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Social Media Analysis Paper for Amazon

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Background information

Amazon is an e-commerce company that was founded on the 5th of July 1994, in Seattle, Washington, United States by a man named Jeff Bezos, who is a Princeton graduate in computer science and electrical engineering the company started off by selling books then started to expand slowly by selling a variety of products including audio and video streaming services. It is now the world's largest online sales company. Amazon has increased its reach by having official social media pages. The marketing planning framework that Amazon follows is to “reach, act, convert, and engage”. Amazon has an official account on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Research methods and sources

I used Amazon's social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to find out about their promotional strategies I used this because most of the information was based on the live feed videos and they are from Amazon themselves hence the information itself is accurate.

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Analysis and interpretation

Amazon has already diversified itself into software, music, films, technology, apparel, and homeware. Amazon is also the world’s largest cloud infrastructure producer and recently they are producing consumer electronics like tablets and smartphones. Since Amazon is one of the world’s largest online platforms it has a very strong grip in the field of social media platforms and SEO, with Amazon having a central verified account for each of the product lines in social media which includes Amazon music, Amazon video, and Amazon web services they use their large following fan base and use it to the full extent to advertise their product. Amazon has more than 26.5 million likes on Facebook. They use their central verified account to highlight their product and target each product to their users by using social media analytics. Amazon creates relevant content during the holidays to reach its 23.5 million fan base. During the recent Christmas holidays, amazon uploaded a video on Facebook that indicate the delivery strategy of Amazon. They did the “delivering smiles” with the funnyman Dax Shepard by surprising children at the children's hospital in Los Angeles with Marine toys for the tot's foundation. Through these kinds of activities and videos, amazon tries to lure their fan base and try to engage their fan base and convert them into potential customers. Amazon in Twitter is really intriguing, since most of the time the companies don’t really care about the Twitter account responses, amazon is taking full advantage of the Twitter account by allowing their consumers to directly send their items from the shopping basket directly from Twitter by responding hashtag (#) amazon cart. Their B2C aspect in the business is so strong which can be seen from their Amazon web services Twitter account. For the Christmas holidays, Amazon Twitter is targeting their consumer base by showing advertisements on toys and providing direct links to their websites where the consumers can directly go and add their products to their baskets. Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sites known for the importance of social media and social media analytics. Since they have millions of fanbases in the major social media platforms they are utilizing the full potential to reach them and trying to convert them into potential customers. They try to answer and resolve queries through social media platforms and by doing this they think that they dig deep into the heart of the consumers and increase the brand awareness by engaging millions of more customers. By starring celebrities like Dax Shepard, they are trying to endorse the celebrity movement and reach their consumers through them as well.


The recommendation that I would like to give for Amazon's web service platform is that rather than providing a single uniform experience, it can personalize and help applicants and websites from normal content into highly relevant interactions based on individual behavior, performance, and history. This will help the consumers to find out relevant content for which they are looking for addressing their needs in a much better way, hence boosting a lot of engagement. For example, if there is a video streaming site that can help discover additional stuff and similar products that they have brought by providing recommendations on the home screen based on their demographics and buying habits. Many online users are sometimes frustrated by the irrelevant search results and the inability to find specific items which they are looking for, and hence amazon should consider each person’s preference by combining the query string with behavioral data from their past buying history. Amazon can make use of the back-end information to make the experience just more than personal for the consumers who shop frequently from Amazon. The company should make sure that the consumers get notifications of their marketing promotion based on consumer behavior, interest, and buying habits so that they can reach the consumers at the right time.

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