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The Issue Of Fake News In Modern Journalism

Today the term journalism is applied to popular publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, and to television news operations like Good Morning America and 60 Minutes. Journalists use their First Amendment right to tell the world a story. The political parties of the United States have sadly decreased news media in communications. Journalism has changed greatly since the colonial days. When newspapers were just delivered to one’s door early in the morning with information around the...
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Social Media And Digital Journalism

The definition of Journalism has always been debated by various scholars throughout the development of journalism. Thus, we will first discuss two elements of journalism definitions that should be proposed by scholars. The following definition is proposed by Zelizer which defines journalism as “the organized and public collection, processing and distribution of news and current affairs material” and elsewhere defines news as “new information about an event or issue that is shared with others in a systematic and public way”...
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The Main Aspects Of News Reporting And Journalism

Journalism entails reporting on ongoing and emergent events through the gathering of information and presenting it in the most appropriate way to the public. Journalists range from reporters, video, or photojournalists to writers, and each uses a particular medium to come up with stories that engage the public and relay important information. The critical part of a journalist is identifying a topic important to the public, from covering the trending events to presidential election reporting, and finally generating a story...
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Facebook And Its Role In Interfering In Journalism

“I became a Journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world” Introduction Introduction to Journalism: Journalism plays a very important role in today’s world. Journalism is a field of mass communication, which is related to studying, broadcasting and announcing of different world affairs which includes politics, fashion trends, government related and other issues to a wide audience. Journalism spreads over history, it really started in the 1600s. The history of Journalism is closely related to...
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Analytical Essay on Impact of Journalism

The power of journalism plays a significant role in an individual’s life, journalism provides accurate, unbiased, neutral, and factual news or information to all people living in a certain community. For every citizen must be updated and know what is happening. It is very important that journalism is providing the information needed by the citizens on different platforms, like television, radio, social media, and so on. Journalists must be cautious of their news, they must be responsible and also careful...
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Environmental Journalism in Colombia: Why Are People ‘Shooting the Messengers’

The topic being explored in this essay was chosen following a conversation with a Tearfund worker who spoke of the global silence surrounding the murder of environmental defenders in Latin America. Colombia ranked 2nd in Global Witness’ list of worst affected regions for the persecution of environmental defenders (Global Witness, 2019). Moreover, Reporters Without Borders reports that in the past decade, two environmental journalists in Colombia have been murdered, with many more facing constant threats and other abuses (RSF, 2020)....
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Why There Should be Censorship in Journalism?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, freedom of speech is the legal right to express one’s opinions freely (‘Freedom of speech.’ This means that while expressing an opinion one can be offensive, does not necessarily need to tell the truth and certainly not accountable to say sorry when making a mistake etc. Freedom of expression is important and necessary for democracy but not for journalism (2). Journalists need to have freedom of expression but not in that sense of definition....
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Global Journalism: Reactions And Definitions

What is global journalism? Global journalism also known as international journalism is the practice of gathering and dissemination of information across the national boundaries. It brings issues of the foreign into a global perspective or dimension. It is often confused with foreign journalism which is the presentation of a media entity in a foreign country. According to (Berglez Peter, 2008) the focus of global journalism is the increasingly relations caused by globalization and that while it exists in news, it...
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Critical Analysis Of A Book: Theorizing Digital Journalism

As the digital media industry grows and the print industry wears away, the author Jane B. Singer of the chapter Theorizing Digital Journalism: The Limits of Linearity and the Rise of Relationships explores the theories and differences of analog journalism and digital journalism. Singer analyzes the characteristics of journalism by creating the “Five I’s” (Singer 2016) as well as ending the chapter with a suggestion as to how further journalism studies should be done and what questions journalism scholars should...
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Global Journalism: Definition And Peculiarities

