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As the use of social media has been increasing day by day, a large amount of user content is freely available on social media sites. Nowadays companies need to monitor and analyze customer content on their social media sites to increase their competitive advantage and growth of their businesses. We ...

conduct a detailed case study for the analysis and comparison of the content available on social media. We picked the top 5 games (GTA 5, Red Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, and Fortnite ) and conduct an analysis of social media content on their Facebook official pages. We found comparisons and differences in social media use among these game franchises and discuss our findings and recommendations to help companies in improving their social media competitive analysis strategies.

Nowadays, people use social media sites to present their feelings, opinions e.t.c but social media sites are also used by customers to express their reviews on the product they have purchased. Their reviews and concern on social media sites help us to learn about their purchasing experience and provide important knowledge to improve their market service and their quality. We analyze that the textual data on social network sites plays very important for the growth of any business. The rapid growth of social media content requires the ease of using new social media techniques. Competitive intelligence is important for companies to use in managing risks and making decisions.[1] . Not only do they need to monitor their own social media sites but they also have to monitor their competitor’s social media sites. To make their business successful companies need to process all available information (customers’ opinions, reviews of services, quality ) to predict what happened and what’s gonna happen. With the increasing use of social media, the tremendous amount of customer-generated content available on social media sites has now become a new source of mining competitive intelligence. [2].

Helping gaming businesses to understand how to perform actionable social media analytics and how social media content can be transformed into strategically actionable knowledge by conducting an in-depth case study using frameworks and tools to analyze and compare unstructured text content on the Facebook sites of the top 5 best selling games franchises (GTA, Red Redemption, Fortnite, Assassin Creed, BattleField). We focused on comparing posts on their official Facebook pages to understand the issues and problems with customers’ reviews of these games. As the gaming industry is a billion-dollar industry and games are available on many platforms including consoles, PC, Portable consoles, mobile, etc.

Social media sites provide the facility for users to create and share content like photos, videos, sharing, etc. Facebook is the most popular in terms of its use, and network traffic and is widely used by many business companies to interact with customers and to track customers’ feedback and reports. [3][6].Many business companies use social media to track their product feedback among customers and to communicate with customers.

Social media plays an instrumental role in promoting consumer awareness and providing access to vast amounts of information that impact decision-making processes. [7].As social media reach a large audience at a low cost.[8][9].On social media, platform businesses are able to develop new techniques to rapidly learn customer perceptions of new product offerings and maximize opportunities to attract and collaborate with loyal customers [10][11].

It is very important for business companies to constantly collect and check information about their competitor’s products and services and plans. [3][2].As social media is used as a medium for companies to interact with their customers, companies need to monitor their own social media sites.

To conduct social media competitive analytics we use a combination of traditional statistical analysis, text mining, content analysis, and sentiment analysis techniques to examine social media content collected by comparing customers’ experiences from social media sites.

Text mining aims to extract meaningful information from unstructured textual data [3][4]. The main purpose of text mining is to automatically extract knowledge, insights, and useful trend from a given set of text documents.[5]. This technique has been used to analyze a large amount of social media data. Text mining identifies trends in posts or comments from social media sites.

Sentimental analysis is the computational detection and study of opinions, sentiments, emotions, and subjectivities in the text [12][16][17]. Sentiment Analysis is concerned with the automatic extraction of positive or negative opinions from the text [12].

The video game industry has grown from a focused market to mainstream. The annual earnings from the games industry are higher than the film industry. According to the latest global games market reports from intelligence firm Newzoo projected that a base of 2.3 billion gamers worldwide spent a total of $ 137.9 billion on games this year.[13]. The industry-wide figure is up 13.3% year-over-year, driven largely by a 25.5% jump in mobile revenues to reach $70.3 billion. Breaking it down a little further, smartphones will account for about 80% of the mobile number, with tablets making up the remaining 20%. According to Newzoo, this will be the first year where mobile revenues make up a majority of the games industry.[13].As for the rest of gaming, it’s split nearly evenly between consoles and PCs. Newzoo expects console revenues to reach $34.6 billion for the year, or just over 25% of the total gaming spend, while PCs will contribute $32.9 billion to the total, or nearly 24% of all gaming revenues. In all, 91% of all industry revenues will be generated from digital sources.[13]

Data from social media can be collected from many software tools. The easy way is to use web-crawling software to access the web interface of the site. Many social media (like Facebook and Twitter) provides API services for data tracking. However, blogs and online forums typically do not provide API for data tracking but there are many forums that offer RSS feeds that can be tracked easily [15]. The framework can be used to facilitate the construction of a social media repository for managing heterogenous longitudinal social media data from competitors.[14] The framework collects, stores, and analyzes data by conducting continuous longitudinal monitoring and analysis from social media sites. The data can be generated on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis to facilitate social media analysis for example by comparing customers’ comments and sentiments about a particular competing product.

