Essays on Media Industry

Impact Of Social Media And Internet On Higher Education

Abstract The “Virtual World” the perfect connotation for today’s scenario. In the age of 21st century, we all are so much attached or dependent upon internet, social media sites that no one can image a single day without them. It looks like these are being...
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The Role of the Media in Crime Perception

Broadcast media has become a major vessel for imparting information as nearly sixty percent of Americans use it as their primary source. Since the 1970’s criminologists and sociologists have measured the effects of crime on viewer’s tenets. Several studies have been done that show that...
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The Aspects of Censorship in the Arts

Censorship has been around dating back at least to Plato. It is an ever-occurring issue that can be swept under the rug temporarily but could never be completely resolved. While it is recognised that censorship was made to safeguard the public from harm, to what...
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The Rationale for British Censorship of World War I

The publishing of this headline was based on a message sent to London at 11:30 the morning of the Somme’s opening, stating that “As far as can be ascertained our casualties have not been heavy” (1..). Whether intentionally fallacious, prematurely released, or genuinely mistaken, this...
4 Pages 1979 Words

Is Censorship of Internet Necessary?

Society especially the young kids have become dependent on the internet to express themselves and their thoughts. So what if the freedom to express oneself through the internet was taken away? It can come as a way for internet censorship. It means that what is...
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Advantages of YouTube TV over Sling

Cable TV is slowly being overtaken by events. Granted, there are still millions of loyal subscribers who haven’t “cut the cord” yet but the masses are now gravitating towards online options of viewing content. Blame it on technology or crazy work schedules but convenience is...
1 Page 616 Words

Correlation Between Yearly Album Sales and Youtube Views

Introduction The aim of this paper is to find the correlation between yearly album sales from 2015-2017 and the YouTube music video views. K-pop otherwise known as Korean Pop has been increasing in popularity globally these past few years and I believe it is a...
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