Thesis about Effects of Social Media on Family Relationships

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Social media is known as software or websites that are used over the Internet through computers or smartphones to communicate between users and share ideas and information, and Sushil Media provides users with electronic access to their content which may include various forms of information, documents, photos, and videos.

Social media is used worldwide, with more than 3 billion users, with the population of China and India with the largest proportion of users, and it is worth noting that the age group of these users is concentrated in the youth group, with studies according to the Pew Research Center indicating that 90% of young people aged 18-29 use at least one method of social media. (Anderson, Jiang, 2018).

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Types of social media sites

Social networking sites are classified as social networking sites, online platforms through which virtual social networks are built that allow people to communicate with each other and form relationships with each other, for example, Facebook and Twitter.

Blogs, online content that specializes in publishing activities, ideas, or beliefs related to a person or entity, can be created free of charge through many websites, such as WordPress and Blogspot.

Content Generating and Sharing Sites, websites where certain content can be created online, and the type of content varies according to the type of site, there are sites that are specialized in creating and publishing images, such as Flicker, while others specialize in creating videos, such as Youtube, and have free content, where anyone can post content on them, or access and view any content without paying any fees.)Richards, Caldwell, Go, 2015).

User Appraisal Sites, which are used as a technical platform to evaluate a particular product or service, are used to take feedback on what is being evaluated, and the user can give an opinion on the product or service as he sees fit, the most famous of these sites, pagalguy, and Mouthshut.

Negative social media impacts on society

The following points illustrate the most important negative effects on society as a result of the misuse of social media sites: reducing direct communication: limiting social media from face-to-face communication between members of the community, where many contacts are made through these means through written conversations via a computer keyboard or mobile phone, which can negatively affect and reduce real communication skills with others. Difficulty communicating feelings: Social media limits the ability to communicate emotionally between members of the community, where it is limited to sending emojis to express sadness or happiness, but these symbols that are used do not necessarily explain the reality of the owner's feelings, and this affects the relationships between individuals. Laziness: Social media is sometimes a cause of laziness for members of society, as the convenient use of these means to communicate with others is easier than going to them and meeting them in person, for example, creating a kind of lethargy and laziness in the person. (O'Keeffe,,Pearson,. 2011)

The effects of social media on the family

Social networking sites play an important role in the nature of human life as a result of the great technological development and progress witnessed in the current era, where users can interact infinitely with other users, and publish any kind of information, ideas, or images through them, so they greatly affect the nature of social relations and especially the family of their users, and therefore many negatives on the relationship of the individual with his family after being used excessively or incorrectly, while they can be used if used correctly, where It can be a positive tool for improving family relationships) Cornelius, Komito, Bates, 2009(

The result of the misuse of social media sites: the loss of a sense of family security that is important to any individual. Family members do not communicate with each other in the right way, which limits their communication skills and personal relationships. Family and marital disputes sometimes occur as a result of comparisons between a family member's family life and what he sees on social media, which in turn leads to feelings of resentment and frustration. Children's tradition of using these sites can affect them and put them at risk of many of the negative effects of these sites in the future. Addiction to the use of social media sites leads to the busyness of family members with their phones, which has a negative impact on the cohesion of family members and their interaction with each other. Children's feelings of lack of parental support are due to parents using these sites to significantly affect communication with their children.)Kaur, Medury, 2011).

The proper use of social media results in many positives for the family, the most important of which is family reunification, where social media can be used to communicate with family members who are far from each other, which strengthens family relationships between them. Form a source of family ideas and activities that enhance communication between family members and strengthen their relationships with each other. Share beautiful family moments and happy memories, as well as the possibility of sharing locations of places of interest to all family members, such as picnics, restaurants, etc. Help children learn new things, as well as facilitate the exchange of ideas and hone their skills. Giving children freedom of expression, social media encourages them to express their opinions on certain topics. Help children communicate between extended family members and friends.

Features of social networking sites

There are many basic characteristics that distinguish social networking sites and make them distinct from other types of sites, including user-dependent: the main content of these sites is placed by their users. Social media sites contain many virtual groups whose members share common interests. Focuses on developing relationships between users: social networks become more successful as the number of relationships that arise between their users increases.


Social media has been defined as a collection of applications, programs, and websites that allow users to communicate with other people via the World Wide Web, and use these means through computers, or smartphones, and the use of social media has evolved for more than a decade, transforming from a recreational tool into an effective tool that enters the various walks of life for many people around the world, and these tools have become part of politics, society, work, home life, and other areas. Social media has a significant impact on society's culture, economy, and overall world view, and allows for the presentation and discussion of many community issues, such as health issues, cultural differences, and public relations, where the effects of these media on societies vary between negative and positive.

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