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Media Discourse Analysis In The Publications Deutsche Welle, Unicef, India Today, Al Jazeera And Prothom Alo

Every year from July to September Torrential rain, flooding and monsoons are the norms for South Asia. The annual event is unpredictable in its danger, death, and destruction. In 2019, the first onslaught of catastrophic monsoons hit on July 12 in the South Asia region in countries such as Bangladesh, China, India, and Nepal. Numerous Publications have covered the event from differing perspectives to their respective audiences. From local viewpoints, foreign opinions and ultimately transnational behaviour the event is perceived,...
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Analysis of Media in Response to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID 19 has become a threat to the entire world. It is proved to be deadly and has become a catalyst in creating challenges for the national and the state governments all around the world. Every government has adopted autocratic decisions to get over the nationwide health emergency. Amidst this situation, media has played a major role in the democracy by visualising rational and critical information in an objective perspective. The righteousness of the media can be well identified at...
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Theoretical Concepts and Techniques for Data and Media Analysis

Background information on the organization is invested: Eastern Heroes is a successful catering company based in Leicester which serve pan Asian foods for different individual events. Pan alludes to a menu that incorporates various dishes from one specific cuisine; in this way, pan- Asian cooking are restaurants that offer all the exemplary dishes from a chose eastern culture Asian cuisine which can be part into four all-encompassing classifications relying upon its area in the mainland: west, central, east or south....
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Analysis Of Gillette Social Media Campaign Communication Strategy Basing On Social Media Activism And Ethics

Introduction The Best Men Can Be is a corporate social responsibility public relations campaign by the Gillette brand, a Procter & Gamble safety razor and personal care product whose goal was to address negative behaviour among men such as sexism, bullying, toxic masculinity and sexual misconduct. The campaign was launched on the 13th of January 2019. The social media campaign was targeted at men who are the target market for the personal care products sold under the Gillette brand (Gogarty,...
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Essence and Objectives of Social Media Analysis: Descriptive Essay

Abstract A social media network is defined as a social structure of individual or multiple people, who are related to each other directly or indirectly based on a common relation of interest like friendship, trust, etc. Social media analysis is the study of social networks to understand user’s behavior. In recent time social media analysis is popular term due to its use in different applications from product marketing like viral marketing to search engines and organizational management. Recently there has...
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Essay on Media Analysis: Concept of Narrative Agency and Narrative Analysis

As part of my final essay for DME1000, will be discussing the concept of narrative agency and I will also analyse two set media texts of my choosing. Within this essay whilst analyzing my media texts I will proceed to discussing various narrative theories, differentiating the key difference between a story and plot, as well talking about the significance of the technical and symbolic codes of my chosen media texts. When analyzing a movie’s narrative ones must know the difference...
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Media Analysis Of The Films The Breakfast Club And Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom: Is Culture And Race Impacting Our View On Media?

Introduction This project allowed me to get in depth with two movies, The Breakfast Club by John Hughes and Indiana Jones Temple of Doom by Steven Spielberg. This project mainly focused on how gender, class, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation is pictured throughout the movies. By just having an understanding of the different sociological concepts portrayed in these movies, you can further have a good idea of people’s perspective on the society according to human personalities. Having a good understanding on...
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Media Analysis: Study of Robert Latimer Case

It is understood that those with disabilities are faced with many disadvantages. When looking at children with disability one can see the vulnerability and dependency they have on their primary caregiver. Often the primary caregiver is the child’s parent. Within this relationship, the parent usually makes all health-related decisions on behalf of their child, with implied consent. However, Robert Latimer brought up the question of whether or not it just in the eye of the law for a parent to...
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Media Analysis Of Domestic Violence In Australia

Legal definition of the Crime Domestic Violence is defined by the (Family Law Act 1975) as ‘violent, threatening or other behavior by a person that coerces or controls a member of the persons family or causes the family member to be fearful’ (AMA, 1998). “…any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty” (United Nations,...
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Social Media Analysis: Online Communication Peculiarities And Accelerated Data Exchange

In the course of recent years, communication field had experienced a great deal of progress as the number of communication social networking sites have increased. The developing communication channels have figured out how to advance into the market coming about to rivalry among various communication media making communication needs less expensive. Internet sites have had a noteworthy impact in upsetting communication change. Remarkably, there have been various phases of advancement in the said field with notable many advancements that have...
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Essay on Media Analysis

As the use of social media has been increasing day by day, a large amount of user content is freely available on social media sites. Nowadays companies need to monitor and analyze customer content on their social media sites to increase their competitive advantage and growth of their businesses. We conduct a detailed case study for the analysis and comparison of the content available on social media. We picked the top 5 games (GTA 5, Red Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed,...
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