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Theory of Media Ethics: Critical Analysis

Basic assumptions and postulations of the social responsibility theory This theory, considered a western theory incorporates a part of the libertarian principle and introduces some new elements as well. The underlying principle of the social responsibility theory of the press is that the press should be free to perform the functions that the libertarian theory granted it the freedom to perform, but that this freedom should be exercised with responsibility (Okunna & Omenugha, 2012). If the media fail to satisfy...
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Scope of YouTubing as a Profession in Bangladesh

Introduction YouTube is a platform where YouTubers share their videos and earn money. There are many countries where people are choosing YouTube as a career. But there are so many people who can’t think youtube can be a profession. They don’t know about it. Especially in Bangladesh, people can’t think about it. There are many YouTubers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh YouTubers are not choosing YouTubing as a career. Even they can’t think about it. There are many reasons behind this. In...
2 Pages 977 Words

Reputation Economy and Effectiveness of YouTube: Analytical Essay

YouTube has been a long-standing platform where people filmed everyday lifestyle videos. However, it is no longer enough to produce engaging content that satisfies oneself. With increasing pressure to stand out by feeding the algorithm that promotes a video’s popularity, it has become common for modern-day Youtubers to seek professional help in their video content production. Consequently, a new layer of jobs has emerged, one that people do not intuitively regard – farming out professional video editing to third parties....
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Relevance of Communication and Media Ethics: Analytical Essay

Fake news is a social ill that comes thick and fast in the Philippines. Containing false and misleading information, fake news, categorized into two: misinformation and disinformation, can manipulate public opinion and can influence political outcomes. The former contains unintentional inaccurate information, which is in direct contrast with the latter, which is an act of deception to convince an audience of something. Disinformation is intended to mislead people, while misinformation is not. In the Philippines, the problem of disinformation is...
2 Pages 739 Words

Pros and Cons of YouTube: Analytical Essay

YouTube is a great tool that can help people to get information, knowledge, and entertainment on the same media platform. YouTube content can create high social and mental influence on users. Most of the content being uploaded is by individuals like vloggers and only some of it is by corporations. So, the content available has many issues and viewers approach it in both a negative and positive manner. Viewers and bloggers claim that YouTube contains inappropriate content, and this becomes...
3 Pages 1450 Words

Pragmatic Supervised Learning Methodology of Hate Speech Detection in Social Media

A Pragmatic Supervised learning Methodology of Hate Speech Detection in Social Media 1G.Priyadharshini, 2Dr.M.Balamurugan 1Research Scholar, 2Professor and Head 1School of Computer Science, Engineering and Applications 1Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Abstract: In recent decades, information technology has been undergoing a huge evolution, with an expressive adoption of online social networks and social media platforms. Such progress revolutionized the way communication takes place by enabling a rapid, easy and almost costless digital interaction between its users. Although its numerous advantages,...
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Free Speech Versus Hate Speech on Social Media

Hate speech is merely critical, often demeaning, very critical, and offensive. Whenever hate speech becomes clear intimidation and threats against certain citizens, then some legal action needs to be taken. In addition, any form of malicious and persistent harassment that is focused on an individual is hate speech and should be prosecuted using the law. Individuals who send threatening messages using the internet to another individual or use public messages that are displayed on a certain website with information showing...
5 Pages 2099 Words

Fake News and Satire: Annotated Bibliography

TV shows like John Stewart, the Daily Show brings attention to how effective the use of satire in The Daily Show is and the positive political effect it has on people. Some people might define political satire as something you gain entertainment, some also might define it as something used with subversive intent, where political speech and dissent are forbidden by the government. TV shows like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report, and Saturday night live are...
3 Pages 1521 Words

Ethical Issues on YouTube: Discursive Essay

Was it ethical for Youtube to cancel Felix Kjellberg’s (Pewdiepie) original series and de-monetize certain videos on his channel following Anti-Semitic content posted on his channel in 2017? On one hand, it was ethical because Felix Kjellberg violated YouTube’s policies that are meant to protect advertisers from their ads appearing on offensive content. Also, Youtube responded to hate speech on its platform and made action to protect its community from offensive content. Lastly, it was ethical because Youtube did not...
4 Pages 1846 Words

