduate. As simple as that. If you didn’t get to finish study, finding a job you want is hard. But a job you need just to earn money for your family or for yourself. Of course, finding a job, there will always be competition. There are times when you are not the only one who will be applying for a certain job. And there will be times you will not get accepted. This is because of a difference between two people of more called ‘skills gap’. What you’re capable of and what you’re not, can affect the outcome of your application. According to Cappelli (2012), “Most employers are looking for experienced workers”.

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Another reason, like what was mentioned, is just to earn money. It can be because he is the one who provides for his family. And when a person can’t find a job and they are lacking on money, he will become desperate and find any jobs as long as he can earn more money. And if that is not enough, they find another job and earn more money. Because money is something we trade for our life and energy (Dominguez & Robin, 1992).

Finding the right job for you can be determined by what do you want to do and what is your passion. According to some researchers, ‘happy’ workers demonstrate higher performance and behaviors than the ‘unhappy’ workers do. Thus, job satisfaction and happiness are always connected to one another (Wright & Cropanzano, 1999). This is why happiness can be considered as a criterion for finding a job, hobby or even choosing a course in college.

On time, your dream job can change depending on the person, and one outcome is job change. Job change can occur because of the ‘in demand jobs’. According to the survey from, the most in demand job here in the Philippines 2019 is a job in call center agency, followed by IT or information technology, computer and software engineer, lawyer, architect, accountancy, business management, fields of medicine, engineering, marketing and writers. People will pick a job based on this survey because it has higher chance of getting accepted. But its better if you pick a job based on what you want. Because no one knows you better than yourself. An appropriate course of action is to try new things and see how it is useful to you and use that information to understand yourself more (Ibarra, 2003). No one can dictate what and who you are, and your fate will always be at your hands and your hands alone.

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