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Media Ethics Essays

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Specific Ethical Principles And Standards Of Media

Media ethics is the subdivision of applied ethics which deals with the specific ethical principles and standards of media, including broadcast media, film, theatre, the arts, print media, and the internet. The field covers many varied and highly controversial topics, ranging from war journalism to Benetton ad campaigns. The duty of the media is to inform, educate and at the same time, entertain but in doing so, the media is to ensure that the standard of the profession is being...
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Relevance of Communication and Media Ethics: Analytical Essay

Fake news is a social ill that comes thick and fast in the Philippines. Containing false and misleading information, fake news, categorized into two: misinformation and disinformation, can manipulate public opinion and can influence political outcomes. The former contains unintentional inaccurate information, which is in direct contrast with the latter, which is an act of deception to convince an audience of something. Disinformation is intended to mislead people, while misinformation is not. In the Philippines, the problem of disinformation is...
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Theory of Media Ethics: Critical Analysis

Basic assumptions and postulations of the social responsibility theory This theory, considered a western theory incorporates a part of the libertarian principle and introduces some new elements as well. The underlying principle of the social responsibility theory of the press is that the press should be free to perform the functions that the libertarian theory granted it the freedom to perform, but that this freedom should be exercised with responsibility (Okunna & Omenugha, 2012). If the media fail to satisfy...
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Concept of Media Ethics and Its Application in Nigerian Media Practice

Introduction In this report, I plan to delve into the concept of media ethics, and its application in Nigerian media practice. After that, I would then proceed to place judgment on the level of ethical practices in Nigeria. Let me start by describing what I mean by media, and then I will describe what ethics are and how they are swiftly molding our online interactions and our communities. The word media describes any channel of communication. These are the channels...
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Values of Social Media Ethics: Analytical Essay

Learning MIL is a must for everyone. It tells things that are and that are not to be done when it comes to media and information. Without studying MIL, it would be hard to know the things that one should do or avoid. Also, MIL makes one literate, or in other words, knowing. When one is knowing of the things to and to not do on media Learning MIL is a must for everyone. It tells things that are and...
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The Phenomenon Of Ethics In The Entertainment And Media

Abstract This paper focuses on the topic of ethics in media and entertainment. The aim of this paper is to examine the phenomenon of ethics in the entertainment media. Media ethics includes specific ethical principles and standards of media, including broadcast media, film, theatre, arts, print media, and many others. It invokes promoting and defending values such as a universal respect for life and rule of law and legality. The ethics of journalism is one of the most well-defined branches...
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Analysis of Media Ethics in Nigeria

This paper will appreciate the thesis about the issues involved in media ethics – and examine these issues from a social, professional, and cultural perspective, with an emphasis on media practice in Nigeria; However, before presenting the main arguments in favor of this thesis, I will have to deal with the main consideration that just as there is a positive aspect of the conflict – conflict is like having a serious disagreement with someone or something. when you see a...
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Analysis of Issues Involved in Media Ethics

Abstract The various and competitive nature of the media industry brings so many diverse people and ideas together that a need for standardization and normality must be applied. The media industry has faced a very big increase in recent times, which is very good, and here are some of the factors that caused this increase: Globalization: This is when information goes viral and can be seen or heard from different places around the globe. Commercialization: advertisements are a huge source...
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Media Ethics: Sexual Gestures And Expressions

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to observe the phenomenon of ethics in the media. It basically presents the possible problems in ethics. The tasks of this article are about examining the social dilemmas, social behavior, and attitudes in sexuality in TV series. In order to examine the topic, the first seasons of native and foreign versions of the same Tv series were used. “Shameless” which was created by John Wells(2011) and its Turkish spin-off version “Bizim Hikaye” which...
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Media Ethics In Professional Photojournalism

While working as a Media Education Intern in Brooklyn, New York, I came across various projects related to filmmaking and Photography. One of the earliest projects of these projects was street photography, in which I was provided with a task to take pictures of random places and random people (of course once they have given their consent). The whole idea of this project was that interns can get to know the town better, get comfortable in taking pictures of random...
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