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Significance of Discovery of Prosperous Assets of Diamonds and Gold in Southern Africa between the 1860s and the 1890s

The discovery of mineral properties such as gold and diamond in South Africa used to be a massive transformation in economic, social, and political landscapes. A huge monetary transformation commenced in 1867 following the discovery of diamond in Kimberley in view that it laid a solid basis for industrialization machines and alternate due to the fact prior to the discovery of rich mineral sources in South Africa, agriculture dominated nearly all life patterns as use of human hands appreciably played...
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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011 Facts

Nobody expected it. This was an event that killed nearly 16,000 people. It was also an event that cost $360 billion dollars worth of damage. Over 2,500 people remain missing from this catastrophe. This once-in-a-generation disaster was caused by two tectonic plates colliding along a subduction zone at a 9.0-9.1 magnitude. The tsunami started when two tectonic plates from the Pacific Ocean and North America slid over each other. It all started on Friday, March 11, 2011, when an earthquake...
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Issues of Forest Policy in the Philippines

Executive Summary The utilization of supposedly forestall areas for agricultural production purposes and industrialization inevitably results in the loss of important natural resources that could support both human and other animal life. The shrinking forestall areas all over the country manifest large-scale deforestation. Human activities led to this problem and so as caretakers of this planet, it is just right to take action to solve the problems we have inflected to the environment that is also affecting us. The Philippines...
3 Pages 1280 Words

Essay on Studying Philippine Historiography

Historiography refers to looking back on the historical writings and research of the Philippine Archipelago throughout Luzon to Mindanao during the Spanish period. Our historian’s perspective mainly focuses on Filipino viewpoints through time. They expand their knowledge and provide the pillars of historical research and new interpretations of traditional literacy. The question wants to foresee the development of Philippine Historiography from the Pre-colonial to the Post-colonial period. In the pre-colonial era, the information are limited due to the lack of...
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Essay on Forestry Activities in Canada

Canada is the third-largest forested area in the world. The enormous amount of forested land is an obvious explanation as to why large-scale commercial forest harvesting is taking place in Canada and contributes a lot to its economy. However, the deforestation of such a large number of trees has affected the environment in a severe way. If steps are taken to manage forests with a more sustainable approach, then attempts can be made to restore the environment and preserve it....
4 Pages 1652 Words

Essay on Canada’s Boreal Forest

The boreal zone, situated within the northern regions of the globe, stretches around 5000 kilometers from Labrador and Newfoundland in the east to Yukon in the west, extending south 1000 kilometers from the edge of the arctic tundra. Estimated to be around 270 million hectares, this boreal region covers more than half of Canada’s land area, sheltering millions of wildlife species. Making up a third of this boreal zone, Canada’s boreal forest is essential for not solely the tradition and...
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Effects of Weak Mobilization of Radiologic Services in Resource-Poor Areas in th Philippines

I. Introduction Many Filipinos nowadays are being deprived of their proper medications or rights to have high-quality diagnoses and treatments due to their distant places with no medical hospitals nearby or lack of financial capabilities. Because of that, the mobilization of services and resources is being practiced especially in rural areas. Radiology, also known as diagnostic imaging, is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by capturing images of parts of the body using...
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Description of the Beach at Sunset

The beauty of a Sunset at the Beach As I walked on the golden grains of sand, a combination of contentment, sorrow, and peace created a feeling of wonderment that overwhelms me whenever I am at the beach. I do not go to the beach only for the sunset. I go there to notice the waves hitting each other, the wind making noises, the distant chattering, and the different kinds of birds flying over the smoothly flowing waves in an...
1 Page 593 Words

Consequences of the Me Too Movement in China

In an effort to improve the integrity of the human race, there have been diverse policies, declarations, and movements that seek to make the world a better place. The existence of human rights forms one of the most fundamental basics of human living and practices, which are supposed to be inherent to every individual. These rights are definitive regardless of the background of a human being, their gender, race, and any attribute given to their person. Deneen (2) nonetheless highlights...
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Change in Political Ideology Regarding the Rule of Russia

Change and continuity must be assessed in terms of political ideology. The first political ideology established is during the period of Alexander II`s autocracy. In essence, tsarist autocracy centered around the concept of a divine leader whose role was to safeguard his people. Due to the Tsar`s totalitarian role and the support of the church and nobility aristocracy, there was little political liberalism. In terms of political liberalism, after the emancipation of the serfs, there was an increase caused by...
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Beach Descriptive Writing