Descriptive Essay on YouTube as a Video-sharing Site

Introduction YouTube is a video-sharing site in the United States that allows users to upload, share, watch and comment on videos. YouTube was founded in February 2005 and acquired by Google in November 2006. YouTube is the most popular website in the world and is used by many users every day. YouTube has users all over the world, so the site’s languages include English, Portuguese, German, and dozens of other sounds. There are many kinds of YouTube videos, including music,...
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Concept of Media Ethics and Its Application in Nigerian Media Practice

Introduction In this report, I plan to delve into the concept of media ethics, and its application in Nigerian media practice. After that, I would then proceed to place judgment on the level of ethical practices in Nigeria. Let me start by describing what I mean by media, and then I will describe what ethics are and how they are swiftly molding our online interactions and our communities. The word media describes any channel of communication. These are the channels...
4 Pages 1652 Words

Analysis of Media Ethics in Nigeria

This paper will appreciate the thesis about the issues involved in media ethics – and examine these issues from a social, professional, and cultural perspective, with an emphasis on media practice in Nigeria; However, before presenting the main arguments in favor of this thesis, I will have to deal with the main consideration that just as there is a positive aspect of the conflict – conflict is like having a serious disagreement with someone or something. when you see a...
5 Pages 2236 Words

Analysis of Issues Involved in Media Ethics

Abstract The various and competitive nature of the media industry brings so many diverse people and ideas together that a need for standardization and normality must be applied. The media industry has faced a very big increase in recent times, which is very good, and here are some of the factors that caused this increase: Globalization: This is when information goes viral and can be seen or heard from different places around the globe. Commercialization: advertisements are a huge source...
4 Pages 1893 Words

Essay about TikTok

Introduction Once a fruit is purchased, it is delicious and easy to consume. But over time, the delightful fruit becomes rotten. When rotten, it tends to be discarded. Throughout the engrossing history of social media, numerous apps have died down or been removed. But one app has transformed millions all over the world. TikTok is simply a fruit that cannot be repudiated. The concept of the famous social media app is derived from Zhang Yiming, who created the app for...
2 Pages 992 Words

Essay on Julia Serano’s Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Is This Really Feminism? From fashion to media to music, even video games, we can see how the raunch culture influences just about every aspect of everyone’s lives. Ariel Levy’s Female Chauvinistic Pigs gives readers a greater insight into why this culture is affecting the lives of women and young girls everywhere. Pop culture feeds social media is constantly being absorbed by young men and women, where both subject ideas of the predator/ prey mindset and chauvinist mindset discussed by...
3 Pages 1236 Words

Is Social Media Making Us More Narcissistic: Essay

Narcissism is a problem in the modern world and it is growing as fast as the obesity or gun violence issues in America today. This term is not just an issue or flaw in someone’s personality, but a real disorder that can be diagnosed. Technology has become widespread and Generation Y has the heaviest use of social media, compared to previous generations. The use of social media causes millennials to be narcissistic. Social networks mislead people to believe that they...
2 Pages 973 Words

Is Social Media Bad for Relationships: Argumentative Essay

Introduction Alienation is isolation and estrangement from yourself and/or others. This stems from the theories established by Emile Durkheim (1952) and in particular Karl Marx (1844), who argued that capitalism led to the “self-estrangement of man” due to the alienation humans experience from their labor (Marx, 1844). Although the main ideas are still highly relevant and applicable in modern society, alienation has changed from more labor based to a more contemporary sense of social alienation. In saying that, the recent...
2 Pages 997 Words

Essay on History of Social Media

The History of Social Media In this essay, you will be able to find a brief history of social media from its beginning, which is dated from 1971 up until the present times. The timeline below covers only the most significant events/platforms, so feel free to explore this topic even further on your own. 1971 – Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer, had sent a simple test message to himself. It has taken place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where email was sent...
2 Pages 848 Words

Who I Am: How Society Influences Our Self-Perception

On Facebook, I am a seemingly well-rounded student who has got it all together. On Instagram, I am a seemingly photogenic and aesthetic person. On Snapchat, I am someone who seemingly has a social life, going out all the time and having a good time. But who really am I? We create these different personas because of what we believe society wants from us, what we think is the ‘perfect’ person. Since the day we are born, we are overwhelmed...
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Internet's Influence on Cooking and Recipes

Nowadays, the Internet can be in everything from our stoves or fridges to sitting in our pockets all day, but at the end of the day, we all still look around in our kitchen for something tasty to eat. Now though, it seems the scrapbooks, church cookbooks, and recipe cards of yesteryear are long but forgotten, but are they? Everyone has a memory of going to a potluck, family outing, or dinner someplace away from home and trying a dish...
3 Pages 1480 Words

