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Essay on Women's Empowerment in Contemporary Vietnam

It is seven o’clock in the morning, food vendors everywhere on the street serving Banh Mi Pho. Seeing the same ladies serving the same dish every single morning for the past four months of my stay had taught me that Vietnamese women are the most hardworking perseverant women I have met. Vietnam’s strong historical background, Confucian society, and the wars that changed the entire nation have shaped and molded Vietnam to the one we know of today. After the United...
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Will Food Delivery Be Bad For Canadian Restaurant Business: Analytical Essay

In Vancouver, restaurant-to-consumer delivery is becoming an indispensable part of Canadian business. However, not all of the restaurants offer delivery service. As a result, more and more businessmen catch up this opportunity and develop food delivery apps, such as Uber, SkipThe Dishes, DoorDash, and Fantuan. “Delivery, in general, is really underpenetrated in Canada, relative to other countries globally”, said Ms. Pang. As we know that these services are attracting a lot of people in Canada but besides this, it is...
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Why South Africa May Struggle to Attract FDI: Analytical Essay

South Africa is a country with huge potential to grow economically and socially but it is hindered by many socio-economic factors such as poverty, poor standard of education, high crime rate and lack of investments. Foreign direct investment (FDI), generally refers to an investment by an individual or firm in a business in another country. FDI is crucial for economic growth it provides capital, entrance to foreign technology, knowledge and managerial skills and leads to other essential inputs. South Africa’s...
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What Are Dubai's Prospects for Becoming the Most Innovative City in the World: Analytical Essay

Millions of people from around the world are currently working in Dubai and are earning a lot more than what they ever expected for themselves. At the same time there are millions around the world, who are looking forward to shift their setup to UAE and start working in this country. But what are the reasons people are choosing UAE and Dubai in general as their host land for investing the money that they have. It is well-established fact that...
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Virtual Reality and Its Use in the Tourism Industry

Virtual reality (VR) can be defined as create an illusion that we are present somewhere we are not. Virtual reality can lead people to experience all in one time in a place within as the same time. Virtual reality can persuade human brain to bring them to a place but it is not a real place. There is three-dimensional image that was created with hardware of software in virtual reality. Then, it will present to the user in various way....
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Statuesque Skyscrapers of New York City: Descriptive Essay

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity states that “everything is relative” (Einstein, 1920). It doesn’t just apply to physics or any particular phenomenon but to the whole world and ever-expanding universe. Narrowing down the focus to just the habitat of Homo sapiens, particularly the places where they live, work and eat which are called buildings. The utility, design, height, volume and many other things are dependent on many other factors. Willis (1995) explains that economic and programmatic formulas for quality office...
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State of Oral Health of Population in Vietnam: Analytical Essay

Vietnam, capitol Hanoi, is a Southeast Asian country bordered by Cambodia, China, Laos and Malaysia with the Vietnamese dong as the national currency. The national language is Vietnamese with few confident English speakers despite learning it in school, but due to the history of one thousand years of Chinese occupation and French colonization in the late 19th to the early 20th century, minority languages spoken include both French and Chinese (Lonely planet, 2019). Japanese invasion and control of Hanoi in...
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Essay on the Rocky Mountains: Structural Geology and Formation Process

The Rocky Mountains is an extensive mountain range located in western North America. It stretches for 1,900 miles from British Columbia to New Mexico in the southwest side of the United States. The age of the mountain is estimated to be 55 to 80 million years old when tectonic activities and erosion caused plates to slide underneath the North American plate (Bird, 1503). This resulted in dramatic formation of valleys and peaks as the glaciers erupted. The highest peak of...
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North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Analysis from the Point of View of International Relations

To understand the nuclear crisis of North Korea, it is important that we categorize it into 3 parts: strategic interests, political factors and future hurdles. Strategic Interests Strategic interests observed by North Korea – we have both realistic and liberalist observers. In realistic terms the need for nuclear weapons is for its regime survival and security, besides to have a military influence at both regional and global levels. This means that the regime opposes denuclearization and wants the world to...
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The Most Memorable Journey of My Life

There is nothing better than the novelty experiences one can get from setting out on an adventure. Time off from our daily life helps us to forget about our everyday issues. In this essay I want to talk about the most memorable journey of my life. It began at home as we packed things for an exciting trip for our anniversary. We already booked the hotel room and made a bucket list of exciting places to visit. We were so...
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Essay on Limit Between Paris and His Banlieue

