How YouTube Changes our Learning Method

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In this rapid information era, it is undeniable that YouTube has become a well-known video-sharing platform. Our habits, for instance, the way of broadening our horizons, showing our talents or reading news, to name but a few, may silently be transformed thanks to the sudden appearance of this website. Indeed, Lewis, Heath, Sornberger and Arbuthnott (2010) have suggested YouTube is now the third biggest website on the plant, meanwhile the majority of its active were youth. This reflects that YouTube is of commonplace on the Internet nowadays. In effect, however, it is essential to understand how YouTube have secure its dominance in the mainstream and becoming the “game changer” within this generation. Thus, this essay will be discussing if YouTube is worthy of the title, the conditions that made it successful, and eventually the reason it’s lasting impact to the society.

Changing the way of how we learn is the major reason why YouTube can be a ‘game changer’ without a shadow of doubt. Back when the Internet does not exist, and YouTube has yet been developed. If people ever wanted to absorb knowledge, reading newspaper or watching television are their only option. However, there are limitation, live footage cannot be seen on a newspaper where most televised shows are scheduled. Clifton and Mann (2010) stated that the accessibility was the compelling reason why YouTube as a platform was deviated from the two mentioned. Studying on YouTube indicated that not only can people enjoy the amazing multimedia function which is more impressive than a piece of plain text, but it also provides a free schedule to users. Because of these crucial characteristics, more users are embracing the concept of absorbing knowledge via watching a YouTube video, rather than using traditional methods like reading. Unequivocally, people’s daily lives style has been changed significantly by YouTube.

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As noted about the ‘game changer’, YouTube has contributed in changing the world’s information distribution though its varieties of functions. DeCesare (2014) belives that the use of interactive comment section and subscription for videos have provided a platform for users to create a unique playlist. Hence, YouTube is beneficial for user who wanted to have a user-friendly video sharing platform for various purposes. For past decade, there are only a handful number of tutors who would create a platform that provides free learning lessons on YouTube. But the introduce of the comment section have proofed to be efficient in offering a way to communicate between viewers and content creator. This may be one of the reasons of why tutors would like to upload tutoring videos on YouTube. From that it shows how YouTube have changed our learning method from not only reading but also the use of internet. Thanks for these useful functions, it became common and a success.

Regarding the free learning classes on YouTube, the lasting effect of substantial education is introduced to the world by YouTube. Indeed, a searching on YouTube and a mountain of lecture videos, experiment examples or tutorial classes can easily be sought in the result. O'Neill (2010) quoted that Salman Khan, a former hedge fund analyst choose to aband his job and choose to offering thousands of education video on YouTube. As a result, if people, even those living in the third world countries. Whenever there is a way connect on the internet, users can participate in numerous tutorial classes to absorb knowledges with no price. This case reflects that a free learning platform is provided for self-studying. More importantly, there are less restriction on YouTube. It is because elderlies may be embarrassed to study at school or joining substantial education classes where workers may have a hectic schedule with their works, so it is difficult for them to have a regular timetable to engage in some learning classes. In these cases, watching YouTube videos is an excellent idea for them to have substantial education and it keeps a spectacular learning phenomenon in the society.

To conclude, YouTube is indeed a ‘game changer’ due to its evolutional way of learning. Furthermore, multiple beneficial functions are provided which have contributed to its success. In addition, substantial education is given to everyone in the world as the lasting influence and it results in a wonderful learning atmosphere in the future of our society. Without YouTube, people may still be studying with the traditional and boring ways, reading books or attending tutorial classes in tutorial school. Therefore, the contribution of YouTube cannot be overlooked, and it is have definitely shown it is an indispensable website for substantial education in the future.


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