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How Youtube Grown And Changed Within The Past Decade

Introduction This literature review is going to investigate the current state of YouTube and how it has changed over the years. The literature review will then narrow down its research to focus on how the platform has affected businesses positively and negatively and how they utilize the platform from a marketing aspect and future potential for the platform. YouTube is a multimedia platform that allows users to create an account for free and upload videos that they have created. YouTube...
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The Economics of YouTube

Almost all of us are familiar with YouTube the Google owned video sharing platform, but not all of us are familiar with its beginnings and the impacts it had on the consumer-producer world. YouTube which is now considered a monopoly in its field was founded by three PayPal employees, who ran the company from a small office, which was above a small restaurant, in a Californian city. From such humble beginnings, it has become so prevalent in today’s media landscape,...
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How YouTube Changes our Learning Method

In this rapid information era, it is undeniable that YouTube has become a well-known video-sharing platform. Our habits, for instance, the way of broadening our horizons, showing our talents or reading news, to name but a few, may silently be transformed thanks to the sudden appearance of this website. Indeed, Lewis, Heath, Sornberger and Arbuthnott (2010) have suggested YouTube is now the third biggest website on the plant, meanwhile the majority of its active were youth. This reflects that YouTube...
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Understanding YouTube through the Power, Pleasure & Patterns Narratives

Introduction The three narratives that Joshua Meyrowitz illustrates each answer the question “What do media do to us or for us?” (Meyrowitz 2008 p644). Each answer is generally true, but each is still lacking information found in the other two narratives. To gain a full understanding of YouTube one must look at a number of different viewpoints. The three narratives have remained separate in media studies. Along with Meyrowitz, only a few other theorists have linked the narratives together, such...
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Impact of Youtube Advertisement on Buying Behaviour of Customer

Global Meaning of Advertising Advertising is the greatest art of the 20th century (Herbert Marshall McLuhan) Advertising is any paid form of presentation and promotion of ideas by identified sponsor; it is the major component of promotion mix. Advertising is to make consumers / people aware regarding new or existing product or services. It is a part of marketing which helps to convince and increase the sales of products. According to American Marketing Association any paid form of non personal...
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Youtube As A Social Media For Promoting Private Companies

Promoting a private company with YouTube publicizing may result in the greatest value for the money of any advertising strategy you use to fabricate your image, to impact the voices that will impact your potential clients, and to show your item or administration data to a wide group of spectators. Be that as it may, there is a gigantic measure of promotion available for use about the esteem and prominence of the different web-based social networking, including YouTube. Promoting an...
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Ethical Issues on YouTube: Discursive Essay

Was it ethical for Youtube to cancel Felix Kjellberg’s (Pewdiepie) original series and de-monetize certain videos on his channel following Anti-Semitic content posted on his channel in 2017? On one hand, it was ethical because Felix Kjellberg violated YouTube’s policies that are meant to protect advertisers from their ads appearing on offensive content. Also, Youtube responded to hate speech on its platform and made action to protect its community from offensive content. Lastly, it was ethical because Youtube did not...
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Youtube: The Creation Of The Biggest Social Media Platform

YouTube has become one of the biggest social media platforms today. Its popularity has grown immensely in a matter of a decade and still continues to pull in millions of users each day. YouTube is a site that allows users to not only watch videos, but upload their own content to gain subscribers, views, and money. The platform was not always this mainstream, but it is interesting to see how much it evolved to be so in a short period...
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Descriptive Essay on YouTube as a Video-sharing Site

Introduction YouTube is a video-sharing site in the United States that allows users to upload, share, watch and comment on videos. YouTube was founded in February 2005 and acquired by Google in November 2006. YouTube is the most popular website in the world and is used by many users every day. YouTube has users all over the world, so the site’s languages include English, Portuguese, German, and dozens of other sounds. There are many kinds of YouTube videos, including music,...
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The Effective Use of Youtube Videos for Teaching Food Chains

Technology plays a vital role in society and can be incorporated into various aspects of our everyday life. Youtube website is a video sharing service that can be integrated into the traditional Biology lessons. Youtube videos are usually very interactive and if used correctly can play a key role in the teaching and learning field. Learners that are exposed to authentic and real life clips can gain positive indicators (Maness, 2004). The use of Youtube videos to teach the lesson...
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Public Confessions on Youtube

