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Essay on the Causes of Bullying in School

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Bullying is conduct that someone shows when intentionally hurting somebody either emotionally or physically on a repetitive basis. Bullying can happen anywhere, but most often at school. Now that children have access to the Internet, it is sometimes much more difficult for a 'victim' to find a way to escape from his/her bullies. There may be no single reason why bullying happens, people can be bullied for a variety of different reasons. A few causes can be that the bully has been or is currently being bullied themselves, they may be searching for interest from their friends or peers, and someone feels disenchanted or jealous over something with their target. Locating the causes of school bullying schools allows us to find ways to try to lessen the amount of bullying that currently takes place all over the world.

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A person who bullies others might as well be being bullied or abused by someone in their life, whomever that may be. Bullies frequently seem to lack empathy for the people they pick to bully and, as a result, choose to push their negative feelings onto someone else. Other times a bully is simply looking for attention because they feel a sense of loneliness. A lot of bullies find that they struggle to make true meaningful friendships with others, so they are attempting to find attention in any manner that they can, even if it causes someone else harm. Another motive someone may additionally bully others is envy or frustration. The bully may also try this due to the fact they see someone doing better than them at something. The bully may be seeking to undermine the alternative boy or girl’s achievement with acts of aggression to attempt to try and make things seem more even between themselves. Given that many bullies frequently lack any form of care for their victims’ psychological well-being, they can rationalize what they're doing to others inside themselves.

There may be no single reason school bullying happens, and there is a variety of different reasons someone may be getting bullied. However, if we want to figure out a way to lower the percentage of bullying, we must first come to an understanding of the causes of bullying in the first place. One cannot solve a problem they do not fully understand, so by finding the causes we may be able to greatly lower the amount of bullying that occurs around the world.

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