Should Job Depend on Your Abilities?

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We live in the world there everyone has a more freedom of choices weather it’s friend, food, sports, music, work place, or job. Therefore, we should choose what’s best for us. The purpose of this essay is to compare the job I had and the job I’m doing these days. I was a civil engineer for an architecture company, while I was in India. I’m a table game dealer in the USA. I loved both jobs, the only difference is that one was my passion and the other was for survival.

Both jobs were different then each other. In some society if you have a respectable job, then you’re a good influencer for, that society otherwise you’re harmful for society, or you’re a nuisance. Both jobs have different work ethics, work environment, chances of your growth.

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First, one big difference among these workplaces is chance to succeed in future. Mostly, it depends on what kind of industries you work with, and the competition or monopoly of that industries. On the other side, if you work with entertainment industries, more chances you get for growing, but it’s skilled based job. You can’t learn anything. You just doing same thing repeatedly over and over entire your life. Vice versa, the other job you get less chance of growing, but you can challenge yourself and every day you learned something new from your senior. Maybe in skill-based job you even can’t afford retirement. On the contrary, if you work as a designer in some company. They’re not only designers. We must grow our selves and always ready to work on different task outside of our comfort zone. If you start as an engineer in some company, you will be an engineer for long time, because there’s less chances you get for promotion.

Let’s talk about similarities, work ethics. I strongly believe that what job you choose from at least one common in all is client, or customer satisfaction, and if your employee has little plus over there then company will definitely grow. Every company should have work ethics. The worked as designer should not pressurized their work. The guy worked at casino shouldn’t insult their customer, it’s called work ethics.

Companies, and casino industries differ in future opportunities to succeed, fun working environment, and different kind of atmosphere. Working in casino industries gives you experience and the possibility of ownership. Moreover, working for companies gives you their perk, shares you can pursue your dream.

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