The use of social media has been integrated into society. One of those media platforms is YouTube, it allows users to share video content with each other. This can be user-generated or professional produced videos. User-generated videos can vary in different types of videos, one particular type is when users tell a personal secret. It allows users to transition between mediated content to an interpersonal and social connection with others (Haridakas & Hanson, 2009). One aspect of user-generated videos is...
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Youtube Plays A Vital Role In Learning Experience

YouTube has become a learning experience for me. It is one of the most admired and accepted video-sharing websites where it consists of varieties of functions to empower a cybernetic world to activate. YouTube has been recognized as one of the topmost visited websites on the entire World Wide Web among other websites too; Google and Facebook. It’s basically like broadcasting yourself and providing the world; your ideas, thinking, knowledge and entertainment. This website has been unbelievably trendy in today’s...
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Exploring YouTube Data: A Data Driven Approach

Abstract Video watching had emerged as one of the most frequent media activities on the Internet. Yet, little is known about how users watch online video. Using two distinct YouTube datasets, a set of random YouTube videos crawled from the Web and a set of videos watched by participants tracked by YouTube developer App, This paper examine whether and how indicators of collective preferences and reactions are associated with view duration of videos. This paper also shows that video view...
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How Youtube is Adapted into Nursing

As the health care issues become more complex having nurses that are prepared with the necessary knowledge and training is vital. Technology is making huge advancements especially in health care, thus having nurses well informed and able to engage and work with new and modern systems can provide better care (Beldarrin, 2006). The future relies on educators of the past. Therefore having new innovative ideas and abilities to engage future nurses into a more enriched learning environment via different types...
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Advantages of YouTube TV over Sling

Cable TV is slowly being overtaken by events. Granted, there are still millions of loyal subscribers who haven’t “cut the cord” yet but the masses are now gravitating towards online options of viewing content. Blame it on technology or crazy work schedules but convenience is now top on the list of people across the planet. Among the many options of online TV includes YouTube TV—a fairly new player in the game but one with an incredible attitude and force. Launched...
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Spreading Education from Youtube

Education is about learning skills and knowledge. It also means educating or helping people how to do things. Education is an essential resource in the life of somebody that is really useful. Education distinguishes persons from other individuals. This empowers people and makes them deal with life problems. But in our nation schooling is always a privilege and not a need. Education consciousness has to be shared across the world in order to render knowledge accessible. But this vision remains...
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Glued to the Screen: How YouTube is Impacting Current and Future Adults

Students and adolescents all over the world use YouTube as a form of entertainment, and learning. With growing usage of YouTube by students, it has become an addiction with many students using it an unhealthy amount which comprises their academic performance and ability to complete assignments. Adolescents will use YouTube primarily as entertainment and will find specific youtubers to watch and will begin to take head of their various life experiences and stories in the form of their own identity...
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YouTube's SWOT Analysis

Introduction YouTube is a free video-sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others. Originally created in 2005, YouTube is now one of the most popular sites on the Web, with visitors watching around 6 billion hours of video every month. YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—created the service in...
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Correlation Between Yearly Album Sales and Youtube Views

Introduction The aim of this paper is to find the correlation between yearly album sales from 2015-2017 and the YouTube music video views. K-pop otherwise known as Korean Pop has been increasing in popularity globally these past few years and I believe it is a really good way to know the culture of South Korea. When I was first interested in K-Pop last year, I was really intrigued by the difference of Korean and Western artists. In Korea, their artists...
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Public Information in the Age of YouTube

Simon Glik never foresaw his arrest in public for using his cell phone camera. Yet that’s exactly what occurred in October 2007. Glik walked near the Boston Common when, in an obvious drug arrest, he noticed three police officers squatting with a guy on a park bench. Hearing a bystander exclaim to the policemen, ‘You’re hurting him,’ Glik, a lawyer himself, decided to bring the camera application on his phone to use and record the encounter between police and citizens....
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Analytical Essay on Product Placement in YouTube and TV Arrangement

