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Developing Empathy as a Solution for Bullying: Argumentative Essay

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Bullying is often hard to solve with only using your voice. Although this occurs during free-time, including in school, and on the Internet. However, speaking up for yourself and others is another case to solve bullying. Instead, using your actions will most likely win over your voice. The bullies are the reason for causing people to live through and deal with depression, loneliness, anxiety, and fear. Though it takes courage to confront a bully, teaching and building up a bully’s empathy level might as well be the best way to prevent bullying and make schools safer for kids. To specify, one way to do this is to take away their electronics, which will make them more social outdoors and make new relationships with new friends, and have them register either in volunteering, joining clubs, or after-school programs, which will make them treat one another with respect and without realizing, the bully will start developing and start repeating the process over and over again. Finally, the last way to build up a bully’s empathy levels is to try showing enough empathy towards the students that are lacking empathy, especially to everyone. Empathy, the ability to understand and sense feelings of another, will prevent bullies from lowering other people’s empathy levels. Although bullies tend to have less interest in learning empathy, empathy is something they can learn. In addition, the article ‘Cool to Be Kind’ sums that teaching empathy to bullies would most likely be more effective than punishing bullies. This clearly shows that empathy wins over consequences and it is never too late to learn, and this is the perfect time to learn because bullies often come from homes where empathy is short in supply.

One way to increase more of the bullies’ empathy is to take away their electronics. This will teach them to be more social and build up more friendships with one another. For example, they will most likely understand each other more often by listening to each other. When they get to know each other, they start building relationships with other people. To specify, they start gaining more self-esteem and confidence, which allows them to have a higher chance to be a good leader and have more success in the future. In comparison, electronics tend to reduce the empathy of many students who watch reality TV shows with violence, fighting, and competition without giving respect to one another. When they learn from these kinds of bad examples, they turn out dropping their levels of empathy and start copying what shows on TV. The article ‘Cool to Be Kind’ summarizes that this is how humans drop empathy and start replacing face time with screen time. Overall, electronics are an obstacle to their sociality and must be managed by their parents, which will prevent schools to be filled with violence. Without electronics, they can acknowledge how other people feel in reality, not online, so they can feel like they are being put in the victim’s shoes.

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Another way to develop the bullies’ empathy levels is to have them register in volunteering or joining clubs, including after-school programs. Since so many people experience bullying, bullies need to be supervised and taught the right way to help schools become safer. This is because they will start acting more mature, as in treating one another with respect. Furthermore, this will make the bully become more social in ease, respectful, and comfortable when near their surroundings. There are fewer chances of bullying because they are being managed and supervised, which will prevent the causes of bullying. When this is repeated, the bully will start getting used to it and start getting to know their surroundings better. To illustrate, the article ‘Cool to Be Kind’ states that a bully can learn empathy skills from students around them showing, and this can apparently change their aggressive behaviors. Besides, they get to understand others’ feelings more often so they can help others out, which helps build up their empathy for others. In addition, when volunteering, staying in clubs, or an after-school, they get to acknowledge peoples’ feelings, creating new friends. As an outcome, they can have higher reputation of self-esteem, leading them to change the way they are, their education, succession, and their environment and surroundings.

Finally, to help bullies’ empathy levels to progress is to have a talk as in being respectful and considerate with the bully while asking some questions. For example, you can be considerate and show empathy towards the bully. This can overwhelm the bully, however, they will most likely prevent them from bullying because the bullies would not bully you for saying and being positive towards a bully. Affecting the bully, they start learning from others in reality than on social media, and this changes a bully’s perspective of bullying. A bully can be influenced by this and do the same to a victim as well as putting the victim in their shoes, which will make a bully a bit more thoughtful and feel sorry when they know how it feels. Usually, bullies come from homes where empathy is in short supply and may be experienced being a victim or living in a poor childhood, which might have caused the bullying from others. The article ‘Cool to Be Kind’ states that empathy is the cure for loneliness, depression, anxiety, and fear. So, by being kind and showing empathy to everyone in school, empathy will spread and students will start learning empathy, which will stop the bullying crisis.

As a result, developing more of bullies’ empathy will start allowing them to learn responsibility. Bullying is pointless for many people unless there is a reason behind it. Besides, there are different ways to change a bully, and how it can affect them, which could prevent bullying during school time. Taking electronics away, having bullies’ sign up for volunteering or joining clubs, including after schools, will change their behaviors, share empathy to others, and make them be more social while making new relationships with new friends.

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