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College Essay about My Working in a Restaurant

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I obtained my first job when I was 18 years old and it was at a fast food restaurant called Taco Bell.

I still remember my first day. I was put in the fryer to fry French fries, chalupas, cinnamon delights, etc. It got very hot and boring, but since I did not know yet how to do other things, they had to keep me there at first. At the end of that shift, I had to clean the bathrooms. It was the worse, they were super dirty and I was seriously exhausted. I worked a total of 5 hours that day, even though it seems little, working in a restaurant is a very fast-paced environment. I was not sure if after that day I wanted to come back, but I decided to give it another chance. This day was not going to determine the rest of my days there. I knew that once I got to know and learn all the procedures, I would like it even more and get better at it.

In general, I am a person who does not like to give up. I am very stubborn, and this is another reason that kept me in this job. I needed money, and without experience and being too young, it was difficult for me to get a job. I knew that I was going to stay there for a while, therefore I put my best attitude into it.

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My goal for working in this job was to save up money. It was necessary to pay for my studies, as well as to help my mom. I was just saving, not spending, until I came up with an amount that I was satisfied with.

Things that motivated me while working apart from money being the number one reason were my coworkers. I met incredible people there that helped me a lot and I shared a lot of happy memories with them. I got close with them and I still can call them my friends even after I no longer work there. It was a very exhausting job, but at the same time, we all related and motivated each other to make the job more pleasurable.

In total, I stayed there for 7 months. Working at this fast food restaurant taught me many things. I gained valuable work experience and skills that I still use in my current job.

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