Executive Summary Product Placement is a method of publicizing utilized by organizations to advance their items unpretentiously fundamentally through appearances in different motion pictures, TV, and YouTube web arrangement, and so forth item positions are normally started by an understanding between the media organization and the item maker. Purchaser estimations fill in as a device to know ‘how advertising is getting along’ according to the clients. This kind of instrument would allow persistent checking of the fundamental open view of...
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Analytical Essay on Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practices

Study Case The reason for why an award show was selected as a case study in this paper, is because liveness is very much the central concept in a show like this. The elements that float around in the bubble of the concept of liveness, are all things that can be applied to a media event like this. An award show is a combination of a broadcast that shows pre-recorded and live performances, but also verbalized interactional moments such as...
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Pros and Cons of YouTube: Analytical Essay

YouTube is a great tool that can help people to get information, knowledge, and entertainment on the same media platform. YouTube content can create high social and mental influence on users. Most of the content being uploaded is by individuals like vloggers and only some of it is by corporations. So, the content available has many issues and viewers approach it in both a negative and positive manner. Viewers and bloggers claim that YouTube contains inappropriate content, and this becomes...
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Should Millennials Make Youtube a Career

In the current job economy, there are thousands of jobs that can be occupied if the right qualities and applications are met. Well rewarding jobs can be; Financial Analyst, Paramedic, and Statistician where salaries will vary between $30,000-$82,000 a year based on occupation (Martis). Jobs that involve a high level of education are dominantly controlled by millennials. Those that aren’t capable of a higher education; resort to the beginning industry of video game streaming which involves the usage of Twitch...
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Streaming Places: Youtube VS Netflix

Increasingly popular streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix are eager to win over and maintain the interests of Millennials in the media industry, but who are these Millennials they aim to appeal to and how do they achieve this, if at all? In this report I aim to compare and contrast the two American media-service providers, Youtube and Netflix, and discuss their “rivalry” and individual influences on Millennials as well as any strengths and weakness they acquire and how...
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Reputation Economy and Effectiveness of YouTube: Analytical Essay

YouTube has been a long-standing platform where people filmed everyday lifestyle videos. However, it is no longer enough to produce engaging content that satisfies oneself. With increasing pressure to stand out by feeding the algorithm that promotes a video’s popularity, it has become common for modern-day Youtubers to seek professional help in their video content production. Consequently, a new layer of jobs has emerged, one that people do not intuitively regard – farming out professional video editing to third parties....
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Behavioural Treatment: Compulsive YouTube Usage

The internet and its continually progressive nature have shaped society in ways that have alleviated difficulties with communication (e.g. social media) and entertainment (e.g. streaming services). Amongst the advantages of the internet, a multitude of studies have argued the negative effects of sustained exposure to social media. Although addiction to social media has not been recognised in the DSM 5, an abundance of work has shown that social media is as addictive as any form of drug or alcoholic substance...
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The Effects of YouTube on Teens (INGLES)

Youtube is a platform used by vloggers who creates content wherein millions of people can watch. Some of the reason YouTubers vlog is because it is their passion and a way for them to express their knowledge and concerns. Moreover, it has become a way to entertain the viewers. In addition, YouTube has become an avenue for vloggers to gain income through advertisement and promotion of products while businesses use this as a marketing strategy. YouTube affects its users both...
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Scope of YouTubing as a Profession in Bangladesh

Introduction YouTube is a platform where YouTubers share their videos and earn money. There are many countries where people are choosing YouTube as a career. But there are so many people who can’t think youtube can be a profession. They don’t know about it. Especially in Bangladesh, people can’t think about it. There are many YouTubers in Bangladesh. Bangladesh YouTubers are not choosing YouTubing as a career. Even they can’t think about it. There are many reasons behind this. In...
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E-Learners’ Perception about YouTube as a Media in Learning

ABSTRACT This study investigated how E-Learners perception about YouTube as a media in learning. YouTube has become a closest internet website for learners in this century. This study also combined several research perception to be an evidence that YouTube can integrated with learning process. Learners’ perception be a main consideration in this study. This research obtain the data by a questionnaire which contains 4 questions about E-Leaning and YouTube. Their answers will analysed by using Google form. After all, this...
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