Essay on the Advantages of Social Media in Education

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Social media actually play a meaningful part in education around the world. Social media is a great potency driver to change the way teaching and learning practices in the field of university education recently. More and more students have taken the first steps to use social media to communicate and search for information, share ideas, and learn activities. This essay will argue that social media is usually beneficial for students in the classroom. Firstly, this essay will analyze why universities use social media in the classroom. Secondly, it will describe the positive effects of social media in the classroom for students. Finally, it will demonstrate that social media is a benefit to nursing students in their learning.

Social media has been widely used in the classroom, and it is also seen as a useful distance-learning tool between students and their instructors. Social media allow students to study wherever they want, which means they can study in their garden, on their living room couch, or in the comfort of their own bed. Additionally, by utilizing social media within the classroom, instructors can connect with students and consolidate social media into their lessons, making them more interesting, absorbing, and engaging. As reported by Manca and Ranieri (2016, p.227), social media is able to enhance the quality of teaching, strengthen students' motivation, and permit students to share educational materials. Because of online attendance, students could study where they feel most comfortable. They can video conference with their classes at the click of a button, enabling students' motivation at a high level. Additionally, teachers can use Snapchat, Linkedin, and other free online resources to prepare their lessons, share educational materials, and teach online, even though they have never met their students face-to-face before. It will save teachers a great deal of time and energy as long as there has a recording on the online study desk through a digital cloud. Therefore, social media are often viewed as an effective distance learning tool and teaching tool in the classroom among universities.

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Current students are interested in using social media as a part of learning because they found it scholastically beneficial. Most students are fond of using social media such as Facebook and Viber since they allow them to access knowledge and broaden their horizons. Students make a conversation with their institutions no matter how much time difference there is, and social media can be a medium approach to collect, explore, and discuss the information. In a nursing context, Price et al. (2018, p.73) explain that social media allow students to pay attention closely to those particular organizations and people concerned about nursing issues.

Indeed, the use of social media to concern national affairs has become increasingly apparent in recent years, particularly in the nursing field. Social media offer a platform for students to keep up-to-date with changes and information relevant to nursing practice. Social media enables students to find whether they work in the same city as their peers in the world if they both use location sharing to share their learning and working experiences. These could provide some mental support to students so that they do not feel alone anymore. Besides, social media can be viewed as a great device for education. All the information they need one requires is just a click away. Students can educate themselves on various nursing issues using social media. This also gives an extra opportunity to meet some new friends on the same forum. Consequently, the use of social media can have a noteworthy effect on students, particularly in higher education, which can broaden their horizons and experience something new.

Social media benefits nursing students in their studying without any qualification. In fact, the use of social media created opportunities for nursing students to strengthen their community spirit. It means social media can be utilized as the bridge between individuals and the organization. Signal et al. (2017, p.159) state that using social media can strengthen the connection among students between personal and group resilience. Indeed, the more social media they use in the field of nursing study, the more self-efficacy, team working, as well as engagement they have. Specifically, nursing students often get team support from the break-up room when they are in trouble with their academic issues. Besides, they discuss the topic together; then, they work together to figure it out because they meet the same challenge. Overall, nursing students do not feel alone anymore. What social media bring to nursing students is they are an essential part of the big family. There is a positive association between nursing students' use of social media platforms and their personal and group resilience. Social media can reinforce self-efficacy among nursing students, allow them to increase their motivation, and strengthen team spirit.

Ultimately, this essay argues that social media plays an important role in today's education. There are many benefits of using it in the classroom. Social media is an efficient learning tool through which the quality of academic teaching could be improved at a high level, student motivation and self-efficacy could be strengthened, and to attain a global perspective of social issues, especially for nursing students.

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