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School Violence Essays

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School Violence: How Can We Keep Students Safe?

The World Health Organization defines violence as ‘’The intentional use of physical power or force, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group of people or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, psychological harm, deprivation, maldevelopment or death’’. School violence In the perspective of above mentioned definition, school violence is described to be “physical violence, including fights between students, or physical attacks on school staff by students or vice...
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Violence in Schools: Problems, Needs and Measures

Introduction A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students or pupils under the direction of teachers. A school should be a safe place where learners can learn freely and never fear for their lives. The recent year has redefined all these definitions in South Africa when numerous cases of school violence where reported frequently, not only did this become shocking but it also brought uncertainty in the country’s educational...
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The Ways To Overcome Bullying As A Type Of School Violence

Impact of bullying in schools Research found that harassing harmfully affects student’s execution. (Cynthia 2014) contended that refinement in connection between scholarly execution and tormenting level contingent upon student’s scholastic accomplishment. Effect of harassing on student’s capacity to perform and accomplish scholastically was examined (Block 2014) that students who have been tormented experience dread for going to class as they feel undefended in schools. When tormenting proceeds and school dos not take activities, the whole school atmosphere and culture can...
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Teacher-Directed School Violence And Its Impact

Introduction The aim of this qualitative study is to gain a deeper understanding of teacher-directed violence and the impact it has on teachers’ ability to function effectively in the classroom. Violence in schools is not a phenomenon that operates in a vacuum. It has become a cause of great concern for educational leaders, the effects can be far-reaching, and the reasons for this growing problem linked to circumstances outside the school environment (Mora & Ponca, 2017). A review of historical...
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The Social Media Impact, Mental Health Problems And Access To Weapons As The Main Reasons For School Violence

Throughout the years, school violence has not only left scars in our society but in our entire nation. Other than home, schools are the single most important place in the development of teenagers and children, schools are supposed to be a safe haven. Teens and children are taught how to grow socially and school provides opportunities to reach milestones to become the people we will be today and in our future. Simple things such as religion, sexuality, and race can...
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Ways to Reduce Violence in Schools

1. Introduction Violence in schools has become the most problematic issue education faces today. School violence is a global phenomenon and it is not only present in South African schools. Violence has increased and the severity thereof is constantly rising in South African schools. The question is raised on how the increasing violence in schools can be stopped. Corporal punishment was used as a way to discipline children, however, it was abolished. In the following essay, the alternatives to corporal...
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School Violence Problem In Bahrain

School violence is adolescence violence that happens on school grounds, from activities organized by the school or college, or during an event sponsored by the work. A teenager can be a victim of school violence, a perpetrator, or a witness. School violence can also affect or involve adults. Abuse among young people includes different habits. Some violent acts can cause more emotional harm than physical harm, such as bullying, pushing, and shoving. Certain types of violence, such as gang activity...
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School Violence: Safety of the School Setting from the Educator’s Perspective

School safety is a complex problem without a one size fits all solution. Trauma associated with school violence can have a profound impact on schools, families and entire communities. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention (2019) describes school violence as acts that disrupt learning and is a subset of youth violence. School violence has a negative effect on students, schools, and communities as it includes fighting, bullying, gangs, cyberbullying, and the use of weapons....
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Teasing, Rejection, and Violence: Case Studies of the School Shootings

Introduction According to the journal article that is being reviewed, approximately 40 students had their lives taken away and numerous students had gotten injured due to school shooting since 1993-2003. This article looked into the contributor of school shootings in between the year 1993-2001. Moreover, the study gave a look at some other factors of school shootings. The authors had made it clear that their aim is to determine the role of interpersonal rejection in school violence. The article also...
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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and School Violence

Abstract PTSD from violence in schools through the country today are damaging young minds in ways we cannot imagine. This is what is going on in our schools today and how the young minds are being affected. PTSD from violence in Schools is Damaging Young Minds Violence in public schools has been increasing over the past decade in many shapes and forms. When we discuss school violence we are not just speaking about school shootings, we are discussing all forms...
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