Essay on Social Media and Beauty Standards

We surround ourselves every single day using technology and looking through social media watching the latest posts on public figures we follow. We tend to always seem to run into a certain image that is defined as the ‘beauty standard of the moment’. Although beauty has evolved within the years many see it as an ordinary thing, as a joke, but as mentioned before there are two sides to this controversial topic. Many change their appearance to please themselves. Although...
4 Pages 1615 Words

Media Stigmatization of Mental Illness: Persuasive Speech

Have you ever envisioned yourself on the reciprocating end of a story that sensationalizes only a portion of relevant information towards you? Shon brightly through a negative light, the media is evidently responsible for disseminating of adverse stereotypes and false descriptions of innocent victims who are silently suffering with mental health issues. Through the influential forces of manipulation and stigmatization, the media holds the power to control society’s thoughts and attitudes towards mental health patients. Inaccurately depicted throughout all media...
3 Pages 1319 Words

Limited Media Perception of Beauty and Its Influence on Female Population

Every day we are bombarded with mass media on ideal feminine beauty. From female models on the cover of Vogue to female contestants on the latest reality TV series, women are presented with a limited perception of what people consider to be beautiful. Rather than simply agreeing with the media, we need to consider that these feminine beauty standards are unattainable. Do you find yourself guilty of this? Social media comparison refers to an individual’s inclination to compare themselves to...
2 Pages 776 Words

Social Media Impact on Food

The Food Culture Trend One of the many trends that international influencers began was of clicking pictures of one’s food and uploading it on social media. Sure enough, just one would have to start, the rest of them would follow the mob. This ensured that the trend evolved into a full blown social media activity from just clicking pictures of really good looking food to influencers ‘blogging’ about these foods and giving out information to their followers. The hashtags commonly...
3 Pages 1384 Words

Social Media as a Tool for Social Movements

In this article, the authors offer convincing arguments regarding the use of social media to influence social movements. Such technological innovations provide the best environment for participation and encourage people to focus on issues that affect them directly. Individuals who rely on social media platforms will have higher chances of pursuing a wide range of initiatives, thus becoming an important social capital. The authors explain why those who want to record identifiable gains should be ready to analyze some of...
2 Pages 829 Words

Rhetorical Question of Media Influence

There is no doubt, the media has the power to shape how we view a particular issue or belief, but the question must be asked, is it always impartial? The MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics states that writers must remain honest, independent, respect other rights, and be fair. Is the media following this code? And if not, what is their agenda? Australia Day is now well known for the overwhelming mass of articles and news reports that follow in its...
2 Pages 1003 Words

Media Freedom and Democracy Essay

Democracy has become a keyword in international debates about politics in various parts of the world. Lack of democracy is widely viewed as the root of the issues that plague some societies. Inherent in the concept of democracy is the certainty that people should be allowed to participate in making decisions about how they are governed (this being the base idea of democracy) because they have certain fundamental rights and freedoms and a society is democratic to the extent that...
3 Pages 1360 Words

Is Social Media Good for Democracy? Essay

The development and expanded commonness of social media all around the world has given individuals a stage to take an interest all the more effectively in democracy. This had made social media platforms an integral asset of articulation for a democracy. “Social media has become an expansion of our lives. Everybody has a nearness via social networking media. Although there are a few defects and sick impacts, it can’t be run down in light of the fact that it is...
1 Page 582 Words

Climate Change is Fake Essay

For years scientists have debunked the claims of deniers, only for them to be rehashed again a few months later. Well no longer! With the help of Professor Mike Rogerson, senior lecturer in Earth System Science at the University of Hull, it’s time to explain things in simple black and white. Fake Claim 1: Climate change is part of a natural cycle We’ll start by giving you one. Yes, there are natural cycles. For instance deniers love pointing to 17th...
2 Pages 825 Words

Environmental Journalism in Colombia: Why Are People ‘Shooting the Messengers’

The topic being explored in this essay was chosen following a conversation with a Tearfund worker who spoke of the global silence surrounding the murder of environmental defenders in Latin America. Colombia ranked 2nd in Global Witness’ list of worst affected regions for the persecution of environmental defenders (Global Witness, 2019). Moreover, Reporters Without Borders reports that in the past decade, two environmental journalists in Colombia have been murdered, with many more facing constant threats and other abuses (RSF, 2020)....
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