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Digital Marketing (SHELTER) Social Media Campaign on Social Housing

Executive Summary:

Social Housing can give valuable societal advantages of housing. The expanded limit in public and private competition for funding. Social housing managed by local councils in Britain, gives modest housing to poor and weak people in society. Non-profitable organizations inside Britain work along the expectations for everyday comforts of the people by policies to curtail the circumstance of housing issues. SHELTER is rehearsing the best-computerized ways in the market to give the best services. This could be more grounded in the government assistance focus of social housing.


SHELTER Social Housing gives a less expensive house to homeless people. The lease is exceptionally less expensive than the other private facilities. The long-term tenancy will be flexible for them. Housing and the role of housing give the beginning and motivation behind the points of landowners. The reaction for the individuals who are in very weak conditions the government encourages their base principles to ensure and protect them.

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Task 1: SHELTER: Social media campaign on social housing PESTEL Analysis:

Political: Potential fall in the pound value due to Brexit which would affect the income levels of people. Many welfare changes may not be reversed. Control against corruption. Business and tax regulation policies. Brexit is an important factor that is affecting the political situation in the UK and is yet to be affected by the charities in funding. People lost their trust in charities as they could not trust about the funds they are donating are reaching the concerned organization or not.

Economic: The charities are in danger since the economy will observe the loss of income (both at the large-scale company level as well as at the individual level) which consequently would influence the money-related dependability of the foundations. Employer stability for some in lower-wage occupations will stay poor. Since SHELTER’S significant wellspring of income is from Donations, the association must be solid and steady to challenge face any issue with more compelling plans like holding the donors.

Social: The population socioeconomics impact of the promoting and the public relation. Ethnic and the strict impacts. Rough sleeping rates will stay high. The world's biggest dread, CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) shook the whole world. The homeless are at higher risk of spreading the infection. The homeless are more powerless against being influenced by COVID-19. ( which will prompt a greater number of deaths. SHELTER should work intimately with the legislature and plan procedures promptly to spare vagrants from death by moving them to a protected and solid home.

Technological: Developing requirements for social housing tenants to have web access. UK is headed to third place in the worldwide rankings for the AI Industry. Around 25% of UK grown-ups redesign their smartphones every year. Developing capacity for staff to work adequately from home because of innovative advances. SHELTER is working with the best technological progression in raising support division, in giving the best Digital Advice ( - procedure).

Environmental: Environmental protection through the guideline & corporate social duty. Numerous organizations building relations with the Charities and Non-Profitable Organizations. One of the Important systems of SHELTER is Corporate Partnership. By joining forces, SHELTER is moving in the direction of accomplishing its objective, to accomplish better housing for individuals. Promoting Standards (

Legal: Laws that are identified with compensation and in the work of tax assessment charges. GDPR guideline intending to secure individual information of people is carefully trailed by the SHELTER. The association is a GDPR grievance as it secures the individual information and protection would utilize the data simply after the assent is communicated. The force will develop towards divestment of petroleum derivatives and the expense of sustainable power sources will begin to fall. Likewise, SHELTER's legitimate group gives lawful advice to individuals who need legal assistance with housing issues.

Task 2: SHELTER: Marketing Trifecta & Competitor Analysis

Shelter's, significant followers are on Twitter, Instagram, and followed by different channels. The SHELTER's promoting rehearses are inspiring. The organization’s significant view is on Owned Media. Awareness among individuals about the organization's work is broadly spread through owned media channels like Shelter's website and Social Media Platforms. Events are to achieve radical awareness among individuals and involve them in thinking about their housing benefits. Paid media advertising methodology is less executed when compared to Owned media. It is notable that foundations going through a huge measure of cash in advertising is difficult. Even though SHELTER's commitment to paid media is less, the current advertisements on Facebook and YouTube are significant. By using Owned Media channels Shelter is picking up individuals through earned media. For example, through volunteering in alternatives and event marketing Shelter is increasing trust in more individuals who need to work in association with the organization consequently promoting SHELTER ( Shelter’s direct competitors are Crisis and Big Issue Foundation however we have Crisis and Big Issue Foundation as a competitor, their intended interest group age is 18-34. Shelter’s marketing model against its competitors, Crisis and Big Issue Foundation.

Content on the SHELTER's website and on the Crisis site is exact with essential information while the competitor, Big Issue Foundation has attractive substance with the right context upheld by statistical data points.

For Example, the Big Issue Foundation has referenced that they better the lives of more than 1,240 major issue merchants every year.

The 3 associations Shelter, Crisis and Big Issue Foundation altered their website with the substance they expected to pass on the message.

Big Issue Foundation has been more point by point in furnishing the Helpline number alongside the perfect logo. They have more than 5 offices overall UK.

The Organization additionally gave the information through various division-organized rules which will construct certainty among the users at their first visit to the page and leaves a decent comment about the organization.

Users can get to the refreshed information whenever they required it. Every one of the three organizations shares comparative access to social organizing platforms or networks from the main page.

SHELTER and Big Issue Foundation structured the website page in a clear and clarified manner as we can choose the donation amount on the Home page. While Crisis’s data about the donation brief is explored on the next page.

Task 3: SHELTER: Segmenting & Targeting (Key Insights of Target Audience)

Segmenting and Targeting the approach vital to present-day marketing strategies. To process where the segmentation is grown at first. In view of the analysis directed at the market audience's gender and age, we will upgrade the internet-based campaigns. Safe House through its recommendation helps individuals from all age groups and of all genders to achieve better housing and to never be homeless. In England, there is an expansion of 23% of destitute family units consistently ( Shelter assessed that there are 280,000 vagrants in England, one out of each 200 individuals as of now.

The #SleepWalkForShelter campaign was run on the motivation behind mass support event, it isn't just produced assets for the housing and homelessness charity Shelter but rallied a more youthful audience around the foundation's strategic safeguard of the privilege to a protected home for all. This research revealed that 135 families across Britain become destitute consistently over the Christmas time frame. For the age groups of 18 or 34 years, under 18 years or more, SHELTER provides housing advice on the most proficient method to use the Council housing and advantages for those youngsters who are confronting vagrancy. Shelter has EU residents, in their objective, who are qualified to stay in the UK by acquiring permanent residency will get housing exhortation. Shelter furnishes housing advice to individuals with disabilities and genuine medical problems which incorporate learning disabilities, psychological conditions, and interminable or terminal diseases. Refugees are also eligible to get Legal exhortation on housing. The destitute pregnant ladies (like the individuals who are pregnant and are under 18 years) will get exhortation and backing on housing.

From the above information, it is obviously comprehended that the Shelter market segmentation is fluctuated, covering segment, geographic, physiographic, and social fragments. The Shelter is utilizing different marketing communications mix like Online talk administration, Call, Email, Event marketing, Internet, and Advertisement, to arrive at the target audience effectively. The above target groups have the entrance to the Internet and most part invest the energy in long-range informal communication applications Shelter through its Digital marketing procedures is intended interest to an audience well.


“SHELTER” the Social Housing campaign is pertaining to the technology that may give so many benefits to the upcoming campaign. The PESTEL analysis is an easy and effective tool. It makes sure that the organization is profitable in every possible scenario. Digital marketing trifecta is a brand that is mostly powerful in digital strategies on the supporting company. Very important segmentation targeting. Segmentation allows the right target market where the way to an appropriate positioning strategy. If any step within the STP model changes, it is more important that the whole work from segmentation should be done and the strategy needs to be reworked or else the marketing strategy will be destined to fail.


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