The urbanization of all cities has a good point and bad point to the city. In history government work and make an importance for urbanization and renovation of the cities, but any government in the world didn’t think about the future, they just think about themself and for their day. Recently, I was born in a Paris banlieue and grow up in a banlieue named Saint-Denis, our problem for people who lived in a banlieue is that, we are ejected...
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Essay on the Largest Solar Power Plant in the Philippines

According to experts, the Philippines has the best conditions to create an ideal 100 percent renewable energy economies most especially because of our tropical weather and massive amount of sunlight. The biggest solar farm facility in the Philippines up to this date is located in Calatagan, Batangas. This facility is so huge that it crosses three towns in Batangas. These are Lian, Calatagan and Balayan towns. Its location is very accessible as it is only a ten-minute drive from Calatagan’s...
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Essay on Italian Crisis of 2018

The Italian economy has been hit by a deep-seated political and economic stir which has led to an unprecedented financial crisis. Italy is the only eurozone country to enter recession in 2018 after two consecutive quarters of contraction in the business cycle. Alongside the 2010 debt crisis of Greece and 2018 currency crisis of Turkey, Italy stands alone to be the only eurozone nation to experience recession for the third time in the past decade. The Italian Economy: A Background...
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Analysis of Instability of the South African Economy and Issue of Immigrants

When you think of major countries in Africa, your mind thinks South Africa as one of the major choices but that reasoning could be due to some favorable reasons but due to recent events it could turn unfavorable. This is the case due to drastic events that have been occurring for years. The continuous xenophobic acts towards the country’s immigrants, average working-class citizens and even higher paid citizens by the natives have shed an incredibly bad light on the country...
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Influence of German Film Industry in 1919-1945

Since 1919, due to the inception of the expressionist movement, and its increasingly artistic take on the medium, the German film industry had started to have major impacts on not only German culture but also how film had been viewed worldwide, from a form of entertainment for lower class citizens to an art form to convey complex plots and messages. Expressionist film, like ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’, had used film to express the directors’ emotions, especially his thoughts on...
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Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission and Its Role in Fighting Corruption in Victoria Police

Victorian police have immense discretionary powers and are considered the most authoritative agents of social control in Australia. With the most dominant power comes great responsibility towards a proper performance for the safety and duty for the community. Police accountability must be reviewed when the understanding of issues is raised in society due to police powers being abused. Issues connected can entail ethics and integrity, ensuring police actions are steered by a professional code of conduct. To ensure a steady...
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Impact Marketing of K-Pop Idols on Japan's Economic Growth

The boom of South Korean pop (K-pop) originally expanded to few Asian countries in mid-1990s; however, in early twenty first century, it has gained global popularity in the twinkling of an eye. The latest BTS – a Korean idol group which consists seven boys – got the first place on America’s Billboard album chart (Dal and Lee, 2019). It was also for the first time to get that record as Asian music stars. The announce means BTS got international fame...
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Impact of Terrorism on Egypt's Tourism

Tourism in the Arab countries has become almost the sole economic and social mechanism to reduce rapid urbanization processes and to facilitate a decent standard of living in peripheral areas. In the Arab region, this is the case in Aqaba (Jordan), Sinai and the Red Sea (Egypt) (Mansfeld & Winckler, 2015). Unique sights and monuments, comfortable climate, all-inclusive hotels, diving, beaches – all of it and so much more makes Egypt a popular and very attractive tourist destination. However, in...
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Impact of Climate Change on Vietnam: Analytical Essay

Global warming is an inevitable topic since the 21st century, which related to the well-being of hundreds of millions of people on the earth and the survival of humanity in the future. Especially in Southeast Asia, the region is largely affected by climate change. This is because Southeast Asia located in a tropical marine area, the national income is mainly depended on the agricultural economy and marine economy. The climate change also leads to the problem of environmental disruption. Such...
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Essay on History of Alaska’s Aviation Infrastructure

To begin this paper, we should have an understanding of what Alaska likes. Alaska is no small state by any means stretching as far as 663,267 square miles. With that said Alaska is known for its cold climate with mountains, hill, and more. Not just that but you can also find blizzard and having snow year-round. Pilots that fly in these areas should be ready for IFR conditions. Alaska is also home to forests, lakes, and a diverse amount of...
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Essay on Great Chicago Fire as One of the Biggest Influences in Architecture

