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There are millions of car advertisements online about what car to buy or their reason to choose their car over any other companies. In the car industry, it can be seen why paper advertisement is essential. There are multiple techniques and ways for car companies to convince their audience to buy their vehicles. Some of the most popular techniques are model, prop, setting, and camera techniques. It all depends on the audience the car companies are trying to target. The majority of the time car companies will use either setting and camera techniques or props and models. It all just depends on whom the car companies are trying to target and what they are trying to show the audience.

Setting and camera techniques are better visual rhetoric to influence consumers to buy their car. The setting and camera technique reach the audience that wants to buy the car for the car's looks. A good example of this would be a porches paper advertisement about “kills bugs fast “Porsche advertisers promoted the Porsche 993 turbo by putting it in a specific setting and adjusting the camera to a certain angle. the phrase “kills bugs fast “also has a double meaning that helps support the camera technique used. The picture of the famous Porsche was taken outside, in the woods where it seems that the car is turning. The camera technique they used was a close-up angle. Where it shows just how fast the car really is. Settings and camera techniques would influence the audience who wants to be free and go fast in a luxury sports car. Setting and camera techniques also reach the audience for what the car is capable of doing. In the paper advertisement for the Volkswagen Golf R, it's seen that the advertisers choose the setting and the camera technique to be able to show what the car is capable of doing. The setting is at night on an empty road. The camera technique was also important because it shows what the car is capable of which is going 0 to 100 mph in 5 seconds. The angle of the camera is pointing downward to show just how fast the car is. The setting and camera technique show exactly what the car is capable of doing.

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Car companies use camera techniques and settings for specific purposes. They are trying to convey two things. To show the body of the car, and show where the car can go or how fast the car is. This can only be achieved by using the visual rhetoric of setting and camera technique. like before. Car companies know that to be able to sell their vehicles, they will use a camera technique to show the sleek design of the car. This will ultimately target the audience who wants a beautiful, luxury car. If the design of the car isn’t portrayed well enough. They won't be able to sell as many cars. This also applies to why they choose settings as visual rhetoric rather than models and props. The setting shows what the car is capable of doing. Jeep used setting to target adventurers and people who like to explore with their 1987 jeep wrangler paper advertisement. They showed the beautiful jeep at the top of a mountain, which no ordinary car can reach. The setting showed that if you enjoy adventuring and being able to go to new places the jeep is the right car to buy.

Props and models are better visual rhetoric techniques that are used to influence customers to buy cars. Props and models reach the audience who wants to attract others for the car they drive. A good example of this is a paper advertisement by Honda. They showed their minivan in the middle of the road surrounded by deer and butterflies. The models, in this case, would be the animals. Whenever you see a car surrounded by animals it attracts friendliness. It shows that the car is very likable. Which greatly influences the customer. Another example would be Ferrari. they hired a beautiful, young colored eye woman. She's wearing a red dress that shows her curves. She is any man's dream. Ferrari uses this specific model to bring in customers. When men see that if they own a Ferrari, models like the one shown by the car company will come they will be more persuaded to buy the car. It’s an ingenious tactic used by Ferrari. The companies use models and props for a very specific purpose. Which is to sell the car as fast as possible by showing them an attractive model or showing props that would influence the purchase. Showing a gorgeous woman/man to any customer would certainly bring attention to the car company. Although there are different techniques that are used to influence consumers to buy cars. Models and props are used to sell a car faster. while setting and camera techniques influence the customer on the capabilities of the vehicle.

In conclusion whenever a customer is looking for a vehicle. They should make sure that they are buying the car for the right reasons. There are many car companies that use different types of visual rhetoric techniques to persuade customers to buy their cars for the wrong reasons. The most common techniques are models and props or settings and camera techniques. It is important to know why to choose a certain car over any other. Are they buying a car for what it's capable of? or the attention the car is going to bring. In the end, the customer will always be influenced to buy a vehicle by any one of these techniques.


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