Varkala: Sun, Sand, And Paradise On Earth Nestled in the interiors of Kerala, this paradisiacal place is where everything is heavenly and perfect. From the clear blue skies to the endless blue water, Varkala is a town that can make anyone fall in love with it at first glance. The laid-back and relaxed atmosphere go hand in hand with the exquisite beauty that engulfs this little town. This beautiful town is located in the Thiruvananthapuram district. The Northern Cliff of...
3 Pages 1299 Words

Beach Descriptive Essay

On that fateful day, it happened. I lost a part of me. It was evening. It was near dusk. Stepping onto the golden white sand of the beach that stretched as far as the eye could see, I felt like I had just stepped on a cloud. The soft sand tickled my tall and slender toes, which were time-worn from years of hardship, causing me to curl my toes. A minefield of corals, the sand encompassed a set of various...
1 Page 543 Words

Applicability of Electric Cars in South Africa: Pros and Cons

An electric car is one that operates on an electric motor, instead of an internal-combustion engine that generates power by burning a mix of gases and fuels, therefore such a vehicle is seen as a possible replacement for current generation automobiles, in order to address the issue of increasing pollution, global warming and depletion of natural resources. Though the electric car concept has been around for a long time, it has drawn a considerable amount of interest in the past...
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Analysis of Me Too Movement in India

A sexual offense is not a new concept especially to women, in every society one or the other woman has to go through the experience of sexual assault. Many women around the world in their lifetime have experienced sexual violence, assault, and harassment or have been pushed into a situation where they feel unsafe and uncomfortable at times. They have all had the same experience, yet it has been different for each of them. The mental and physical suffering which...
1 Page 577 Words

A Descriptive Essay About the Beach

There’s nothing quite like feeling the sand beneath your toes and listening to the calming sound of waves crashing onto the shore. The beach is a place to relax, refresh, and enjoy nature at its finest. Let’s take a closer look at why visiting the beach can be such an enjoyable and calming experience. Let the Waves Wash Away Your Stress A beach is a place of fun and relaxation. It is the perfect getaway for people who want to...
1 Page 636 Words

What Makes a Great Pizza in Melbourne?

In recent years, pizza has evolved from being just ‘party food’ to being an ‘any-day-of-the-week’ food. In Melbourne, we have seen pizzerias mushrooming left, right and center with pizza becoming a go-to meal choice for people, no matter the occasion. Pizza toppings and flavors are more diverse now than they have ever been. This means that there is something for everyone – from those who enjoy a good old plain Margherita pizza to those who prefer the punch that is...
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We, Hawaiians, Should Go Solar: Informative Essay

There has been a lot of pressure on us, Hawaiians, as well as the rest of the globe, to help stop climate change. Rising sea levels, rising temperatures, and greater greenhouse gas emissions are all contributing to humanity’s demise. The combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas, which seep into the atmosphere and trap heat, is the primary cause of climate change. It may seem frightening to consider, and many people believe they are powerless to make...
2 Pages 1108 Words

Essay about Tourism in the Capital of Italy, Rome

Rome is Italy’s most popular destination in terms of both incoming and domestic visitors, due to its wide range of historical and cultural heritage sites. After 30 centuries of history, including barbarian invasions and enemy occupations, the Italian capital is now facing the pressures of mass tourism. Due to a large number of historical monuments in the region, Rome is particularly vulnerable. Located in the Mediterranean, the capital of Italy has long been an extremely popular destination. Italy remains the...
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Essay about Tourism in Machu Picchu

As per the popular travel website Trip Advisor, the visitor experience of Machu Picchu is considered a once in a lifetime, unmissable experience, being described as amazing and mystical. Due to the nature of the area, there is a reasonable amount of hiking to be done at the site in order to get the most out of the visit. A popular option employed by the more adventurous tourists is to access the citadel through the Inca trail. The visitor sessions...
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Essay about Thirty Meter Telescope Protests in Hawaii

The scope of the problem I am going to discuss is on the issue that is happening in Hawaii about the building of the TMT. This social problem is becoming a big headline in Hawaii news because the protesters have blocked builders from proceeding with the building of the TMT. The TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) is a project to build the biggest telescope and put on top of Mauna Kea. However, there is already 13 telescopes on top of Mauna...
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Issue of Underage Drinking in Australia and Reactive Advertising as an Effective Way to Combat It