Globalization process and information technologies development have led to fundamental changes in understanding Journalism. Global journalism is a term merged out of this development and so gives your conceptual understanding of the practices and theories at present. Stephen 2008, define global journalism as a system of newsgathering, editing and distribution not based on national or regional boundaries where it is not expected that shared national or community citizenship is the common references uniting news makers, journalists and audience. Example Cable...
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Current Changes Of Journalism In The United States

Journalism in America has changed in multiple ways. Due to the fact, there are vast sources of media and a variety of perspectives for the average citizen to consider. This requires the American citizen to do their diligence and utilize critical thinking skills in order to navigate multiple media outlets which leads to a more inform decision. At the core of this decision-making process is the five values which are the foundation of ethical accuracy; independence; impartiality; humanity; and accountability....
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Fake News In Modern Journalism: Negative Impact

The journalism industry is forever growing and changing as time passes, but one major development in the past five years which has altered the way journalism is performed is ‘Fake News’. Fake news has various impacts on the industry, both positive and negative. Fake news is ‘yellow journalism’ or propaganda that involves deliberate falsification of news that is spread via the media. The main suspects are normally reporters outsourcing for stories, which is evidently unethical. The boom of the digital...
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The Features Of New Journalism In A Small Place By Jamaica Kincaid And Intrusions By Melissa Febos

In the essay “Intrusions,” the author Melissa Febos writes about a terrifying stalking incident she endured while living in New York and working as a dominatrix. She recalls how a strange man used to stand outside her window at night, groaning and saying inappropriate things to her, which made her feel unsafe in her own home. Also, the essay “A small Place” begins with the author Jamaica Kincaid narrating the reader’s experiences and thoughts as a hypothetical tourist in Antigua....
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Management of Creativity in Journalistic Work in Media Organization: Analytical Essay

The articles examine concerned of management of creative journalistic work in a media organization. It is draws on the literature and research about creativity management, the author emphasizes that there is scarcity of in-depth research evidence on process of creativity management. The article is based with empirical research with a case study that investigate and explores the experience of set up an international media corporation. Developing new personal competencies and skills are vitals factors given that many journalist felt that...
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Qualities, Abilities And Skills Of A Journalist In The Different Fields

Journalism: an academic study concerned with the collection and editing of news or the management of a news medium (Merriam-Webster). What qualities shall one have to become a journalist? What abilities or skills can one acquire by studying journalism? What are the careers as a journalist or what can one specialize in? As Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “I fear three newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets” (Picture Quotes). This quote from one of the most powerful men and general...
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Newspaper Journalists' Motivation

National Careers Service website describe newspaper journalists as those who investigate and write on broad range of subjects, from reporting on international and local news to politics, business, science, sports, arts and culture. Low motivation negatively impact work performance, which threatens an organisation’s ability to remain competitive in the market (Küng, 2008). Given fluctuating public attitudes and expectation on newspapers today, steady stream of creative content is more crucial than ever. Readers no longer look simply for the news, but...
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Protecting the Ethics of Photojournalism and Understanding its Capabilities

To achieve a career in photojournalism you need to be extremely educated on all aspects of photography and photojournalism. From knowing composition and lighting with also having to understand what goes on behind a true photojournalist. Being a photojournalist is everything that I have always wanted to be. I plan to go on a trip with a fellow photographer that goes on mission trips in South Africa. He photographs the people in the villages living in poverty where his organization...
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The Essence Of Fake News Circulation

News can be defined as professionally produced informed that is timely, accurate, relevant, clearly communicated and fair. Accessibility of news is surpassing than its credibility. Whereas, fake news is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media. Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically, often with sensationalist, exaggerated, or patently false...
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Journalistic Approach In Chronicles Of Death Foretold

There are many different forms of narration that can be used in a novel; the topic of this essay specifically discusses the journalistic approach used in the novella, Chronicle of the Death Foretold written by Gabriel García Márquez, and how it enhances the major themes of the story. In this work, the utilization of the author’s journalistic experiences combined with his ability to present a well-crafted tragic story allows to enhance the major themes of the novella. Themes such as...
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