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Essays on Media Industry

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Censorship in AudioVisual Translation

AudioVisual Translation (AVT) is the term used to refer to the transfer from one language to another of the verbal components contained in audivisual works or products.“ AVT is the means through which not only information but also the views, the assumptions and the values...
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Impact of Youtube Advertisement on Buying Behaviour of Customer

Global Meaning of Advertising Advertising is the greatest art of the 20th century (Herbert Marshall McLuhan) Advertising is any paid form of presentation and promotion of ideas by identified sponsor; it is the major component of promotion mix. Advertising is to make consumers / people...
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Internet Censorship in China

INTRODUCTION On September 14th, 1987 the first email was sent from The People’s Republic of China to a prestige university in Germany, it was an enormous step forward to technology and international communications, this event marked the start of a new era of innovations within...
2 Pages 818 Words

The Differences of Censorship in the USA and China

Whether it’s w/ required animal testing in the food and beauty industry, or with the major concern of pollution in the ever-growing world population, China and the States never seem to be on the right foot. The film industry and the various ways to regulate...
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Role and Status of Media Education in India

Throughout the history, Indian media remained mostly independent. It was used as a mouthpiece and spokesperson of the government, the only time was during the emergency but after the end of the emergency era, the media emerged as an even stronger unbiased industry. Still media...
2 Pages 906 Words

Exploring YouTube Data: A Data Driven Approach

Abstract Video watching had emerged as one of the most frequent media activities on the Internet. Yet, little is known about how users watch online video. Using two distinct YouTube datasets, a set of random YouTube videos crawled from the Web and a set of...
3 Pages 1362 Words

Role of Print Media in Coverage of Environment Issues

Abstract Media has been considered as fourth pillar of democracy, where everyone has right to expression. With its vast reach, mass media is called ‘ the magic multiplier’ which demonstrates its powerful impact. Because mass media is a platform to highlight social, political, cultural, global...
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