As one of the biggest influences in architecture, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 left a very imprinted memory on the city itself. The fire itself altered many aspects, from the rapid growth of Chicago to the changes in building codes that impacted on the birth of a new style that represents one of many American architectures. The Great Chicago Fire was said to be started on the evening of October 8, 1871, in a barn that belonged to the...
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Effects of Mercantilism on the Netherlands, France and Britain: Essay

The word ‘mercantilism’ is a term that most economists would define as a theory; this is based on the idea that the world’s total wealth was static and strongly supported government intervention in regulating trade through commercial (protectionist) policies to protect domestic firms and economic growth. If executed effectively, it should result in a country’s GDP increasing whilst producing a trade surplus. The Effects of Mercantilism on the Netherlands When looking back at history, the theory of ‘mercantilism’ was first...
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Essay on the Best Adventure of My Life

Nowadays, when googling up the definition of adventure, you will easily get a general answer like “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”. Basically, that’s more or less encapsulated it. People often think about adventure as an exhilarating experience that is with some potential for physical danger. Adventures may be in the main, reckless and dangerous outdoor activities such as skydiving, scuba diving, cliff jumping or extreme sports. Adventure is hard to define but can only be experienced...
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The Beatles' Journey: Essay on the Most Important Rock Group of All Time

“War is over! If you want it.” The dark, dreary streets of London were just crawling out of the hole left by World War II. With a new decade, there was a bright future ahead: the Swinging Sixties. It was a chance for freedom and to make a difference for the rising generation. It was the decade of the ‘British Invasion’. The Beatles is a name that is instantly recognized by the vast majority. It’s hard to find someone that...
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Essay on The Baker Act: The Florida's Mental Health Act

When you hear the Baker Act, what are your initial thoughts? One who is unfamiliar with the meaning may think the you’re referring to tasty baked goods. But that is far from what the Baker Act entails. The Baker Act is a Florida law, also known as the Florida Mental Health Act, which allows for involuntary evaluations for individuals who may need emergency mental health services and temporary detention up to 72 hours for those who may be impaired due...
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The 2016 Chicago Cubs: Essay

108 long years of pain and sorrow. Erased with the flick of a wrist from third baseman, Kris Bryant to capture the final out on November 2nd 2016. The Chicago Cubs World Series drought was an amazing feat, with curses, riots and everything else above. It tore and brought the city of Chicago together countless times. 108 years, lifelong die-hard fans were going their entire lives without seeing their team get that ring, baseball is a huge thing in Chicago,...
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Essay on Taormina: The Town That Made My Dreams Come True and Changed My Life Forever

Perhaps the most fulfilling human emotion is that of liberty. In a society burdened by the monotonous droning of everyday life, a sense of freedom might be the most empowering feeling in existence. Every urbanized city I’ve lived in, from grand Toronto to unimposing Champaign, has left me with the opposite; a constricting claustrophobic feeling. Even aspects of my life that are almost unanimously considered for the better of society never satisfied me, namely technology. Unlike my colleagues, as I’ve...
3 Pages 1464 Words

Essay on South Africa: Hunger Must Go by 2030

The number of people going hungry everyday has been increasing in the world in the past 3 years. More than 820 million people are going hungry everyday around the world (FAO, 2019). According to Chakona and Shackleton (2017), Drimie & Mclachlan (2013) and Pereira, Cuneo & Twine (2014), South Africa is declared food secure at national level. However, it can be argued that this is not a true reflection because a lot of households are still living below the food...
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Should the United States Have Annexed the Philippines: Discursive Essay

By and large, there are numerous logical inconsistencies concerning the addition of the Philippines. Consequently, against colonialism remains contrary to the U.S. development; while dominion underpins the possibility of occupation. There is a need to think about the contentions of the two sides to comprehend the points of interest and inconveniences of the approaches. Albert Beveridge believes that individuals are to be controlled without their assent. In this manner, he discusses their effective approach concerning different regions the nation controls....
1 Page 467 Words

Essay on Saint-Claude: The Home of Many Saints

If you drive a few hours north of Geneva into France, you will come across a small town called Saint-Claude. When you start walking through the center of Saint-Claude, taking in the fresh mountain air you will eventually find yourself at a memorial. If your French is good enough you will discover that 75 years ago 302 innocent people were arrested by the Gestapo and taken from this town to Nazi concentration camps. 108 of these people were never to...
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