The World Health Organization defines public health as “the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society”. Health campaigns are generally designed both to increase awareness of health threats and to move target audiences to action in support of public health. Reactive advertising is when the advertisement creates a fear in you, but does not teach them how to prevent it happening. Whereas proactive is more positive and comical, audience may...
1 Page 467 Words

Essay about Conflict Over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Most Egyptians lived close to the Nile as it gave water, nourishment, transportation and magnificent soil for developing nourishment. Just as being utilized for transportation. Barely any downpour. Falls in Egypt, subsequently the floods that happened from the Nile waterway gave the inly normal wellspring of dampness to support crops, in antiquated Egypt this was the main spot that they could develop their own nourishment, and it was extremely basic to see numerous fields being cultivated up and down the...
2 Pages 1045 Words

The 2018 Lower Puna Eruption

This devastating event happened on Hawaii’s Big Island and sent lava flowing through a very populated area called Leilani Estates, a residential area located near the Kilauea volcano. Hawaii is a part of the United States of America, but it is located in the Pacific Ocean. The lava spread thirty-six thousand square meters, forcing approximately two thousand people living near Kilauea to evacuate their homes. What Caused It to Happen? Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the...
2 Pages 711 Words

Short, but Not Sweet: My Camping Experience

Whenever I ask my husband if he wants to go on a camping trip for the weekend, I get this concerned look from him that says ‘please not again’. Then he very quickly reminds me of the may long weekend about four years ago, when he totally wanted to grab me by the neck and squeeze the life out of me. It was late Thursday afternoon and my only job was to gather the basics supplies, while he finished seeding...
2 Pages 908 Words

Problems That Prevent You from Enjoying Your Camping Trip

Nothing can stop the excitement and anticipation of camping more than a dark rainy day. If the sky is gloomy and humid, even the most adventurous camper will lose some enthusiasm on the way to camping. After arriving at the destination, campers must ‘settle down’ in the downpour. This includes keeping the inside of the tent dry and dust-free, placing sleeping bags in a dry place, and protecting food from rain. If the sleeping bag is wet, cold becomes the...
1 Page 635 Words

Personal Impressions from the Tour in DOST-ASTI and GMA Network

Department of Science and Technology-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) is based at the center of University of the Philippines-Diliman Campus. DOST-ASTI is tasked to do the research and improvement of the information and communications technology in the country. DOST-ASTI has local and international partners in order for continuous development of its programs. DOST-ASTI is focuses on, but not limited to, the following areas. Their top priority is research and development on microelectronics and information and communication technology. With these...
2 Pages 978 Words

Essay about Paris as a Megacity

My chosen megacity to talk about was Paris. Paris is the capital of France and is located in Europe. It has a population of 2.141 million people and is a very popular tourist destination. In this essay I’m going to be talking about the environment, education, and safety in Paris. How Has Climate Change Affected Paris? Paris is in an agreement with the United Nations that deal with climate change and greenhouse gas emissions which must mean it has affected...
2 Pages 846 Words

Paris as a Competitive Region

Paris is a quintessential global city. We all know Paris is the world’s most visited places, and Paris’s economy is thriving today thanks to talented workers’ studies, modern infrastructure, and global niches in creative industries, services, business, and the tourism. Paris is a rich city-region, compared to other major global cities its economy is growing slowly. The regional economy of Paris defined as a metropolitan labor market, Paris is the fourth-largest metro economy in the world and fifth-highest average wealth...
1 Page 611 Words

My Inspiring Journey to Ancient Place in Ethiopia

The first time I listened to this music was way back in 2011 when I and my grandma was on a journey to an ancient place in Ethiopia. The people who live there are mostly not familiar with modern music instruments. They use their own musical instruments and it very fascinating that these people live in their own way. I found it interesting when I first landed at this place and the music that I heard at the moment. Even...
2 Pages 912 Words

Essay about Kilauea Volcano in the Hawaiian Islands

Kilauea is an incredible secure fountain of liquid magma inside the Hawaiian Islands, and in this manner the most dynamic of the 5 volcanoes that along kind the island of Hawaii. It began ejecting around 150,000 to 280,000 years prior. It is the second most youthful result of the Hawaiian hotspot and in this manner the current eruptive focal point of the Hawaiian-Emperor mount chain. Since it needs topography noticeable quality and its exercises generally concurred with those of spring...
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